Summary: It was in a small in Montana Sam met two of his best friends, and in the same town he lived some of the worst days in his life. Teen!Chester – hurt/limp!Sam, protective/pissed!Dean and John.
Warning: The usual Winchester language and violence.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the dream that I did.
A/N: Sorry for any mistakes about the school system and the state, but I'm not American and I've never experienced the American school system, but considering it's not the main subject in the story, I hope any mistakes can be overseen.

With Winter Comes the Cold

Chapter 1: Slippery Slope.

"Rise and shine Sammy!" Dean yelled and pulled the duvet off me.

"Wha'?" I mumbled and looked up at my grinning brother.

"Well, it's morning, you have to get up and go to school geeky," Dean teased and slowly began to walk over to the door. "It's not like the rest of us who can stay in bed all day," I shook my head. My brother had just turned 19 two days ago and he could stay home with our father and hunt spirits, demons and whatever he wanted while I still was 14 and had to attend school – something I actually didn't mind, but my brother still liked to make fun of it.

"And still you're up hours before me," I stated and got out of bed.

"Well, someone has to get your sorry ass out of bed," Dean answered with a superior smirk, something he always used, still use, when he thinks he's funny and smart at the same time.

"I can do that myself, thanks," I mumbled to myself while getting dressed. When I walked into the 'living room' my father sat at the table with a newspaper and his journal, Dean was sitting beside him with a journal, they were both looking for any information about the hunt they, and at times me, was on – something about a werewolf.

I walked over and sat down at the other side of the table. Taking my size in mind, I surprisingly didn't feel hungry that day, but I still forced down a piece of toast and a glass of juice. Nobody said anything, and the silence irritated me, it made it awkward to sit with my own family, and I was only waiting for the clock to say 07:30 so I could leave. At times I damned myself for making my stuff ready the evening before when I hadn't had any other things to do – this was one of the days.

"So Sammy, got any important subjects in school today?" My father suddenly asked, looking up from the paper.

"Not really." Mistake number one! I should have lied there, because my father always had a hidden intension when he asked about my schoolwork.

"Then no important homework, you can help with the research when you come home," he looked back at the paper, another hint that meant: end of discussion, and knowing that he apparently had a bad day; I didn't want to argue, so I just agreed.

"Yes sir," and looking away from the table as I said it, I noticed the clock. The timed allowed me to finally go.

"I better go know," I said, got up from the table and started to put on my jacket as my brother came over.

"Let me give you a ride." My patriotic brother would give my a ride to school, how awesome doesn't that sentence sound? Sadly, he just likes driving in his car, it's like his sweetheart, but then again, he does call her his baby.

"Thanks," I didn't really need my brother to drive me to school, but as stubborn my father was when he wouldn't discuss my role in a hunt, as stubborn was, and still is, my brother when it comes to 'protecting'me, as he call it – and to show off his car.

Getting into the Impala I slumped down in the soft seat. I know why my brother loves the car so much, it is like home to us, but also the seat, the smell, the small growling sounds it makes that can lull you into sweet dreams, all of it is worth appreciating. Only the fact that there's no space for long legs can be a problem, also back then I started to have problems with extended legs.

Dean got in next to me and turned on the car. Everything he did when it came to his car seemed like a dance, and the way his hips swayed when he got in, the way his fingers carefully caressed the hood or the dashboard when he turned the key almost made me sick.

"So, you gonna have Miss Walsh today?" Dean asked and I didn't know if he tried to be funny or actually cared to hear the answer.

"Unfortunately yes," I murmured and looked out of the window. She was the strictest teacher I've ever had, she didn't bother having a sick kid sitting in her class, I'm sure you could even fall down from a tree, break both arm and leg, and when you'd come limping into the class she'd just tell you to sit down and read the text.

"I actually feel bad for you bro, I can't remember ever having a teacher like that, and I've had more lessons than you have had this far," Dean said and gave a little nod my way to show he meant it.

"You should have seen yesterday, Ross, he sits beside me, he was white as a sheet and sweaty, you know, really sick, and she wouldn't let him go to the school nurse, only when he started making gagging noises she got irritated and let him go," I finished. Miss Walsh was downright evil; it was like she liked to make people suffer, there were even rumours about her.

"Well ain't she a real sweetheart," Dean joked and drove into the parking lot. "So you wanna walk home or do you want me to come pick you up?" Again, my heroic brother, yet he still only wanted to show his car.

"Nah, it's fine, I'll just walk," I smiled and got out of the car. Because I had left early and Dean had decided to give me a ride, I was 20 minutes early.

"You sure?" Dean tried again, more concerned now than before.

"Dean, it's only three blocks, I'm not going to get lost," I said and smirked to myself.

"Okay then, see ya later," Dean said and when I had closed the door he drove away. He stayed until I couldn't see the car anymore and then started to walk inside.

"Hey Sam!" Someone yelled from behind me, and when I turned around I saw Alice. At least the day weren't all bad.


After what felt like ages of boring lessons, we were finally free. School ended and I regretted I hadn't thanked yes to Dean's offer to come and get me, because outside it was both snowy and icy and it just waited to tackle you if you weren't careful. At least I could follow Alice and Dave some of he way. But we barely made it outside as Jimmy walk up in front of with his little group.

"What's up geeks," he said in his most condescending voice you clearly could hear was breaking.

"Just leave us alone," Alice said and walked past them, both me and Dave behind her. This time we actually made it outside before they jumped out in front of us again.

"Just leave us alone Jimmy," I repeated from Alice, but that only seemed to amuse the five boys in front of us.

"Oh, little Sammy repeating the girl, I bet the only thing you can do is repeating from your mommy too … Oh I forgot, you don't have a mom," and apparently the fact that I didn't, seemed to be hilarious for the boys, and I had to clamp my jaw together to not yell something back at him. Luckily Dave grabbed my arm and started to haul me away together with Alice.

"Just leave them alone, they're not worth it," he said. I liked Dave, with only knowing me for about a month he still knew when it was time to get me out of there, of course Alice did too, but he was the one who actually grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

I was about to thank him when I suddenly felt two hands on my back, a lot rougher than a girl's, perfectly formed as a shield around my shoulder blades. The hands pushed me forward, I stumbled while trying to gain balance, but because of the ice on the ground a fell head first. I was too slow to take off with my hands. My dad would definitely have called me sloppy and my brother would be laughing his ass off if they had seen me.

It took me a while to figure out I was still lying with my head in the ground. I couldn't remember actually hitting the hard surface or the sound of my head banging against the cold ice, but when I tried to move, my head felt like a big brick of pain just hanging limply on my body.

"What the hell are you doing?!" A male voice yelled, and I was pretty sure it was Dave's. I tried to turn around, but my head was still so pain filled it nearly hurt to think. Suddenly another pair of hands where on my back, this time they patted my back carefully like I was an expensive piece of glass, definitely a girl's hands. Alice's.

"Oh my god Sam, you're bleeding." I was? Somehow I managed, with the help of Alice, to turn around and lie on my back. I tried to concentrate on my face, was I really bleeding? Slowly I gained feeling in my forehead and a wave of pain washed over me along with a hot liquor travelling down my face.

"I-I'm fine," I mumbled and tried to sit up, but before I even could come up, both pain and Alice's soft hands pushed me down.

"I don't think so Sam," she giggled a little, mostly nervous if I wasn't all wrong, "Dave is getting someone to help you; just stay here with me, okay?" I think I nodded, and I think I, after a while, could feel someone lifting me up and carrying me inside where it was warm, but I wasn't really sure, pain and a possible concussion made everything blurry. The only thing I could remember wanting was: my dad and big brother.

"How're … 'ing?" Someone asked me, and slowly opening my eyes I looked into my gym teacher's eyes. I don't know if I answered, but he looked up at two other people in the room. "Where the hell is the school nurse?"

So now I new where I was lying, now I just wanted to get a phone and call my dad or brother and ask them if they could pick me up, but again, I couldn't raise my head more than inches before it hurt too much.

"We shou' g-n ambul'nce," someone said, it sounded like Miss Walsh, but why would she of all people want to help me? I looked over at the two people I hadn't seen yet, and just as I had thought, it was Miss Walsh and the principal? He looked at me with sceptical eyes and just before I closed my eyes to sleep I heard him say one simple no.


"Tell me Mrs. Anderson, did your husband have any rivals? Anyone who might want revenge?" John asked and pretended to write notes in a small notebook. He and Dean were pretending they were FBI-agents investigating the murder of her husband. His body had been found mutilated and his heart was missing.

"Carl? No, he was the sweetest man I've ever met, he wouldn't hurt a fly," she said, drying her eyes and smiling to herself by the memory.

"I know it can be hard – I mean, you've just lost him, but are you…" He didn't get to say any more before his phone rang. Nodding to Dean that he should just finish, he excused himself and went out of the room to get it.

Dean was left with a woman who was close to tears and he knew she couldn't give them any useful information, she only told them about how great a person her husband was, nothing that could help you trap a werewolf. They had been a lot of places that day and Dean was getting tired of getting no answers, and he was glad when his father returned.

"Excuse us Mrs. Anderson, but we'll have to continue this late," Dean looked at John curious, but knowing that if he asked anything stupid now he would blow their cover, he just got up, thanked her for the coffee and followed his father outside.

"What is it?" He finally asked when they were both sitting in the Impala. They had shared because first of all, it was more of a police car than John big, dirty truck, and two, it would look wrong if they came in two cars and pretended to be partners.

"It was from the school, a Miss Walsh I think, she said Sam was laying at the school nurse and we should come and get him," Dean was immediately on brother alert.

"Is it bad? Did she tell you what it was?" If his brother was hurt so bad he couldn't call them himself and Miss Walsh, who Sam described as sadistic, called them, it could only be bad, though his father was a lot calmer.

"No, I'm sure it's nothing, the boy is probably just pretending to get us to come and get him," Dean ignored his father's words. He knew his father didn't mean it, he just hated to get interrupted in a job, and if it was Sam, he always thought he would get in a fight with the boy.

"I don't think so," was all Dean said and stepped harder on the speeder. They arrived at the school ten minutes later, and in no time both of the men was out of the car. Outside, in front of the door, was sitting a boy and a girl. Dean new he had seen them before, and they also looked a mix of happy and relieved when they ran over to them.

"Dean, right?" The girl asked and Dean remembered her, she was, Alice, and the boy was… Trying to remember his brother's words when he had talked about his friends he remembered it was something like: David, Davis maybe?

"Who are you?" John asked suspiciously.

"We're Sam's friends," the boys said.

"Where's Sammy?" Dean asked before his father to would start an interrogation on the poor children.

"This way," they said synchronic and ran into the building. John and Dean followed and soon they were standing inside the nurse's room.

On a white cot with a thick mattress was Sam lying with a cloth pressed against his forehead. Blood was smeared over his face so it looked worse than it was, and he was paler than he should be, considering it was winter. The worst thing though, was that Sam was starting to spasm. He was going into shock which brought the convulsions.

In no time Dean was by his brother's side and John stood close by, eyeing the two other people in the room. The woman, Miss Walsh he guessed, and then the principal, Mister Hellhammer – a name that fit his look – he knew from when he had enrolled Sam to the school.

"What happened?" He asked, looking down at his son concern and back at the two people with more anger.

"He probably just fell, the boy is acting that's all," Hellhammer said with a cold expression, though the woman beside him sadly shook her head. She's probably too afraid to go against him. John thought, but a girl's voice brought him back to reality.

"It was Jimmy, he pushed Sam when he had his back to him, the ice made it difficult to gain balance, he fell… He fell face down and ended like this," she had tears in her eyes, most likely from the shock of seeing her friend as he was, but then Dave put his arm around her and she relaxed a little.

In the meantime, Dean had been checking Sam for any serious damage, such as on his spine or neck, but he didn't find any, and seeing that Sam only got worse, he made a quick decision. Without any second thoughts, Dean scooped Sam into his arms and lifted him up.

"Dad, we have'ta move, now!" and with that, John followed his sons out to the car without looking back at the teachers. He only gave a fast thanks to Alice and Dave.

John got in behind the wheel while Dean sat in the back of the car with his brother in his arms. He could feel how Sam's muscles cramp under his touch, but he kept holding on to his brother, talking soothing words and hoping the hospital was close.

"It's okay Sammy; we're at the hospital in a few minutes, just hold on, okay? Just hold on little brother, for me," he kept saying softly while holding the cloth close into Sam's forehead. He had seen the wound and it was deep. He just prayed Sam hadn't gotten an open skull fracture or a skull fracture at all.

"How is he?" his father suddenly asked in a too soft voice for Dean to answer at first. Usually John had some kind of firmness in his voice when he either talked about or to Sam.

"How is he?" He asked again, driving into the hospital's parking lot.

"Like before, only he's going further into shock," and it wasn't a lie. Sam's shaking had gotten worse in Dean's arms, and the only thing that kept Dean from tearing up was the fact that he needed to stay strong for his brother.

When the car stopped, John was out and by Dean's side before Dean had even realized the car had stopped moving. When the door opened, Dean tried to get out, but his father planted a hand on his shoulder.

"Let me carry him inside," it wasn't an order, and Dean was about to argue, but then he noticed himself shaking. When it came to Sam, his father was still able to remain calmer than Dean could, so he let his father take his brother, and was surprised by how careful his father was, and followed right behind.

"Hey! I need some help here!" John yelled, and soon a nurse and doctor were by his side.

"What happened?" The nurse asked.

"Some jerk pushed Sammy at school, and because of the weather he ended … he fell," Dean said, anger building up in him as he thought about the boy pushing his brother, hurting his brother.

Sam was put on a bed and wheeled into another room where John and Dean couldn't follow, they had to make sure how bad the injury was, and they couldn't have his relatives running in their way, and John and Dean also had to answer questions and fill out the papers.

"Were you there when it happened?" The nurse asked again.

"No, I got a call from the school just after it happened and we got there as fast as we could," John said and looked at his older son who looked a mix of angry and on the verge of breakdown.

"But … Does that mean that no ambulance had been called?" She asked contempt.

"Yeah, I guess," John mumbled and started to mentally curse at himself for not teaching the teachers a lesson as he had the chance, now he didn't know if he would even get a prober excuse, he barely had any evidence.

"I'm ... Well, I'm glad you brought him here as fast as you did, if you'd please take a seat and fill out these papers, I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything," she said and went into the room Sam just been moved in to.

Both John and Dean sat down and John started to fill out the paper. When he had handled it back, he sat down beside his depressed son again.

"So we're still the Hansson's," John said. It was the same surname Sam used in school, and John tried to lighten up the mood, but Dean just looked at him with sad eyes, and he really felt the pain along with his son.

"He'll be all right, right?" Dean asked, just needing to hear that his brother would be okay.

"Of course he will, Sammy's got a hard head," this time Dean gave a smile, it was cheerless, but still a smiled, and John felt the urge to hug his eldest son. But instead he placed his hand on Dean's shoulder and squeezed it, letting him know that everything would be okay.

"Family of Samuel Hansson?" A man in white coat asked and both Winchesters got up.

"How is he, is Sammy all right?" Dean asked, but he didn't like the doctor's facial expression.

"If you could please follow me so we could talk about it in a more private place," he said and without waiting for an answer he turned around and expected them to follow – and so they did.

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