az: As usual... there's always some off-shots.

That Special Day - Off-shot

Written by Izzu alias honou-no-izumi



Ainosuke stared out towards the starry sky as the party had ended and everyone had gone home. It was not the best birthday celebration he ever had but it was the first and best party so far he had without his brother or his parents with him. Everyone was so sweet; he couldn't help smiling at how everyone tried their best to cheer him up. Kato-san even had told him several amusing stories about the times he had spent with Sakisaka-san. Of the random times that he'd manage to catch him daydreaming at work, but couldn't manage to find out what was it that had occupied his former partner's thoughts.

Ainosuke smiled. His brother must have thought of him a lot too, even while he's busy planning out the things that he had done. As expected of his brother. Definitely the best brother anyone could have. Despite the things that his brother had done, which other brother could have loved his younger siblings so much?

Definitely that could only be his brother...

Ainosuke sighed.

"Everyone... sorry if my thoughts earlier had been so dark. I think I've found the answer I'm looking for. Even if brother was no longer with me by my side... I would be fine."

"Because my brother would always live in my heart."