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Title booking a holiday.

Monday the 1st of October 2011.

The time is 4.40pm in the afternoon.

There are a lot of rasied voices in the flat next to the Lacey's

Alex Joe Lisa and H were trying to study.


(Gathering his books together and pens and putting them in his bag.)

"I can't study when you lot are falling out!!


(Now near the door and he had opening to go out of it.)

"I'm going good bye!!

Alex slammed the door behind him.


(Throwing her hands up in the air.)

"Now look what you have done!!


(Getting up from his seat and grabbed his bag.)

"What we done you mean what you have done!!

"I'm going to study at the labery where it's peaceful."


"So I'm I.

Both Lisa Joe headed out the door and the only person left in the flat was H.

Alice Christine Came into the flat to see if everything Is alright between H Joe Lisa and Alex.


" Hay H you ok."

"Mom asked me to pop into see if everything is alright."


( who was standing near kitchen table.)

" Hi Alice sorry you and your mom heared all that."

" We just all stressed out I think?"


" Hun come and have a cup of tea with Christine mom and me."

" Looks like you could do with one."


" I could do with a break from my course work.

H and Alice when to have a cup of tea with Christine and Mary Beth in the Lacey's flat.

Now inside Harvey and Mary Beth Lacey

Mary Beth.

( about to sit back down at the kitchen table and pouring a mug of coffee for Christine.)

" Christine here comes Alice and H."

" Come on and sit down and have a drink."


" Mom H Lisa Joe and Alex are so stressed out."

" All the shouting and screeming they was letting some steam off."


( Passing H a mug of coffee who was sitting nexted to her.)

" There you go H and now you let some steam off."

" How are you feeling now."


( Gotten up from her seat.)

" I feel really bad and I need to do something."

" I need go fined Alex Joe and Lisa to sort things out."

" Sorry I can't stop Mary Beth Alice Christine."


" Bye H see you later on"


( Giving Christine a hug and then walking to where Mary Beth was sitting and given her a hug too.)

" Bye Mary Beth Chris."

" Bye Alice."

H left in search of her friends Lisa Penny Alex Hall and Joe Hope.


( Now sitting at the kitchen table with her mom and antie Christine.)

" Mom I think H Joe and Alex could do with a holiday."

" I know that Romeo Colin and his brother Mark."

" they have villa some where in Spain."

Alice Christine carried on telling her mom Mary Beth lacey and her antie Christine Cagney.

About the Romeo and Mark's villa and that they are going back to spain by car soon.

That Romeo or mark wouldn't mined if they what with them.