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"Minnie, darling, are you ready?" I say loudly to capture the attention of my eighteen-year-old daughter who's upstairs. My husband, Luke, looks at the food I've set on the table. "Wow Becky. You've really outdone yourself!"

I give him a small smile and a little shrug as if to say, "Oh well." But actually, I didn't cook any of the food at the table. It was all Suze. Well, I didn't mean Suze cooked it, she's worse than I am. To be accurate, Suze recommended this woman who owns a small food house a few kilometers from here and cooked all this food. But Luke needn't know that.

In about a few minutes, Luke and I will be meeting Minnie's boyfriend. I'm feeling kind of excited, to be honest. I wonder what he looks like. The only thing I know about the boy is his name. Aldred. No, Alex. Or was it Alvin?

Oh shit. I forgot his name. Luke stares at the beef steak, pot roast and pasta and looks at me with admiration.

Okay, I know you should be honest to your husband and everything . But if Luke actually tasted my cooking, we might have a divorce. Yeah, I know. That's how terrible my cooking is. I knew I should've listened to during my Home Economics class. Oh well, too late for that now.

"Coming! Coming!" I hear Minnie say. Luke and I stare at her and I feel my breath being taken away. That's her. My beautiful darling daughter all dressed up. Oh God, I think I might cry… I look at Luke and I'm sure he feels the same. Our daughter is all grown up. It seemed like yesterday when she was just a few months old attempting to walk and always falling flat on her bum.

"How do I look?" She fixes her dress anxiously, her long hair looks as soft as silk and her Vera Wang dress fits her perfectly. "You look really beautiful, darling." Luke says. Is it just me or did his voice sound a bit wobbly? I study his face and he looks as if he wants to burst into tears. Okaaay..I shouldn't be thinking about this.

"You look wonderful!" I say a little too loudly. "Minnie, darling! You should've put on a pair of earrings! Your ears look bare!" She stops fixing her dress and slaps her hand to her forehead. "Drat! I forgot. Mum, what am I gonna do?"

I scrutinize her outfit and shoes properly. They look perfect on her. "Ooh! I have these new gorgeous pair of earrings that will suit you! It's on top of my dresser. Get it quickly!" Minnie gives a little squeak and goes back up to the stairs to retrieve my earrings. I turn to Luke.

"Becky? A new pair of earrings? I thought we agreed that we would spend less and stick to another budget. With your shopping expenses and Minnie's, we might have to sell the house in a week." Luke says disapprovingly. I roll my eyes at him. Is he seriously bringing this up? Again, and now? "Come on, Luke. Stop exaggerating. It's not like I buy new things every single-" I stop short.

Okay let's see…I bought the earrings earlier, a pair of shoes for Minnie yesterday, a few charm bracelets the day before that. And the day before that, I went on a shopping trip at Georgina's with Minnie.

And the day before that, there was the pizza party Suze and I hosted (Ha! I knew those Pizza Party handmade cards I bought in New York would come in handy someday). And the day before that, my half sister Jess and I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum. At least I had a day without shopping for anything. It's absolutely right. That was the day I bought those new pans and pots, wasn't it? And I gave Minnie a few pounds last week to buy herself a new dress. Damn.

I look at Luke and sigh. "Okay, fine. I'm not exactly thrifty. But Luke, I can't just spend a bloody day without any…spending! How can I live in this world when I can't even do the only thing I love? How? And anyway, people hate thrifty people and skinflints who insist on making their own coffee which taste revolting."

He raises an eyebrow. "Becky, stop overreacting. And Jess is thrifty, isn't she?" I raise my voice a little higher. "Exactly my-." I stop short once again. Oops, I shouldn't have said that. I mean, I love Jess. I really do. It's just that she's too frugal. There was even this time when we had a little fight when I called her a boring old cow and a skinflint with zero dress sense and she called me a spoiled brat… But anyway, that's all behind us now.

But Jess insists on being thrifty. I tried being thrifty once and it was fun. But it only lasted for a few weeks. It just gets boring and having to stick bits of soap together to make a really big lump is really revolting. But really, I love her even though we're different. And I'm happy that she's happily married to Tom, who was my next-door neighbor and fancied me. He wasn't my type. He had smelly breath and big hands.

But he and Jess are perfect for each other. And they have a little boy named Christopher and Jess is pregnant again! Ooh! I hope I get to be the godmother!

"Well, Jess is different. She's family." I hastily say and pretend to arrange the flowers on the table. Luke gives a small smile. "Becky, really… We need to save our money too. Look at this house. How many things in here are actually mine?"

I take a look around the room. There are my bags displayed on a glass shelf complete with a lock, Minnie's topiary projects on every table, our slippers displayed at the side and the only things of Luke I see are the newspapers and his laptop.

"Oh. Well then, if that's the real issue then why don't you go shopping to make it all fair. Why don't you just pop into Tiffany's and buy yourself a cute little charm bracelet-." I say quickly with emotion when Luke cuts me short.

"Christ Almighty, Becky! That is not my fucking point. I'm just saying that we should at least lower our expenses." Luke says loudly and softens his voice. "The thing about selling our house in a week…I might not be kidding."

I look in his eyes sadly. I feel really bad now. I mean, Luke's worked hard for us and I should at least try to cooperate.

Suddenly, we hear the doorbell ring and Minnie comes into the room jumping a little. "He's here! Oh God, he's here!" Luke walks to the door, unlocks it and opens it…