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Abby sat in her lab, wishing she'd never told Gibbs who the fingerprint belonged to. They'd been working a case when Abby had found an almost perfect print on a piece of glass that had been lying next to a dead Marine. She'd been so excited, and had run it through the database, coming up with the name of a notorious gangster type figure, who'd kill Gibbs, Tony, Ziva and McGee without a second thought.

Now that she thought about it, this case had been very close to Gibbs' heart. It almost seemed as if … oh shit.

Abby called Ducky. That was what she did in times of stress. "Ducky," She cried worriedly down the line. "You know the fingerprint I found?"

"Yes, my dear," Ducky's voice came back. "The one that has solved the case!"

"Yeah, that one," Abby said miserably. "The thing was, it was really … perfect."

"Don't you love it when that happens?" Ducky sighed.

"Too perfect," Abby said solemnly.

"Oh dear," Ducky said worriedly. "You think that Jethro …?"

"Is being set up," Abby finished. She was unsure before, but now that she had a second opinion she knew it. Another psycho type was trying to kill Gibbs.

"Oh no," There was a click on the end of the line, and Ducky was gone. Presumably to call Gibbs.

Abby fidgeted around in her lab, for awhile, until she realised if they got back she wouldn't know. So, with that thought it mind, she grabbed Bert, the pillow she kept in a cupboard, and headed up to stake out Gibbs' desk until he arrived back at NCIS.

Seven hours later, a tired, bloody, but not seriously harmed Gibbs walked back into NCIS, removing his gun from its holster, preparing to put it back into his drawer.

When he arrived at his desk, Abby was asleep in his office chair, clutching Bert tight around the middle, her bouncy hair smushed against one side of the pillow.

Gibbs smiled and crept around the desk, opening his drawer, dropping his gun in and placing a light chaste kiss upon her forehead.

Tony, Ziva and McGee all stood staring, stock still at the expression of contentment and … love on Gibbs' face.

"What are you staring at?" He whispered. "Get out of here."

Tony shook his head, Ziva dropped her gun in her drawer and smiled, shaking her head, McGee simply walked, confounded, to his desk and sat down.

"Scat," Gibbs whispered. "You can go."

Tony grabbed McGee by the scruff of the neck and hauled him out of there. Ziva followed, keeping on looking back to see Gibbs leaning up against his desk, looking placidly at Abby's peaceful, sleeping form.

After and hour, when it was clear she wouldn't wake up, he dragged over McGee's office chair, and sat with her, until he too fell asleep.

The next morning, the Director of NCIS, Jenny, Tony, McGee and Ziva were all standing over the pair of sleeping employees. Jenny in particular was staring at their joined hands.

"Ahem," She cleared her throat loudly and Gibbs jumped up to a standing position, while Abby swatted them away like pesky flies.

McGee had a Caff-Pow in his hand and he wafted it gently under Abby's nose. "Thirsty," she said, still with her eyes closed, reaching a hand out for the drink.

McGee relinquished the Styrofoam large cup and Abby slurped it quickly. After five seconds she opened her eyes blearily and jumped up. "Oh my god!" She squealed. Everyone jumped back.

"You're not dead!" She shouted. Then she hugged each of them in turn, including the Director, leaving Gibbs until last. "It was a setup," She whispered as she burrowed into his neck.

"I know." He muttered to her.

"Of course you did," Abby sighed gently. "I'm glad you're not dead."

"Me too." Gibbs smiled.

Jenny gave Gibbs a look, and then glared at Tony, Ziva and McGee to back off.

She'd talk to Gibbs eventually, for he was in big trouble.

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