Chapter 4

SMACK! My right palm connects with the fleshy part of her round curvy ass cheek. There is nothing more intimate than old fashioned hand on skin. I can feel the adrenaline coursing through me as the sound bounces off the walls, echoing in my ears. Once again I have to work to control the emotions that push their way to the surface. I've wanted to do this so many times in the last few months. My cock flexes in my pants.

I raise my hand high and look down at her upturned ass. She's shaking. She's had enough. It will take some time … a long time before things can go back to the way they were. I should have anticipated this.

"Bed," I say softly.

She looks up at me without moving. I can see the wheels turning. I kiss her forehead and whisper, "My bed."

She scrambles off the bench and goes. I stay behind to retrieve her clothes, turn off the lights and to think for minute. I give myself a head smack. "What the hell am I doing?" I had told myself this was over …that no matter what, we were done. I never stopped caring about her, wanting her. I give myself another head smack for thinking too hard about something that should be simple. A naked woman that I care for is in my bed – what the hell am I doing making her wait? I take a deep breath and lock the door.

She is under the covers, hair loose. I strip, turn off the lights and climb into bed. She turns, wraps a thigh around my body and puts her head on my chest.

"I missed you," I say and kiss her forehead. Through the darkness her eyes shine as she looks into mine and more than see it, I can feel the sassy smile playing along her lips just before she leans down and kisses me. She has the salty taste of dried tears, and then the sweet taste of grape leaves. Our tongues twist and explore …familiar territory made new from absence. It's true …I have missed kissing this woman – the way she tastes, the silky feel of her lips, the sound of her moan, muffled by our lips and the way her hips sway, letting me know that my mouth is sending sparks right down to her clit.

I press her close to me, careful to avoid the painful places on her back. She slides on top of me, her warm small frame melding easily with my larger one. She is a perfect fit and I make no effort to hide the smile that lets her know how much I have wanted this moment.

Every nerve I have is raw, alive and demanding. The feel of her skin, the weight of her body against mine ignites sparks everywhere she touches … a single caress down my cheek and I'm on fire. I push my head back into the pillow, arching my body against her. I try to be careful as my hands squeeze into her flesh to press her even closer. Her hair slides against my face, so soft, smells so sweet, makes me so hard. As she moves it back, I stare into her eyes. I move my hands to her face and slowly …. very very slowly I pull her face closer. "Mine," I whisper against her lips. Our eyes lock. Every muscle I have is taut … straining with pent up tension … a deep hunger so intense. Tenderly, I pull her mouth to mine and drink her in to my soul. Lips press and shift as tongues glide and twist. Her moans are feral, like a wild animal she howls against my mouth, raw passion. Her fingers press into me clutching tightly. Then she shifts and gently bites into that spot on my neck. I close my eyes, tilt my head to expose my neck even more and groan low in my throat. I'm panting and fuck my mind is spinning. In one quick move I flip her onto to her back and I'm on top of her using my knees to push her thighs apart. She spreads them wide for me. I rub my hand over her mound. She is soaking wet. I bend down as I move lower on the bed. Each of my hands spreads apart the puffy lips to expose her clit and then I flick my tongue over the little button. "More" and "YES" she cries out, hands in my hair, hips pressing upward. I grip her thighs and take her with my mouth, giving her everything that I have wanted to give. Too quickly she is thrashing, yelling Hebrew, coating my face as she bucks hard against me.

After the last tremor, I move up next to her, my hand idly massaging the moist lips of her soft wet pussy. Her breathing slows and her eyes close. I move my hand to place it against her flat stomach and I stare at her in the darkness. It's soft at first, but then her familiar snore reaches its usual level of loud. I smile, pull her body close to mine and fall asleep.