Pepperony, as always. Ignoring some minor facts from IM and IM2, just go with it...

"Shit" Pepper swore "Shit, shit, shit"

Those two little blue lines brought her smack bang to the crap side of reality. The two blue lines, on the little white stick were like a smack in the face for Pepper. She was single, trying to build her career and now she was pregnant.

It's not like she planned it. She was having a good time with her boos and got so drunk she couldn't even stand that night without leaning on him for support. But she had initiated the first kiss. It's like she wasn't in control that night, she just let her feelings overtake. She forced him against the wall of his mansion hallway, she had taken his belt off and she had been so eager they forgot about a condom.

But it felt amazing.

She didn't regret it one bit. Not at all, because to be with Tony like that wasn't like anything she'd ever had before. She just knew that when she woke up the morning after she didn't want to deal with his awkward attempt at a relationship. She did need someone who actually wanted to be with her, not someone who felt obligated because they'd slept together.

What she didn't know though, was that Tony Stark was deeply in love with his newly appointed CEO.

"Okay" Pepper took a deep breath; she wrapped the stick in tissue and shoved it in the bin. She stood up and left the cubical. She quickly washed her hands and then looked into the mirror. She looked dead. Absolutely exhausted. The morning sickness was already killing her and she still had 7months to go. She thankfully had gotten rid of most of it that morning so she was presentable enough to go to work. Pepper brushed her hair down and sighed again. She was going to be okay.

She left the company's toilets and breezed down the hallway. Her head held high. She reached a big mahogany door and strolled in casually, even though she was 20minutes late. John Buchan stopped his presentation abruptly and everyone's head whipped to the door to see who the late arrival was. Pepper apologized and acted normal, whilst taking her seat next to him. John cleared his throat and carried on and so everyone looked back at him. Except for Tony.

"You okay?" Tony whispered, leaning right next to her ear.

"Humph" Pepper answered, ever since that night Tony had been trying to lure her back in and everything he did to attempt this really had its affect on Pepper. Well he was gorgeous"I'm fine" she smiled at him reassuringly.

"You sure?" he'd also started to be more caring. Showing his kinder side and Pepper loved it. She turned her head to look at him and saw how close he was. Pepper's eyes looked down at his lips and her eyes lingered. God he knew how to do this so well. Her eyes dragged away and looked back at his eyes. She nodded and smiled again. Tony seemed convinced and turned back to playing on his phone, John Buchan was boring him.

"Erm" Pepper leaned in this time and Tony looked at her expectantly "Are you busy tonight?"

Tony grinned and shook his head "Want to do something?"

"Dinner?" Tony nodded at this "The Terrace, 7 o'clock?"

"See you there" At this they both turned their attention back to the meeting. Tony was ecstatic because it was a night out with Pepper. And Pepper was dreading it, because she had to tell Tony Stark she was pregnant with his baby.

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