Sally Jackson

Percy- 4

Sally and Percy were in their favorite place, Montauk. They came here every summer, and Sally cherished every minute with her beautiful son. He wouldn't be young for long, and he really was the sweetest.

"Mommy!" Percy called, snapping Sally out of her thoughts. She was sitting on the beach, and Percy was playing in the water and sand. "I found a shell!"

"Oh, my love, come show me." Percy raced to his mother, and showed her the small shell he had found in the ocean. "Oh it's beautiful, honey."

"You have it." Percy handed her the shell.

"Thank you." Sally smiled at her son. "How about we build a sandcastle?"

"Yeah!" Percy plumped himself down on the sand, and grabbed a small plastic shovel. Sally grabbed the other, and they started digging.

Sally helped him dig, pack sand, and build a magnificent sandcastle.

"Oh, Percy, it's wonderful." Sally smiled at her son. "You did so good."

"Thank you, Mommy." Percy smiled at his mom, and gave her a hug. He then took a bucket, and ran out to the ocean. He filled it up, and brought it back. Once he was back to his mom, he threw the water onto his mother.

"Wet, mommy!" He exclaimed, and Sally was stunned for a minute. Before she jumped up, and picked him up. She spun him around in her arms, tickling him the whole time.

"You silly boy!" She exclaimed.

-A mother is fun and playful-