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Pepper was lying on the sofa flicking through the TV channels. She was bored. Bored, bored, bored. She'd been up for a few hours and didn't have anything to do. She was due next week so Tony wasn't letting her do anything. Not even some light paperwork to keep her sane. So when Tony decided to spend the morning working on his suit, she'd been jealous that he had something to do. Sighing, Pepper started settling herself to watch the film 'Knocked Up'. She laughed at the irony of the film and got comfortable to watch Seth Rogen at his best.

About 10minutes into the movie, just when Alison was telling Ben she was pregnant and they were yelling at each other, Pepper felt something odd. A warm feeling started to spread around her groin. First off she thought she was just missing Tony too much and so she tried to brush the feeling off. But 5minutes later, she got a weirder feeling. The baby started to non-stop kick.

That's when she realised.

"TONY!" Pepper screamed for him "Get your arse up here now!"

This was it.

"She's not due for another week?" Tony was scared.

Scared like hell.

"I know. But Mr. Stark you have to realise that this does happen and its normal procedure-"

"But i'm not ready. What do I do when the baby comes? What if I mess up?" Tony cut the doctor off.

"Sir i'm sure you'll be a great dad. But right now Pepper needs you" doctor Martin Barr put his hand on Tony's shoulder to reassure him.

Tony took a deep breath "Right. So what do I do?"

"Just try to be calm when you're around her. What she needs right now is some reassurance and who better than the dad to give it to her?" Martin smiled to encourage Tony.


"Nothing will go wrong. I promise. One week premature is not dangerous to the mother of the baby and Pepper is doing well. Just trust me Tony"

"Okay... Let's go"

Martin smiled and patted Tony's shoulder before heading back into the labour room. Tony stood there for a moment staring at the cream coloured wall opposite him. He then lifted his head to look up at the light pink door where he should be. Taking another deep breath Tony headed into the hectic room.

"Where the hell have you been?" Pepper yelled as soon as Tony stepped in.

"Sorry, sorry. I'm here now" Tony rushed over to her side and took her hand. His other hand started to rub circles on her back.

"Right Pepper, at your next contraction i'm going to need you to push really hard for me. Okay?" the doctor smiled at her a little patronizingly.

Tony was freaking out. He thought he'd be all cool and calm about the pregnancy. It's always fine in the films. The dad did usually get a broken hand from the mum squeezing too hard, but it was always great in the end. Pepper's screams had pulled Tony from his workshop and he rolled his eyes whilst running up the stairs thinking she was going to be having some weird craving. Then he saw the wet patch and the crumpled over Pepper on the sofa.


"Okay guys you ready?" the doctor asked "Pepper, ready?"

Pepper nodded and gripped Tony's hand even tighter. She scrunched her face up and pushed. She started to feel a little light headed and felt her chest tighten from lack of breath. Everyone's words became faint mumbles and their faces were blurs. She started to feel a little more at ease and stopped pushing, she leant back against the pillows and breathed heavily.

"Great Pepper" the doctor smiled at her "Just one more big push at the next contraction and you'll have your baby"

Pepper zoned the doctor's voice out and focused on Tony. She grabbed a fistful of Tony's shirt in her hand and brought his face close to hers.

"You. Are. Dead" Pepper hissed into Tony's face "When I have this baby i'm cutting your thingy-"Pepper gestured to Tony's manhood "-off so you can never do this to me again"

"Well to be honest, I'd like to keep hold of my 'thingy'. So let's just discuss this later huh?" Tony tried to shut her up.

"Oh yeah we'll discuss this alright" Pepper huffed out.

"Pepper if it helps you stay calm, imagine i'm not here" Tony was trying to make her rest before she had to push again.

Pepper chuckled sarcastically and then turned serious "I wish I could"

"Okay kids" the doctor broke the tension and raised his eyebrows at Tony "Ready to push again?"

"God already?" Pepper asked, exasperated.

"One more Pepper. Ready?" the doctor waited for the machines to beep "Now"

Pepper took a deep breath and pushed. She clenched her muscles and tried as hard as she could to finish it. Everyone's voices became white noise again. There was a strong ringing in her ears and she could faintly pick up on Tony mumbling supportive words in her ear. Her fingers dug into the back of Tony's hand as the pain was slowly becoming unbearable. She felt like she was going to pass out from not having breathed for too long.

Then she heard it.

A baby's cries broke through the room and suddenly, everyone slowed.

"Congratulations you two" the doctor smiled "You got a baby girl"

Pepper had the biggest grin on her face and was crying. She fell back against the pillows and tried to catch her breath. She saw the nurses rushing around the room still, trying to collect things together. She could see Tony smiling and shaking the doctor's hand. He then turned and put his arm around her shoulders.

"Here you go mum" the nurse smiled at the two and handed Pepper a little bundle of pink sheets.

"Told you it'd be a girl" Tony grinned at her and moved to let the nurse leave.

"Oh shut up" Pepper smiled and looked down at the new baby.

Perfect. The only word that came to mind when she looked at the newborn. Apart from beautiful, gorgeous, adorable and any other word that relates to the word 'cute'. The little girl yawned and looked up bright eyed at her parents. She smiled and waved her arms a bit.

"She's you all over" Tony's voice cut through "Absolutely perfect"

Pepper tore her eyes from the baby girl and looked up at the man she loved. She smiled and snaked one arm around Tony's neck to grab his hair. She pulled his lips to hers and kissed him lovingly. Her tears melded in to his.

"I'm so glad I got drunk that night" Pepper whispered.

Tony lightly laughed and pecked her lips once more "Me too"

"Vanessa? Nu-huh my daughter isn't an uptight cow" Tony was sitting in the armchair next to Pepper's bed. Baby girl Stark was lying in a nearby cot.

"Fine. What about..." Pepper was slumped in her hospital bed "Kate?"

"Would rather not. It reminds me of a girl I didn't get on with too well"

"Alright then. What do you want?" Pepper threw her arms up. They'd been at name picking for an hour.

"Erm, what about Billie?" Tony looked at her for her answer.

"Sorry, did we have a boy?" Pepper answer was dripping with sarcasm.






Pepper just gave Tony a look and he knew she didn't like that idea. They decided to stop trying to pick and settled down in front of the crappy TV on some bad late-night movie. Pepper started to drift off half an hour into the film and Tony smiled at her. She'd had a long and exhausting day, but it was so worth it.

With that thought Tony looked over at his new baby. He stood and padded over to the cot next to Pepper's bed. He picked the drowsy girl up and cradled her in his arms.

"Hey beautiful" Tony whispered, smiling. "You are pretty restless like your ol' dad aren't you?"

The baby girl simply squealed in delight.

"What shall we call you hmm? Do you like the name Catherine?"

The baby gave Tony a look which was scarily like one of Pepper's and decided it wasn't a winner.

"Maybe not. What shall we call you then..." Tony started to wander around the room thinking about different names. He was muttering to himself and kept 'cooing' down at the baby.

"Tony. Please be quiet" Pepper mumbled into her pillow.

"Sorry hun" then it hit Tony "Wait! Pep don't go back to sleep"

"What do you want?"

"How about Rosemary?" Tony sat on the edge of the bed close to Pepper.

"Since when did our baby turn 80?"

"Oh come on. Rosemary? Let's have another herb in the family" Tony winked at Pepper.

"Cute Tony. But she's not an herb, and neither am I" Pepper considered for a moment "But I'd settle for Rose"

Tony looked down at the baby "How about it babe? You like the name Rose?"

The baby smiled and wiggled in her dad's arm again.

"We've found a winner" Tony brightened and turned to Pepper "Rose Stark. I like it"

"Me too" with that Pepper leaned in to kiss Tony. He smiled into the kiss and carefully cradled Rose whilst pulling one hand around to stroke Pepper's cheek. He opened his mouth to her and angled his head. Rose's hand hit Tony on the chest and pulled him away from the kiss.

"I love you" Pepper said breathlessly.

"Love you more" Tony answered before going to kiss her again.


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