A/N: My first shot at an Abby/Gibbs story. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue. It's basically a story about Gibbs and Abby overcoming obstacles to be together, and then working out everyday couple-y problems.


"Petty Officer Teague Williams," The Gothic forensic scientist cheered. "Boy, have I got you now, sucker!" She tightened her black pigtails and wiped under her mascara lined eyes.

She leapt off of her office chair and started to dance in the middle of the room, her platform boots slapping against the floor.

Abby Sciuto was the most cheerful Goth Tony Dinozzo had ever met. "Hey Abs," He shouted over her 'music' that was blaring out of her computer speakers.

"Tony," She squealed. "I got him! Come dance with me."

"Got who?" Tony asked warily, trying to delay the inevitable.

"Petty Officer Teague Williams," she said excitedly. "That sucker's mine now!"

"Ah." Tony grinned and stepped back jokingly as she bounded over to him and took his hands, dancing away.

Laughing, Tony reluctantly participated in her little jig, awkwardly dancing around with her.


Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs stood outside of Abby's lab, looking in on her and Tony partying away. He smiled his slight Gibbs smile, loving the way Abby seem to groove to her won beat all the time, music or not.

Tony twirled and dipped her and Gibbs could just imagine Abby's husky sultry voice joking, "Oh, take me now, Tony."

For some reason, he wanted to be that guy. Well, he didn't want to be the butt of Abby's jokes, but he wanted her to … love him. It was so stupid and frankly, even he couldn't see why a young hot Goth girl like Abby would want to get with a cranky old Marine with three ex-wives.

But still, even the hardest hearts can hope.


The automatic door slid open and Abby grinned wickedly as Gibbs flinched at the music streaming out of the speakers.

"Gibbs," She said, drawing the word out. "What's cookin', good lookin'?"

Gibbs simply shook his head and handed her a Caf-Pow. "Ooh, I love you!" she said as she slurped from the straw and led them all over to her computer.

"Uh-huh, what do you got?" Gibbs asked.

"Don't pretend you don't care, Gibbs," Abby said, going off on one of her regular tangents.

Gibbs turned and stared into Abby's eyes. Coughing, and blushing, Abby still refused to break eye-contact.

Tony cleared his throat. "Should I leave you two alone for a moment?"

Gibbs reached up and whacked Tony upside the head. "Abs!" Gibbs said. "Show me what you got!"

"Okay," Abby started opening programs on her computer.

"That annoys me," Tony said. "I get Dinozzo, and she gets 'Abs.' You soft on Abby boss?"

"You wanna be beaten to death, Dinozzo?" Gibbs said dangerously, facing away from him.

"No, sir." Tony said respectfully.

"Right." Abby said. "Anyway, now can I tell you my news?"

"Sure." Gibbs squinted as he looked at the large plasma screen in front of Abby's computer.

"Petty Officer Teague Williams," Abby said slowly. "Who was he?"

"Abby," Gibbs sighed.

"Come one, you know I need a good wind up!" She said, pouting.

"You need something," He replied, not missing a beat.

"Hmph," she pouted again. "It was Williams' blood on the doorstep, if you must know so urgently."

Gibbs looked at Tony and they exchanged one of those loaded looks. All of a sudden Gibbs ran out of the room. "Thanks Abs!" He shouted.

Tony saluted her before running after him, hoping that he'd be picked to go do something fun instead of McGee.

Abby sighed before taking another long slurp of her drink. That silver-haired fox. He was always leaving.

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