Thursday the 4th of October 2011.

Alex Hall had arraved with the art work and paint to cover up the grffitti that's on H's wall.

The time is 4.30pm


( Opening her front door Alex.)

" Good afternoon Alex Let me help you."


( Passing H a big photo of a flower.)

" H we need to get that writing cover up."

" Christine she on her way round."

H and Alex now inside her flat hanging the photos up of the flowers on the living room wall.


(Knocking on the door to let H know that she has let herself in.

" H is only me Christine."


( hopeing that Christine didn't see the writning on the wall.)

" Hi Chris Alex been helping me hang some pichures up."

" Would you Like a coffee Christne."

Christine had already switched the kettle on and had poured the drinks too.

She was at on one of the kitchen chairs.


" Suger come and sit down."

" What happened who did this to your flat."

H was carrying Chris and her drinks to the table.

Alex who just finsh hanging the last pichure and now leaning on kitchen counter.


( Now sitting down at the table and had passed Chris her drink.)

" Rachel Stone! "

"she did this"


" Chris H she didn't want you or Mary Beth to know."


( Giving H a reuring hug.)

" Don't worry I want say a word to Mary Beth."

" Well me and Mary Beth Harvey we."

" Booked a holiday a family holiday."

Alex had let Mary Beth Lisa Joe and Harvey in H and Christine did even notice them standing behind them.


( Giving Mary Beth a big hug and Harvey big hug too.)

" Thank you so much Mary Beth."

" You too Chris."

Mary Beth now standing behind H and wrapped her arms around her adoptive daughter.

Mary Beth.

( Talking to H Alex Lisa and Joe.)

" Me Christine and Hervey was thinking."

" That you could do with a break."


" It want belong till the tickets for the farry will be here."

" Romeo and Mark Colin said."

" we can hitch a lift with them when they go a cross to Spain."

H had asked Alex if he could make everyone a drinks.

Mary Beth and Cagney carried out telling the kids more about the holiday .

Time seemed fly by when you having fun with your friends and family.

the end

please feel free to let me know what you think of my story and the other stories too.