Um. Ultra-short one-shot, written in a precious five minutes of inspiration. Iggy's POV. Hope you like.

Disclaimer: JP owns Max Ride.


Why do I love explosions so much? Well, it's not that simple.

It's a light in my world of darkness. For that one second, I can see the vibrant colours, the way the flames dance skyward and the fiery hues, before the noise and smoke numb my other senses. I can, for that half-second, not have to depend on my hearing and sense of smell. I can pretend I'm not blind. I can take control of the situation, and not have to have the others help me see, cos' they're just as helpless as I am in the situation.

I can picture the explosion, unlike the others, and for that half-second, I don't feel like a burden to the Flock. I feel like how I felt like nine years ago. I see like how I saw before the whitecoats dragged me screaming into the lab room.

It's not that I want Max to scream in frustration and yell at Fang to take care of the Flock before flying off. It's not that I want to pretend I don't know that Fang is glaring daggers at me for pissing Max off.

It's just that, even if it is only for half a second, I want to remember how to see.

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