After the death of Sirius, Harry is struggling with 'his' emotions. Having a werewolf, owl animagus and a Veela as girlfriends doesn't help either….

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I changed the time of some events in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but nothing really major.

Chapter I:

Voldemort's plans

Snake-like eyes narrowed down to five humans, dressed in black clothes, wearing skull-like, white masks. It was immediately clear to anyone with a bit of knowledge about them that the humans had to be Death Eaters.
The Death Eaters were standing in a circle, gathered around the most feared Wizard in more than a century; Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemorts research into Dark Magic, had left his body tortured, inhuman, frightening to everyone. The snake-like eyes were set in a flat face, almost without a nose, resembling a snake's head. Thin, blood-red lips completed the face, which had a cold and cruel look, letting everyone who looked at it know its owner was no human anymore, a cruel, cold ghost af a man. As Lord Voldemort spoke in his hissing voice, his thin lips hardly moved at all.

"I have a task for you, Bellatrix. You will be performing it together with Nott, Dolohov, Rookwood and Mulciber. Do not fail me again. Your mistakes have already cost me too much. Perform this task perfect, otherwise you will beg me for mercy.
The Hogwarts Express will be leaving soon, Potter and that Mudblood Granger will be on it. You and the others are to kidnap them. I have found a way for you to Apparate onto the train. Wormtail has to find out in which coupe they are. Disarm and Stun Potter and the Mudblood, make sure you don't injure them permanently. You can kill everyone else who offers resistance. Bring Potter and the Mudblood back here and lock them in the dungeons."

Lord Voldemort spoke to the members of his Inner Circle, the very few Death Eaters whom he trusted fully. A full gathering of the Inner Circle only happened when the Dark Lord had set up a great plan, so important that only his most loyal followers could execute it. After the incident at the Ministry, where Voldemort was revealed to the wizarding world, Voldemort and his Death Eaters had to strike quickly, to prevent the Order and the Ministry from taking steps to improve their security and revealing the infiltrated Death Eaters.
Luckily, Fudge still hadn't done anything to really oppose the Death Eaters, but Voldemort knew it wouldn't be long before Fudge would be replaced. Fudge's popularity had already been low before the incident at the Ministry, and now it was revealed Fudge had lied for almost a year about the return of Voldemort, his popluratiy would drop to zero.
Voldemort knew that Dumbledore would try to place one of his followers on the post, and that it would be hard to prevent that from happening. The pure-blooded seats on the Wizengamot were only just having a majority, so Voldemort was very vulnerable there.
Aside from strengtening their power in the Wizengamot, the Death Eaters also had vowed revenge on Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore. For this goal, the Death Eaters had been called to Riddle Manor, a cold, dark house, belonging to Lord Voldemort. The high, cold voice of Lord Voldemort was filled with anger, sending shivers through all who heard it. Bellatrix, Nott, Dolohov, Rookwood and Mulciber knew that if they failed, they would not survive the punishment. They had never seen the Dark Lord so angry. His hissing voice, almost like Parseltongue, spoke again.

"Potter and his friends have been around too long. They have bothered me too many times. They have survived too often. He deserves a very painful punishment for his actions. Make sure you get him alive and sane. The mudblood Granger too."

"We will do as you order, My Lord. We are faithful. We will always serve you, our Lord."

Bellatrix Lestrange spoke, bowing for Voldemort. After the incident at the Ministry of Magic, Bellatrix had suffered a very thorough punishment, leaving her almost broken. The Dark Lord had made very clear that if Bellatrix failed again, she wouldn't be worthy of carrying the Dark Mark. This meant she would be tortured to death by the Dark Lord himself, a punishment like she was only a Mudblood. This was the most horrifying thing a Death Eater could imagine.
Before Voldemort could answer Bellatrix, the apparition warning went off, indicating that another Death Eater would join them. Indeed, a little POP was heard by those already present, and Peter Pettigrew appeared, bowing deeply for the Dark Lord. Voldemort transferred his concentration to Wormtail, something Bellatrix was thankful for.

"Get up, Wormtail. What do you have to report?"

"My Lord, the Hogwarts Express has just left the station of Hogwarts. Potter and the Mudblood are in the last carriage, with no-one around them. Severus has also just told me the potions are ready. At the moment he is pouring the potions into vials. The plan is all ready, My Lord."

"Excellent work, Wormtail. We shall put the plan in motion, then. Inform Severus that his potions will be needed soon. I don't have any other tasks for him at the moment, so he may retreat to his house, but tell him to be prepared for another task soon."

Wormtail left with another deep bow, heading to Severus´ laboratory, which was in the basement of the house. The greasy-haired, hooked-nosed Potions master had been working on two new potions for three months, and his work was now paying off. It had been very difficult, as the potions required ingredients like fresh Werewolf blood and Veela hair and needed incredible timing. It was all worth it, though. The potions would prove to be invaluabe to Lord Voldemort soon.

The Dark Lord spoke to the other Death Eaters present, "You know what your task is. Prepare yourselves to conduct it. I expect you to be ready in half an hour. Meet with Wormtail to get instructions on in which carriage Potter and the Mudblood are. I want Potter and the Mudblood here before tonight. Do not fail me again. Prove to me that you are worthy to serve me."

All the Death Eaters present bowed deeply, as a sign they would follow their instructions.
Voldemort dismissed the Death Eaters with a wave of his hand. Bellatrix and the others left the room, leaving Lord Voldemort alone in his room.

While Lord Voldemort crossed the room to his throne, his thoughts caused a cruel smile to form on his face. As everyone knew, it was never a good sign when Lord Voldemort was pleased or happy. The things that would happen next wouldn't be good for Harry Potter.

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