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May 8th, 2010 - 12:52 PM

Since stepping out of Carmella's, hand in hand, not a word had been said between Edge and Reimi. They sat in comfortable silence with one another as they drove back to Edge's house for the afternoon.

With one hand on the wheel, Edge's other hand was being held captive by Reimi on the passenger's side of the car. Every time he glanced over to Reimi, she would catch eye contact with him. All that escaped their mouths were the sounds of laughter that were then quelled by smiles.

Pulling into his driveway, Edge put the car to a halt, and turned the engine off. Reimi exited the car, turning around and leaning on the roof so that she would grab Edge's attention when he got out on his side.

"I have no idea what's coming over me.. but it's like I'm craving Edge's contact.." Reimi daydreamed about holding hands and even snuggling with Edge.

After gathering his wallet and iPod, Edge in turn exited and immediately felt Reimi's eyes on him. Noting the state she was in, he decided to mirror her stance on his side of the car.

"What are you staring off into space over?" Edge asked playfully.

Coming to her senses, Reimi connected with emerald eyes. Happiness danced in them for the first time in years. Pushing her daydreams to the side, she just beamed back.

"Oh, nothing." She replied with a hint of daydreaming still in her voice.

"You're grinning over something." Edge commented.

"Just glad that I have someone to cheer me up. Someone who listens" Reimi stated, pointing her index finger at Edge.

"And who might that be?" Edge asked arching one eyebrow and trying to contain his laughter.

"He's standing on the other side of the car." Reimi explained, a smile pressing at the corner of her lips.

"Just glad I was able to help, Rei." Edge said as he walked around the hood of the car, closing the gap between the two of them. Once he was past the front end of the car, he extended his hand to Reimi. "Shall we go in then? " He asked.

As much as Reimi wanted to continue with the amazing course of events, she knew she had things back home that had to be attended to. Taking Edge's hand in her's, she tugged slightly, causing him to face her.

"As much as I'd love to, you mentioned paper work, and I've got to take care of some chores back home." Reimi reminded Edge.

Edge let out a groan, but understood exactly what she meant. Taking a step closer to Reimi, he peered deep into her chocolate eyes.

"Fine, fine. I guess we can't be all fun and games." Edge said with a pout.

Just then, an idea lit up in Edge's head. His pouting face dissipated instantly and was then replaced by a mischievous grin. He took another step closer to Reimi, causing the two to touch at the waist. He then wrapped his arms around her hips and moved his face close to her ear. "But just because we can't be fun and games right now doesn't mean I can't encourage it for later." he schemed in his head.

"Then how about you come back by later tonight, and we'll pick up where we left off." Edge whispered in a deep tone.

Shivers were sent down Reimi's spine. Her head was going haywire at Edge's arms being around her waist and his face, especially his lips, being so close to hers.

"What's he doing! He's so close.. his face.. his lips! Get a grip Reimi! He's just asking you to come back over tonight. That's it.. right? Oh please... let it be more than just that" Her thoughts raced.

"Sounds perfect." Reimi said, her tone was rather hush.

At that, Reimi pressed a quick kiss to Edge's cheek, pulled away from his embrace and winked at him.

"See you tonight, Edge." She said in a flirty voice. Waving as she walked down the street to her house.

"I can't believe the stunts Edge pulled today!" Reimi's mind screamed. "I tell him I broke up with Arumat and it's like something clicked in his head... It's.. kind of nice not having him so hesitant. Then again, I'm totally adding to this. Way to kiss him on the cheek and leave!" Reimi's thoughts then drifted off onto what possibilities awaited them tonight.

Edge was left standing alone, leaning against the roof of his car in a complete stupor. He had one hand planted on his cheek, right where Reimi had kissed him.

"It's like stars are finally aligning." He thought. "No idea what's causing me to get so bold with Reimi now,other than years of build up... but it seems to be working." he said to himself chuckling. "Speaking of stars... I should probably head in and get my paperwork done...Welch will have my head if I turn in the weekly report late again." Edge immediately let out a sigh as he headed in doors. His thoughts were too caught up in Reimi right now to be attempting any kind of work.

May 8th, 2010 - 7:57 PM

Edge let out a sigh, slamming his laptop shut.

"Thank god that is done and over with." He mumbled to himself.

Edge had just spent the last two long and agonizing hours on a web conference call with the lab organizer, Welch Vineyard. No words could be used to describe the hyperactive lab assistant. Most times, Edge just tried to keep it to the point whenever he had to make any sort of confrontation with her. Yet, Welch had this amazing ability to just grab a hold of something and run with it. The topic of today? Edge's love life. Welch noticed that there was a more chipper mood around the usual mundane manager. After countless embarrassing remarks, Edge decided enough was enough end explained to Welch he was late for something important.

"She not a terrible person... just one of a kind." Edge thought to himself.

Just then, as if he couldn't get a moment of peace and quiet, Edge's cell phone began to rattle and vibrate across his desk.

"Must be Reimi." Edge said aloud.

To his surprise, it was one of his co-workers, Crowe Almedio. He had been working along side with Crowe in the Lemuris lab before Crowe was promoted to Head Lab Manager over at the Roakfield facility. Edge was in the dust back in the Lemuris lab for another few months before catching up to Crowe's level and becoming Head Manager at the observatory.

"Wonder what he's calling about. Probably something wrong at the observatory. That would be my luck." Edge groaned at the thought. Setting the possibility aside, he finally answered his cell.

"Hello?" Edge mumbled

"Yo! Edge!" Crowe nearly shouted. "I'm going to make this quick! Tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp, my house. I'm having a party. No special occasion behind it. Feel free to bring someone!" He shot out rapidly.

"Uh.. okay." Edge stammered. "8:00.. got it. I'll see you then, Crowe."

"Great! Gotta jet, Eleyna is scolding me for not helping around the house!" Crowe said, sounding as if he was being assaulted on his end of the line.

The call was cut and Edge just stared at his cell, absorbing what just happened.

"A party huh? Well, I guess I've got nothing better to do on a Sunday night. I'll shoot the idea by Reimi tonight." Edge figured.

Rolling back in his office chair, Edge stood up and stretched while letting out a grunt.

"You'd think I'd get use to sitting in chairs for extended amounts of time, but nope." Edge commented out loud as he walked out of the office and into his kitchen.

After grabbing a glass of water, Edge headed out onto the deck and peered out at the beautiful view he had. He really had it made here. Being at the end of a dead end road, on top of a hill, in a house that he could call his own. The sun was just setting, illuminating the sky with vibrate oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows. On the opposite side of the house, it was just dark enough to start seeing the twinkling of the heavens.

"Going to be an amazing night. Maybe I should set up the telescope. I.. don't think I've ever explained the skies to Reimi even after working in an observatory for two years." Edge planned out inside of his.

Peering down at his watch, it read 8:07 PM.

"Reimi should be here any second." Edge thought.

Right on queue, Edge heard a knocking on the front door.

"Edge! I'm here!" Reimi shouted from the front yard.

"I'm out back! The door is unlocked!" Edge shouted back, still staring off at the sunset.

Within a few moments, Reimi walked out onto the back porch, putting her hands on her hips.

"Couldn't even come and greet me at the door. Some best friend you are!" Reimi exclaimed.

Setting his water down on the railing, Edge turned around and leaned back. A smile pressed at his lips as he took in Reimi's appearance. She was wearing a light pink polo with a pair of ordinary blue jeans that hugged her body and pink flip flops.

"You look... great, Rei." Edge said with a studder.

Completely forgetting what she was going to say, Reimi blushed and twisted one of her feet back and forth while looking at the ground.

"Heh, thanks, Edge." Reimi whispered. "What are you doing out back anyways?" She asked.

Edge turned back around to face the view and pointed to the horizon.

"I was admiring the view." he confessed.

"For someone who stares at the sky for eight hours a night, I wouldn't have thought you'd do it in your spare time." Reimi teased.

"Well, doing it for fun is a completely different story than doing it for work." Edge explained. "Have.. I ever even showed you all the amazing things that are up there?" He asked, pointing to the now darkening skies.

"You know.. now that I think about it.. I don't think so." Reimi answered.

"Great!" Edge cheered. "Then tonight, you're getting a little lesson on whats going on up there." he said as he walked inside the house.

"Where are you going?" Reimi questioned.

"Stay there! I'll be back in just a moment." Edge responded from inside the house.

A few moments later, Edge appeared below Reimi, on the back yard. He unraveled a large blanket onto the grass and put a stand on the edge of the blanket. Disappearing for another moment, he soon reappeared with a telescope in hand, and mounted it onto the stand.

"We'll come back to this in a little bit." Edge explained. "It just needs to get darker before you can get the best view."

Reimi smiled down at Edge while leaning over the railing. "Cute. Star gazing. Not exactly what I would have picked, catching Myuria and Arumat doing the same but.. It's with Edge.. Maybe he does have a romantic side after all." She thought, letting her mind wander off to kissing Edge under the stars. A blush crept on her cheeks as she shook her head, dismissing the dream. "I think that's pushing it.." she commented to herself

Edge tip-toed on the deck, and approached Reimi from behind. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling her jump a little at the surprise.

"Hungry at all?" Edge asked.

Peering over her shoulder, all Reimi could focus on were Edge's lips. "Cut it out Reimi! It hasn't even been a day since Arumat and you're ready to pounce all over Edge!" Her mind screamed.

"A.. little bit." Reimi stammered.

"Well, how about we go in and whip something up." Edge suggested.

"And by "we" you mean "me". You can't cook to save your life Edge." Reimi teased, nudging an elbow playfully into Edge's side.

"Yeah yeah. Sorry I'm not an amazing cook like you." Edge shot back.

After convincing Edge she wanted cookies and breaking out into a semi-small food fight, the two finally sat down at the bar counter Edge had in between his kitchen and living room. It had taken them nearly an hour and a half to get one batch together. Enjoying their snack, the two peered out the window into the back yard.

"So, Mr. Star expert, is it dark enough yet for my lesson?" Reimi asked in a sportive tone

Popping a cookie into his mouth, Edge mumbled a barely audible answer.

"Weren't you ever taught to not to talk with a mouthful?" Reimi teased.

After swallowing his snack, Edge grinned at Reimi. "Yeah, but it's only you" he jested.

Gasping and acting as if he were hurt, Reimi couldn't contain her smile or her laughter. For some reason, she felt on top of the world right now with Edge.

"Arumat never.. gave me this feeling." She thought with slight guilt.

Edge grabbed a hold of Reimi's hand and tugged her in the direction of downstairs. They crossed through the den in the basement, and out into the back yard. A blush was painted across her face the moment their hands connected.

"I'm never going to stop blushing... am I?" Reimi asked herself with a smile on.

"Here, take a seat while I get this all set up." Edge directed.

Reimi laid across the blanket, taking in the midnight heavens. It was absolutely beautiful.

"I can see why you were attracted to studying the skies, Edge. They're beautiful." Reimi commented.

"Heh, yeah. They really are." Edge said sheepishly as he finished tinkering with the telescope. Looking up to the sky he spotted the one red start in the sky. "What luck." Edge thought.

"Alright, first things first." Edge started as he laid down next to Reimi. "You comfortable? Not too cold or anything?" he asked.

Letting out a giggle, Reimi turned to look at Edge. Her eyes connected with his and she smiled. "No, I'm pretty comfortable." she answered.

"Good." Edge smiled back. Turning to the skies, Edge pointed to the sky and began explaining the constellations. He started with the north star, and then moved on to the Big and Little Dippers. After that, it was the star giant, Orion.

"You know.. I've seen these before but never knew their names." Reimi whispered. As simple as it was, Reimi was enjoying just the sound of Edge's voice. And to have him share something he treasured with her, it made her heart skip beats.

"Well, I've saved the best for last." Edge said. "Here, look in the telescope. You know that red star I pointed out? It's actually Mars." he explained.

Sitting up and peering into the sight, Reimi let out a gasp. "It's... amazing, Edge." she said in complete awe.

"Yeah. It is." Edge responded, reaching out and grabbing Reimi's hand. "Not every night you get that good of a view of Mars." he said, not even looking at the skies, but at Reimi admiring them like a small child in a toy store.

Reimi pulled back from the telescope and peered over to Edge. A sudden surge of energy hit her and she grinned at Edge. Before he even got a chance to speak, Reimi pounced on Edge, knocking him on his back. The sounds of their laughs echoed as they continued to roll around, wrestling with one another. It finally ended just like it began. Edge was on his back, and Reimi laid across his chest, staring down at him. Letting their minds take the back seat to their hearts, chocolate eyes met emerald, and the two were lost in one another.

Edge reached up and cupped Reimi's cheek. "The stars might be beautiful, but they don't have anything on you, Rei." Edge whispered sheepishly. His blush was clear as day, even in the veil of the night.

"Edge..." Reimi studdered, not knowing how to respond. Her heart was racing and her mind was screaming to close the gap between them.

Edge sat up, pulling Reimi into his lap. She was facing him with her legs on either side of his waist. Almost as if it were instinct, she draped her arms around his shoulders and rested her forehead on his.

"I know.. we're jumping head first into this. But I don't care, Reimi. I should have stepped up to the plate ages ago and told you how I felt." Edge started to confess. "I've been head over heels for you ever since Arumat. Hell, even before him. I just never knew.. or had the courage to tell you." he explained, cupping her cheek once again. "So, let me explain it to you the only way I can possibly imagine." he whispered.

I know it's dark here, you know that I'm scared too
For some reason right now, of everything but you
Right now you're all that I recognize
You know I came here when I needed your soft voice
I needed to hear something that sounded like an answer
Now I wait here, and sometimes I get one

It's nothing I'll forget when the moon gets tired
You are stuck to me everyday
Believe in what I am because it's all I have today
And tomorrow who knows where we'll be
From here I can hardly see a thing
But I will follow anyone who brings me to you
For now, forever, for on and on and on

Shifting his head ever so slightly , Edge slowly closed the gap between the two of them. His lips met the soft and gentle ones of Reimi. Closing his eyes, he wrapped one arm around her waist, while the other delved gently into Reimi's endless brunette hair. Running his tongue across her bottom lip, Edge asked for entry to explain to her. Explain what his heart had held in for so many years.

You know it starts here, outside waiting in the cold
Kiss me once in the snow, I swear it never gets old
But I will promise you I can make it warmer next year
You know I came here when I needed your soft voice
I needed to hear something that sounded like an answer
Now I stay here, and everyday I get one

It's nothing I'll forget when the moon gets tired
You are stuck to me everyday
Believe in what I am because it's all I have today
And tomorrow who knows where we'll be
From here I can hardly see a thing
But I will follow anyone who brings me to you
For now, forever, for on and on and on

Reimi's mind had shut down. She had no idea how to react other than to let her heart take control. She pulled herself closer to his chest, trying to eliminate any space that was separating them. Her other hand wove itself through Edge's blond locks as she let out a moan of complete ecstasy. Her heart felt as if someone was setting fireworks off in it as she granted Edge's tongue entry.

Time stood still, stars aligned, and nothing could have robbed the two of their moment together. After what seemed like several moments, the two broke away for air. Staring into each others eyes, Reimi spoke first.

So go plug in your electric blanket
We can stay in 'till our southern summer wedding day
Go plug in your electric blanket
We can stay here

"Edge...I.." She stammered. "That kiss... stole my breath away."

"Arumat.. never.. No. I'm done comparing the two. Edge is Edge. Arumat is Arumat. I'm done intertwining the two." She told herself with resolve.

"When I told you I'd be there for you forever, there was much more loaded behind that." Edge confessed. There was no stopping now, all or nothing he told himself. "I'm really sorry for what happened between you and Arumat. I know, or rather, feel that I shouldn't be pushing myself onto you right now but... I.. I can't.. no.. I won't let you go off again." He stated. "I want to be the one that helps you heal through this. I want to be the one by your side." Edge finally said in a hushed tone.

Reimi pressed a hand to Edge's chest and felt his heart racing. "I know I've left you in your times of need, Edge. And hearing you say that makes me wish I had never made those choices." she confessed. "But now that we're here. Now that we're together. I couldn't picture it any other way." she explained. "Please, forgive me..." she pleaded closing the gap between the two of them once again. Her lips gently glided across Edge's, and the fireworks in her heart were set off once more.