While the plot may be of my own delusion, Skip Beat is not. It's Yoshiki Nakamura, as well as all the legal giants who own its copyrights and blah blah.

"Ah Mo! It's too sunny!" Kanae held down her oversized sunhat with her forearm, keeping it from blowing away in the ocean's salty breeze. It cast a dark shade over her face, adding of the protection of large fashionable sunglasses she wore. The tall girl crossed her arms over her bare stomach once the wind eased. She looked back towards her co-worker, trailing behind in the warm white sand.

"Hurry up. The sooner we finish this, the sooner we can go back inside." The long haired beauty paused along the beach, allowing her fellow actress to catch up to her. "This is so embarrassing."

"But you look so pretty Moko-san!" Kyoko chirped happily. Her eyes were round and sparkled, as she raved about her friend. "That bikini looks so nice on you!"

Kanae pale cheeks became a tinge red, as she turned her head away. The rose triangle bikini top filled out nicely along her upper half, spotted with large, white polka dots. The cream colored circles matched the floppy cotton hat, her sunglasses, and the string cargo shorts that covered the matching bikini bottom. Her legs looked thin and lengthy, as they finished off with wedged heel sandals.

She muttered her embarrassed thanks and turned back to the edge of the beach. The large crew buzzed around the area, setting up along the waterfront. Different large spotlights, various sizes of tripods, dozens of chairs, and innumerable amounts of props moved to and fro, as the director and photographer shouted their orders to prepare for the next scene.

"You definitely deserve to be a model Moko-san!" Kyoko rambled happily, clapping her hands together and bringing it to her cheek.

"What!? I'm an actress before I'm a model! Do you think I can't be an actress too!?" Whipping her head around so fast that her lengthy black hair fluttered behind, Kanae gave her companion a dark accusatory look.

"No no, that's not what I meant!" Kyoko river tears started to flow as she ran after her buddy, who stomped angrily through the hills of sand. "Moko-san!"

"And!" Remembering something, Kanae turned back suddenly and poked a sharp finger into Kyoko's covered chest. "Why do I have to be so bare while you get something to cover up with!? I didn't even get to see what your bikini looks like!"

The shorter girl blushed this time, looking away from her friend. The tangerine full length cover-up did hide most of her petite body, with enough material to wave in the wind like a flag. It hung loosely from her collarbone to her ankles. Her rubber flip flops only occasionally peeked from under the dress, when she held the material above her knees. The single hint of her swimsuit was the thin black string that tied around Kyoko's delicate neck. "I can't walk around without it Moko-san. I don't have your body, and my suit is really embarrassing!"

"Do you think mine isn't?!" She cried back, self consciously folding her arms over her chest. "Sometimes I hate that stupid president. We're actresses; we shouldn't be posing in bikinis for some dim-witted magazine just because we made some dumb 'most-attractive-talent list'. I mean, what kind of stupid title is that?! And they classified me under a model who acts! I'm an actress who models!"

Kyoko bowed her head, casting a shadow over her eyes. Her voice was deadpan as she recited the President's words. It served more as a reminder to herself than to her buddy. "It will be a great way to introduce yourselves to your fans as the people behind the talent. Your audience must love you, not only your characters. Besides, what girl doesn't love looking cute in swimsuits with handsome men nearby…"

Kyoko's demons started to escape, casting a cloud over the hot afternoon sun. The beach darkened. Her body lit up like a torch, flickering in her own obsidian flames of hatred, as Kanae jumped back. "AS IF I WANT TO SEE THAT DAMN MAN! MUCH LESS IN A SWIMSUIT!"

"Kotonami-san! We're ready for you!" A staff member's voice on the beach called. The clouds dissipated and the fire extinguished, as the next model ran to set.

Kyoko watched her friend's back run to meet with the photographers. She inhaled deeply, then sighed all the air away.

By all rights, I shouldn't even be here. The stupid fluff magazine had made a mistake classifying Moko-san as a model, rather than an actress. If the silly beauty list we 'won' really had only one slot, per category, per gender, Kanae-chan would have definitely won the actress slot. Especially when in comparison with some no name, plain girl with little height and even smaller chest.

"Hey stupid! Don't just stand there in the sun! You'll damage your skin!"

Kyoko head shot up. The voice was extremely familiar. That youthful angry voice that despised sun more than a vampire and had given her the first real 100% in her LoveMe notebook could never be forgotten.

"Matsunai-san! I didn't know you were here!" The LME pop idol hadn't changed much. She was covered in a thick black robe, which covered her face in darkness and shielded her famous porcelain skin from anything that could mar it. "You won the most attractive singer?"

Ruriko grabbed the stunned actresses' hand and dragged her down the sand. Fluttering along like a banner behind the young singer, the pair of teenage girls didn't stop until they were near the photo site. There, they took refuge from the sun under an enormous beach umbrella, landing in the cool sand. The vocalist threw off her shielding hood and glared.

"Why do you sound so surprised that I won?" Ruriko asked her, partly annoyed. "I've been doing really well in the music charts. Don't you follow the radio?"

Shaking her head, Kyoko laughed lightly and blushed. "I'm not surprised Matsunai-san. I just don't listen to music much, or follow the industry."

"Ah, really? I heard rumors around LME you were close to Fuwa Sho, so I figured…" The temperature around them dropped by several degrees. Matsunai suddenly grabbed her robe, and tightened it around her for warmth. She shivered, partly in cold, but mostly in fear at the LoveMe girl's hateful look. She threw up her arms and shook them, pretending to laugh off the comment. "…but you know rumors! They're never anything substantial most of the time! Anyways…"Ruriko looked around for a topic of conversation. Spotting the shoot taking place, she turned the conversation to that instead. "Is it true Kotonami Kanae also in LoveMe? Do you both have to wear those bright pink uniforms?"

The mood melted as the look of hate turned to a look of admiration. Kyoko also turned to the water, as the actress/model pretended to play with a beach ball by herself. Beaming and giggling for the camera, kicking up water, made Kanae look a lot sweeter than she usually did when she marched into work.

"Yes, she's also in LoveMe. Unfortunately she has to wear the uniform too..." Kyoko spoke like a proud parent, watching her pretty daughter grow up. "...but she actually makes it look better. Moko-san can make anything look good, as well as act in anything! She's the best friend I've ever had!"

"Moko-san?" Ruriko asked curiously.

"Yep! She won't let me call her by her first name, so I call her Moko-san. It's because she always goes 'Ah, mo!' when she talks to me!" The actress smiled brightly at the thought. Ruriko lightly retreated, laughing nervously. If that was how her best friend treated her, she worried for the girl's social life.

"Well um…you can act in anything too you know. I've seen you in Dark Moon & Box R when I get off work early or I'm traveling." The singer said, half uneasily, half admiring. "You've really gotten big. You get to work with Tsuruga-san again, and Mio and Natsu give me shivers."

Kyoko laughed uneasily as well. She reached back and scratched her head. "Well I'm really glad I get a chance to act. I'm not sure about modeling though."

Back on familiar ground, Ruriko smiled and tried to comfort Kyoko. "Oh it's no big deal. You just stand the way they tell you, and keep still while they snap photos. I've had to do it loads of times. You even get to keep the bikini."

"Do you like your outfit Matsunai-san?" She asked curiously. Her voice sounded downtrodden.

"Yeah, it's actually really cute." Ruriko unclenched the robe and pulled it off. She exposed the cute, push-up two piece. Its bright sapphire colour brought out her eyes, and the small glittery pieces shimmered even without the direct sunlight hitting it. Kyoko's eyes widened in appreciation, then her head fell as she remembered her situation.

"Do you not like yours?" The idol asked, cocking her head to the side.

Her companion sighed. "It's a bit too much for me…"

"Let me see!"

"It's a bit embarrassing..."

"Come on, you'll have to take it off anyways!"

"Wait! wait!"

The sing star grabbed the hem of the maxi dress and stood up, yanking the orange fabric over the actress's head. After much writhing and tugging, the dress finally popped off.

"There!" Ruriko said confidently. She rolled up the mess of fabric in her hands. "Now let me see!"

She looked down at Kyoko in shock, raking her eyes from her rubber sandals slowly to the top of her head. Ruriko blushed at the chosen ensemble, and all the designer cuts to the fabric. The actress cried and crossed her arms over her chest.

Trying to look on the bright side, the singer apprehensively smiled and scratched her chin. "Well…maybe it'll all be head shots…"

I have three more chapters planned, then from there I've no idea where I want to go with this story. Just another release of silly ideas.