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Chapter Four:

A Chat with Bellatrix Lestrange

As the unconscious bodies of Harry and Hermione fell to the floor, Bellatrix Lestrange landed gracefully, just as she should. She was a pureblood, after all. However, she didn't have time to clean herself up from the fight, as she had to inform her Master of the success of the mission. She mentioned for someone to come and get the new prisoners. Two of the newly recruited Death Eaters approached her, slowly and carefully, in case she felt like torturing someone. Hesitantly they spoke up.

"Where should Potter and the Mudblood go? Does the Dark Lord want to see them, Mrs. Lestrange?"

"No, not at this time. Get the Mudblood and Potter in the cell, and quick, you imbeciles. And I will be checking on them later, so make sure I find everything as it should be. Don't Enervate them, I will do that."

The two Death Eaters scurried off, taking Harry and Hermione with them. Bellatrix Lestrange looked after them with irritation written across her face.

Sometimes those lower Death Eaters were a real pain in the ass. But she had no time to teach them some proper manners. She had to inform her Master, the Dark Lord, of her success.


Harry and Hermione's bodies relaxed from the stiff position they had been in for almost two hours.

Gasping, Harry tried to lift his head, but he failed, as his neck was very stiff. He tried to move his arms and legs, but they did not obey his wishes. His glasses were dirty and his eyes burned. Despite this, Harry could see that he was in some kind of dark cell, a wooden table stood in the corner, and a few chains hung from the wall on the right of him. A cough sounded next to him, coming from Hermione who was also waking up. Harry tried to look at her, despite his stiffness, but before he could do or ask anything, a familiar drawl sounded just above him. Harry's eyes looked up in terror as he recognized the person looking down at him.

"Well, well ….So lovely, two young visitors."

Bellatrix Lestrange.

She looked at Hermione with a strange look Harry couldn't place as she got her wand out and levitated her towards the wall with all the chains. Hermione started to struggle, but it was to no avail. Lestrange didn't seem to be surprised; instead, she slammed Hermione into the wall. Harry tried to get up; however, he was too weak and couldn't get up. He too was soon pinned to the wall, next to Hermione. Harry's eyes widened when he saw the multiple chains all hanging next to him and Hermione, all kinds of hooks and rings attached to them, waiting to be used for whatever purpose, he did not want to know. Bellatrix Lestrange gave a flick with her wand, and the chains bound him and Hermione to the wall. Harry tried to struggle, but the chains held him very close to the wall. Amused, Bellatrix spoke up.

"Come on now Harry, have some manners. Are you not enjoying our hospitality? Is room service not up to your standards?"

Bellatrix said with a cheerful voice, leaning closer towards Harry. He tried to answer, but his throat was so dry he couldn't get a single word out. After studying him for a few moments, Bellatrix then turned towards Hermione.

"See you later, Sweetie. We'll have some fun, I can promise you."

Her voice was very smooth, flirtatious, and her lips were very close to Hermione's as she spoke. Hermione's only response was to look away from her, disgust clearly visible on her face. Bellatrix was obviously taken a bit off by this response, but she recovered quickly. Her hands shot out, grabbing Hermione's breasts. Hermione and Harry gasped, completely shocked by Bellatrix' action. Bellatrix started massaging Hermione's breasts, drawing surprised gasps from her.

"Don't do that to Hermione! Do to me what you want, but let Hermione go. Please. I will do whatever you want!"

Bellatrix' stepped back, to study Harry. Her expression turned slightly thoughtful, as if she was really contemplating Harry's offer.

"Don't worry. I won't harm your little girlfriend. Soon it will be your turn, Harry."

Quickly casting a Muffliato charm, she silenced Harry. Tossing her wand onto the table, Bellatrix turned back to Hermione. Her hands started at the top of Hermione's breasts, just lightly feeling. However her hands soon went down, touching the sides of Hermione's breasts.

Whispering softly, Bellatrix brought her head closer to Hermione's. "I won't harm you, Sweetie. I just want to feel you. I'll make this pleasurable for you too, I promise."

Hermione let out a soft "Meeep!", trying to wriggle away from the older woman's touch, but it was to no avail. Bellatrix's fingers closed around Hermione's nipples, and squeezed softly. Hermione jerked, a brief moment of surprise visible on her face and a little bit of panic now shone through her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Hermione squeaked, barely audible.

"Ssssh, Sweetie. You've grown up quite well, I must say. What size do you have? B, isn't it? And very firm, too. I must say, they are very attractive."

Bellatrix' voice was filled with lust, and her eyes glazed over. After a moment she pulled herself out of it.

"Such a pity I can't stay for longer at the moment."

Her words seemed to contain true disappointment and Bellatrix withdrew, slowly, looking at Hermione's breasts hungrily. Harry tried to speak a curse, to attack Lestrange, but the Muffliato charm was still preventing him from speaking, or indeed, making any sound at all. Bellatrix turned around, now looking at Harry. She leaned forward, just like she had done when she had spoken to Hermione.

"You know, Harry, for a boy you are good-looking. Ever since our encounter in the Ministry I've wondered what you would look like if you were a girl. Haven't you thought about that? Our Potions Master was only too happy to work on such an interesting project. You're lucky, you know. Isn't it every boy's dream to get free peeks at a girl's body?"

Bellatrix whispered, an insane glint in her eyes. She turned, and right before she headed through the door, she extinguished the torches on the wall, leaving the cell in total darkness.

Harry didn't know how much time passed; the darkness in the cell didn't give him any clues.
Fear and worries bounced through his mind, leading their own life, giving him cruel, dark visions, blended together with the darkness of the cell. From time to time someone would walk past the cell, he could hear their footsteps, but no-one entered. Sometimes shouts could be heard, and people running past the door, and occasionally the sound of a door slamming shut. The growling of his stomach made him realise he had to have been in there for at least 6 hours. Just as Harry was about to doze off, despite his uncomfortable position dangling on the wall, Lucius Malfoy's voice spoke up. Harry's head shot up, seeing Lucius Malfoy and Rodolphus Lestrange standing in the doorway.

"Just check on them, nothing else. Hewants to be sure they have no chance of escape, so make sure theycan't."

Malfoy stepped inside, drawing his wand. He made sure the holding chain was locked in place, and then pulled on a few of the others to check that none of them would come loose. Lestrange did the same by Hermione. They both stepped back and looked at Harry and Hermione.

"Now what?" Rodolphus asked rather stupidly. Lucius closed his eyes and sighed, trying very hard to be patient with this clearly incompetent Death Eater.

"Now, Rodolphus, we let her do the rest of the work. Make sure to leave that potion here for her. Apparently the Dark Lord wants her and only her to torture them." He said this with a little bitterness in his voice, obviously marred at being left out of the loop. Rodolphus reached inside his robes, and, after a few moments, pulled a vial out, which he left on the table top.

"Did he mention this to you?" Rodolphus asked as they walked back to the door.

"Yes, he informed me of this in a private meeting. We kidnap Potter and the Mudblood, we let the Dark Lord's plan work out and then we leave them at the entrance to St Mungo's where they'll spend the rest of their lives with the Longbottoms."

He turned his head around and looked at Hermione when he said this, the hatred clearly visible in those steely grey eyes. After a few moments, he turned around and left the chamber, Rodolphus Lestrange following him.

Harry closed his eyes and finally gave in to his exhaustion, falling asleep almost instantly. His last thoughts were a vision of Hermione, standing in the sun, smiling happily.

Harry stirred from his deep sleep when he heard the faint sound of a door creaking; he blinked a few times as his mind slowly cleared, he was still feeling a little groggy, and he was having trouble focusing.

"I see you have woken up." Harry's head snapped up when he recognized the voice, that voice that plagued his nightmare's since his fifth year, that sickening cackle that filled his head as he watched his godfather fall through the veil over and over again. That sickenly sweet voice, speaking to Hermione as her hands wandered on top of Hermione's breasts.

Harry clenched his jaw as he looked into those dark lifeless eyes again; his wrists were starting to hurt from struggling against the chains so much, but all his focus was on the witch before him. Bellatrix Lestrange was standing in the doorway once again, smiling back at him.

She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her, he watched her as she slowly made her way over to the table and put something down on it. It looked like a coil of thin black rope, but he couldn't tell, the only light came from the single torch attached to the wall next to the door. She turned around and approached him; she looked him up and down, as if sizing him up for something. Harry wanted to curse her, but he was too angry to speak, he just wanted to rip free from the chains, grab his wand and send every painful spell he knew at her. There was a faint smirk on her face as she spoke.

"Good morning, Harry. How are you today?"

Harry growled, not willing to reply. Bellatrix pouted, clearly unhappy with the rejection. However, her face quickly returned to her angry expression, and she turned around with quick, agitated movements. Picking up the vial Rodolphus had left earlier, she inspected its contents. A dark red liquid sloshed around in the vial, about 12 oz, and it was very clearly a potion of some kind. Neither Harry nor Hermione recognized it, but Hermione remembered Bellatrix saying something about a newly developed potion she was planning to test on Harry. Fear started to spread throughout her body, her face paled and she worriedly looked at Harry.
Harry however, couldn't remember the potion Bellatrix spoke about, but he could clearly see the vial Bellatrix was holding.

"Now Harry, just be a dear and drink." Bellatrix lifted the vial, placing it on Harry's lips. At the same time, she gently but strongly pulled Harry's jaw down, forcing him to drink.

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