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1. Slippery Slope – season 4 episode 4 (Metamorphosis) – when he confronts Sam with drinking demon blood and says the angels/God has asked Sam to stop.
2. Easy Tiger – season 1 episode 1 (Pilot) – When Dean first meets Sam at Stanford.
3. Keep You Safe – season 2 episode 22 (All Hell Breaks Loos part 2) – Dean very heartbreaking speech to Sam's dead body…
4. Just Delightful – season 3 episode 15 (Time Is on My Side) – Dean is talking to the doctor about a report (and he meant 'just delightful' ironically).
5. Sammy, It's Okay – season 5 episode 22 (Swan Song) – Really cute from Dean, but I won't tell more, in case someone hasn't seen It yet!

With Winter Comes the Cold

Chapter 5: Sammy, It's Okay.

I walked down the hall, just behind my father. Dean was outside in the Impala, both because he was to be ready when we came out, keep an eye on dad truck (because it wasn't locked) and because he most likely would have done something very stupid if he had gone with us.

We were leaving as soon as my dad had talked to the principal. He had told Dean and me, that he had talked to Doctor Torchwood about what had happened to me and the other kids, except he hadn't really told what had happened to the others, because, well then he could loose his job, but dad knew enough, and the doctor would do anything in his power to stop Mr. Hellhammer.

Probably contact the other cases and try and start something against the school – who knows?

Dad though, just wanted to have a "word" with him, checking if he was possessed and leave. Not leave in a coward kinda way, but you know, with possibility for the police and other public person's involvement, it would be idiotic for us to stay.

"Oops," I mumbled to myself as I almost stumbled over my own feet, dad was still furious, and he was walking fast. The halls, at least, were empty. The lessons had started, I think dad had decided to wait until as few people as possibly could hear him, and I didn't complain, it gave me a change to say goodbye to Dave and Alice...

"Dave, Alice!" I yelled and took the last three steps until I was right behind them. They slowly turned around, but as soon as Alice noticed me, she jumped up and gave me a firm hug.

"Sam, it's so good to see you again," she said into my neck, and Dave cheerfully smiled beside her, nodding in agreement.

"It's good to see you too," I said, my smile most likely more sad then theirs, and as an open book, they read it.

"You're leaving, ain't ya?" Dave asked, setting is things on the ground and placed himself on the bench, Alice did the same.

"I guess so," I murmured and lowered my head. There were ten minutes until the lessons started, and then I wouldn't see them again.

There was silent for a few minutes, until Alive broke the silenced with a small smile: "Well, we're sure gonna miss you, Sam."

I sat down beside her, and notice Dean, across the parking lot, staring over at us like a hawk. Something he would be doing for the rest of the month.

"I'm gonna miss you too," I said and slung my arm around her shoulder, "You guys know you're the best, right?" I said, and meant every word of it.

Dave gave a snort of a laugh and look at me with a smirk.

"No Sam, you are the best, I mean, you've been here for, what, a month, and look what you've done," he looked around the schoolyard, tugging his jacket a bit closer around his body when a chilly wind decided to interrupt, "you've complete change Miss Walsh, she's gone from devil to angel, and I have a slight feeling of what you're father might do to The Hammer."

I couldn't help but smile at that, Dave had seen dad once, and he could already guess how he would react, but okay, dad didn't exactly look like an angel either.

"He's right Sam," Alive said, "even though it's been rough to you, you really made this place better, and Jimmy, I mean, he wouldn't touch us with a barge pole if he could, I don't know what you did, but it helped," she said amazed, eyes almost glimmering with admiration. It was almost too much to bear.

"Well, it was nothing," it was mostly Dean anyway, "and I still think you are the best," I never did take compliments well; always had to make sure everybody else knew they were special too.

"So be it," Dave said, stepped down and grabbed his bag, "and by the way, I like you new hairstyle," he joked and playfully hit my arm.

I stood up, Alice copying me, when the bell suddenly rang. She turned to me and hugged me once again, this time a bit more gentle but way more depressing. I hugged her back, smelling the flower shampoo in her hair, and feeling her soft waist under the jacket.

When she let go, Dave gently patted my back and nodded, I gave him an assuring smile.

"Now don't be a complete stranger Sam," Alice said with the little hope she has left.

"I will try not to," I agreed, and then they slowly turn around and left. Just before they stepped inside, they turned and I waved to them. To arms appeared and waved back, and then disappeared in the crowed.

Suddenly we were standing in an office, the same I had been in last Friday. I didn't remember how we got there, but the principal was standing right in front of us, on the other side of the desk, staring from dad to me and back again.

I looked around the room, trying to avoid eye contact. The room was a rather dull looking place though, grey walls, brown furniture and a single plant in the window sill. Then I spotted a small splodge of dried blood on the floor, right where... where...

I gulped once and looked up at my father who apparently hadn't notice.

"So I hear you want to talk to me again, Hansson," The Hammer stated, and dad seemed to shake his head in disbelieve.

"Do I want to talk to you, I want an explanation on what happened here Friday," I said, and I could clearly hear how he tried to control his anger.

"Friday, what happened here Friday? I don't seem to remember anything different," he said and sat down, gesturing for us to do the same, though he kept looking at me, and it sent chills down my spin.

As soon as we were seated though, dad's rough, but for me comforting voice spoke up again.

"Nothing different? So you just run around and pull ears of children, is that is?" This time dad raised his voice.

"Excuse me, I will not tolerate such allegations," he said, but smirked as soon as he looked at me. He reminded me of a cockroach, no matter what you did to kill it, it would come back. This cockroach had horns and a tail though.

"Christo," dad mumbled, but no reaction other than a 'what?' was received from the principal – so he wasn't possessed.

"I'm not blaming you for anything but what I know you've done, Sam was picked up from school Friday, ear half pulled off and bruises formed as hands on his cheek, now I don't know about you, but that doesn't just happen!"

It seemed to wake something in the other man, but he didn't say anything. Then dad firmly, but gentle, grabbed my chin and turned my head so that the principal could get a clear view of the side of my face.

He gasped once and then looked at dad and stuttered out an "I-I ... I," like he actually didn't know, but there was this little, unnameable thing that revealed his cover, and I wasn't the only one to notice.

"Don't play stupid mister, I know very well you know what happened, and I know my son good enough to know that he would never do anything to ever deserve half the treatment you gave him, now I would like to tell that Sam doesn't attend this school anymore, we're leaving" dad finished and got up, rested his hands on the desk and leaned over until eh was face to face with the other man, "but of you ever hurt a child here again, I'll personally find you and then it won't be fun."

Then dad turned around and grabbed my arm, not violently, but with enough force for me to follow.

We didn't get far, though, before Hellhammer spoke up behind us.

"Mr. Hansson, you can't threaten me like that, I didn't do anything!" The grip in my arm loosened and before I could even turn, dad had already done so and placed a fist right on the side of the elderly man's face.

"Oh yes I can, mister," dad almost yelled.

Stunned the principal looked at dad while grabbing the side of his face, but there was no excuses from dad, he just turned to me again, and walk out of the door with me right behind.


After half and hour Dean finally spotted his father and bother coming out of the building. He could, even at the distance, see the anger in his dad's face, and his brother looking rather pale. When they reached the cars, his father barely spared him a glance before he got into his car and started it.

Sam quietly got into the Impala, and Dean, wonderingly, got in too. He gave a small smile to his little brother before he turned the key and held it until the sound of the engine started, then he follow behind his dad out of town and away.

No words were shared, and Dean knew very well what Sam was thinking. He thought he was too weak, ashamed that he hadn't been able to defend himself, though Dean was sure he had tried, and embarrassed that he needed dad to help him at last, talking to the principal.

Dean didn't need to speak to either of the men to know his father had punched the man, he could simply feel it, but he was also guessing that the principal didn't dare calling the cops.

When the silence became too much though, Dean felt the need to say something to lightened the mood, but when he looked at his brother, he could see the bruises, and how Sam didn't rest his head against the window because his ear still hurt, so he had to think little more about his words.

"Sammy," he suddenly said both surprising Sam and himself, "it's okay, you know."

Dean then expected Sam to roll his eyes, or just go back to sulking, but surprisingly a big grin broke through the sad eyes and thin line of a mouth. Sam actually smiled, a smile that reached Dean within seconds, and before the car in front of them eased to stop so they could get a break from driving, the brothers had been chatting about everything and anything, and laughed at the silliest jokes they knew.


Nine years later, the brothers investigated a case with a vengeful spirit on a school, lying in a small town in Montana. The ghost turned out to be a man, an earlier principal who had died, a few weeks after he had been fired in the year 1998.

When the brothers had finished and drove away from the town, Dean couldn't hold back a smirk.

"Now Sam, that wasn't so bad was it?" Sam looked at him with a curious stare.

"I never did complained Dean," he stated and concentrated at the map again.

"No, but I can read you, you kept grabbing you ear," Dean said and awkwardly pointed at Sam's head.

"Uh, well if you had once gotten your ear half torn off, and then hunted the spirit of the one who did it, you might do the same," Sam said and defeating slammed his hands down in the map.

"Sammy," Dean said while a big smile spread on his face, "it's okay," and then he turned his head back to the road. Sam sighed out a small laugh as he understood Dean's attempt to get a reaction from him. Even though he had mentioned something that had been a living nightmare to him, Dean always new how to cheer him up, and Sam couldn't help but cast a quick glance at his brother before he packed the map together and sat back and just enjoyed the Impala's small growling sounds that lulled me into a fast sleep, as they drove down the highway.

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