Alright my faithful…this will not be a full-fledged story…possibly a couple of fun chapters. This is another little idea I have had percolating in the back of my mind and it is interrupting my other stories until I get it on paper. I might continue it to some extent, but it will not be very long and right now what you see is what you get.

I have yet to publish something this…strict…hehehe…but I thought it was time to delve into this area as well to answer a few of the requests I have had. (You know who you are) The characters I am using are VERY untraditional and I am fairly certain I'm gonna get the usual hate mail over this…but sadly I am getting accustomed to it.

The synopsis is very basic…Naruto didn't want a gennin team. The very thought of it made his skin crawl for some reason, but Tsunade insisted he get some time in instructing others. Naruto knew he was a pain in the ass when he was that age, and four of them he knew for a fact would be difficult…but he never knew Moegi and Hanabi would be this much trouble…and then he lost his patience…or was he pushed?

Spare the Rod…

Chapter 1

Naruto grumbled as he stuffed things for the week long survival instruction he was giving to team Konohamaru's members as he called them. At some point Naruto almost called them team brats because the four of them really tried his patience…which in itself is awfully surprising considering how patient and caring Naruto usually is. Lately though, he seemed to be on the verge of blowing up all the time.

It could be because of Sakura's constant bitchiness…it could be because of the general consensus that he was an idiot…or it could be that finally everyone had worn the patience of a saint to the very end of it's limits.

Either way, Naruto had a duty to perform.

Baachan didn't really give him a whole lot of choice when she assigned this mission to him, and Naruto took it rather well.

In other words he threw a tantrum and screamed like a woman.

But Tsunade in her infinite patience explained to him carefully his position and why this was important…in other words she brained him and said the next one would be worse if he didn't do it…or something to that effect.

Naruto groused, and tried very hard to wimp his way out of it, but Tsunade sweetened the deal by offering him B rank pay, and would have someone teach him the body flicker jutsu…something he still hadn't learned but really wanted to.

So…with a better attitude, he went and met the four.

He already knew them on a basic level…name, family, ambitions, but didn't know a whole lot more.

Konohamaru was grandson to the third hokage, Hanabi was the youngest daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga, and even more stuck up then him, Udon was an average kid with an average mom and a ninja father, and Moegi was an orphan with a lot of spunk…maybe too much.

He tried training them all together…but that was a nightmare in living color!

He had never seen a team with more individuals then when they first assembled team seven, and he remembered how that turned out.

He tried the bell test with them, and no one passed.

Sadly, he saw that they all had a lot of talent individually, but none of them had the attitude to be teammates.

Konohamaru wanted to lead, but his idea of leading was screaming orders and arguing with the ones who didn't listen.

Udon was the follower, but he was exactly like Shikamaru, intelligent, but bone lazy.

Hanabi was so haughty and unbearable that no one got along with her.

And finally Moegi…she had great chakra control, and good capacity, but it seemed she really didn't know what she wanted. Originally she had a little hero worship thing going for Sakura, but at some point she seemed to drop that for no obvious reason.

Naruto grumped again as he threw another sealing scroll in his backpack before he stood up and frowned.

Naruto had already taken out Udon, and was impressed with the boy's knowledge and he was able to instill in him a little more drive to get things accomplished. That in itself was an accomplishment that Naruto was proud of.

Konohamaru was a little more difficult, but Naruto in his week of training was able to make Konohamaru understand that bullying or fighting with team members would only get them to not cooperate and a good leader discussed all options with their team and listened to input and concerns.

Naruto was glad he was able to instill that in him and thought he would be a better leader now as well as a better team mate.

Today was his week with Moegi.

Naruto was sure that Moegi would be similar to him.

An orphan, forced to grow up in a difficult situation with no one or not enough people to care.

The real story he didn't know about was not far off the mark but had a few distinct differences.

This week would be a huge surprise for him.


Naruto stood at the gate and waited for a few more minutes and began to grumble louder.

It was already ten minutes after seven, and he was sure he told her seven am.

If she didn't get here by quarter after, Naruto was going to go to her apartment and…well…beat on her door and find out what the hell she was doing!

Naruto tapped his foot impatiently until a quiet voice behind him made him jump. "I'm ready when you are boss."

Naruto looked behind himself and frowned at her. "You're late." He said but tried not to be nasty about it.

Moegi smiled but shook her head. "No boss…I was standing outside the wall waiting for you. Ask the chunin on duty."

Naruto looked at the guard who looked really bored and might fall over fast asleep at any moment then decided not to bother. "Fine. We have training to do so let's get going."

Moegi nodded then fell in step with him.

He glanced sidelong at her as he tried to get a handle on her personality.

Moegi was not much to talk about. For the most part she was very average. She was five feet two inches tall (A little on the short side), small breasted, thin built, but with good muscle development for her age considering most teens try to have model figures and keep up with the latest trends, and while she had pretty eyes, her face was rather plain…or maybe it was the lack of makeup. He had to admit though the oddest thing about her was her insane hairstyle.

Moegi had two bizarre ponytails that she somehow got to stand straight up. Maybe it was her height problem and she was trying to compensate for it, but her hair was also colored an orange tint that screamed "here I am, kill me" as much as Naruto's old orange jumpsuit…and even he got rid of that after a while and settled down to his dark brown pants and jacket with orange trim and a black t shirt.

Naruto wondered why he thought about it, but Moegi did have a round backside and large firm hips which he caught himself looking at during odd moments. It was actually very shapely, a testament to her workouts and how strong her legs and hips were.

He watched her workout with everyone else a few times and he noticed she favored running stairs, lunge thrusts, and other exercises that focus on the lower body.

While he got her to focus more on the rest of her body as well, she still paid more attention to her lower body then anything else.

Naruto faced forward again and tried to think of the exercises he and Moegi would be doing this week, and was unaware that Moegi was having thoughts of her own.


Moegi tried not to grin as she noticed Naruto glancing at her out of her peripheral vision.

Finally…all that hard work is paying off. She thought as she got a little more bounce in her step.

She knew Naruto liked women with round bottoms, and she had been working day and night to get it to where he would notice, and finally he did.

Moegi smiled inwardly as she marked a checkmark on her mental blackboard so she considered what she could do next.

Moegi you see was lonely…and longed for something that most people would look strangely at her for.

But while most would consider going to the people in their own age group and making friends and relations, Moegi had a fetish from when she was younger and was craving for attention of a different sort. Attention she used to get at the orphanage and now missed.

She tried to fight it for a while, but in the end realized she couldn't deny what had become a basic need in her life.

When she was younger, she was spanked often at the orphanage. Not because she was a bad or unruly child, but because she was over active. When other children would lie down for nap time, Moegi would sneak off to do something…and after a while of this they started spanking her more often. To make matters worse, Moegi was like a lot of other orphans, starving for attention. Sometimes, when a child craves attention enough, even negative attention is preferable to none at all.

When a new worker came in, and he noticed how Moegi would behave, that was when her spankings had truly started.

At the tender age of four until she reached the age when she could start the ninja academy and was moved from the orphanage into student housing, all she knew was her daily spankings.

She would misbehave; the man would take her to another room, spank her, then hold her and rub her back while she cried.

Afterwards, everything would go about its normal routine.

Now understandably someone would think he was taking advantage of her and leading up to something sexual. But the man in question came from a large heavily disciplined family himself, so you misbehave, this is what you got. The thought of sex had never crossed the man's mind…but he was determined to keep Moegi on the good path…and that was through spanking.

This happened twice a day, three times a week for four years and became a normal routine for Moegi, and in fact she actually missed it and felt alone after she started training.

In an odd way, this is what Moegi considered love or a part of it.

None of the other attendants did this, in fact if anyone else spanked her she was stood in the corner and left to cry in lonely misery, so for her, he really cared about her.

In her psyche; love equated to discipline…something she had not had in a long time.

In the long run, once she graduated from the ninja academy, she tried to be different. Listening to the other girls, she tried to adapt to the way they were.

Unfortunately, she just couldn't do it. She thought she could like Konohamaru, but later realized he didn't do anything for her. His confidence was infectious, but then she realized his confidence wasn't his until later…he had modeled himself off of their mentor. At that point she began seeing Naruto as he really was…a man. Someone who could discipline her, but also give the loving care that she missed.

Someone that would give her the attention she needed.

She couldn't have a boy, or someone her age…she needed a mature man. Someone who would be firm, someone who would be compassionate, and give her what she had longed for in the last few years.

Moegi had become very disappointed and unknowingly very frustrated and did not realize it, so it showed more and more in her attitude. What Naruto took for indecisiveness, was actually her cry for him to be to her what she missed from her childhood, and what she now needed and wanted.

Moegi was a very intelligent girl, and she saw how the girls that were attracted to Naruto would give him HUGE hints, and he in his naiveté would take no notice, or would assume it was something else, until that girl lost interest in him, or in Hinata's case, died.

Hinata though, in Moegi's opinion, was too weak to get what she wanted. In the end she sacrificed herself for the man she loved, but then left him broken and alone. If Hinata had stepped up with some kind of plan and made her wants known before that fateful day, maybe things would have been different.

Moegi decided that she would learn from Hinata's mistakes, and while at this time she just couldn't come out and say what she wanted, she knew how to get it…or at least to push things in that direction.

With the plans she had made the week before, she wouldn't be lonely ever again after this week.

She was sure of it…she would make it happen!


They stopped in the designated clearing and Naruto nodded before looking at Moegi. "This is where we will set up our base camp Moegi. Why don't you go ahead and get your tent set up, and I'll set up the fire pit and gather wood."

Moegi looked at him and made a face that Naruto couldn't decipher. "What's wrong?"

Moegi just shrugged her shoulders before she turned her back to him and bent over at the waist. Her shorts stretched tight across her backside, and Naruto could see blue panties peek out of the bottom of the legs.

Naruto hadn't thought of a woman like this in a while, but seeing her panties as she bent over like that, and how round and full her butt looked made him blush and turn away quickly as he felt himself get excited.

Moegi was his student…he couldn't think like that…in fact why was he thinking like that?

Dropping his pack, Naruto summoned six shadow clones and they went off to do various things in the woods.

Pulling a folding shovel from his pack, Naruto dug a small fire pit, and lined the outside with medium size rocks that one of his clones brought back. Soon another clone returned carrying firewood, and began stacking it near the pit as Naruto set it up to light. Before he did it though, he turned as he heard a content sigh.

Moegi had lain down with her head on her pack and was watching the sky.

Naruto's left eye began to twitch, but he forced himself to calm before he addressed her. "Moegi…what are you doing?"

Moegi took a deep breath and sighed again before she answered. "Just noticing how pretty the sky is right now."

Naruto frowned before he stood. "Aren't you supposed to be setting up your tent?"

Moegi nodded, then slowly got up and started working on her tent again. "Yes boss."

Naruto watched to make sure she was going to continue until she bent over again, and her shorts seemed to uncover even more of her backside and panties and Naruto just stared until he felt like his nose was running. Reaching up he touched his nose and looked at his finger and realized he got a nose bleed.

Turning away quickly, Naruto began to set up his tent as well.

Unknown to him, Moegi giggled quietly.


That first night of the survival trip, Naruto was beginning to feel extremely frustrated.

He couldn't understand it. It was like Moegi had become a complete bubble head over night.

She had difficulty doing the simplest things, things she was more then competent at before. Now she was almost completely inept at…Everything!

Naruto found himself grumbling the whole night as Moegi screwed up or ignored everything she didn't want to do.

During the tree climbing exercise, it seemed like her foot got stuck so Naruto walked over to try and help her, and she fell on him…ass first!

Luckily his face broke her fall.

Now Naruto understood what the old phrase, "Sit on my face" meant.

Then she burned the meal…to a crisp.

Fortunately for her it was only his food that got burned so she was still able to eat…Naruto settled for a ration bar…preferring to save his emergency food for later. (cups of instant ramen…we'll get to that later)

Then as they were about to go to sleep, she "accidentally" kicked his tent pole, breaking it and forcing him to sit up longer then he wanted to make another and reset his tent up.

Then to cap off the night, she woke him up screaming like someone was murdering her.

Naruto charged out and dove into her tent. "What's wrong, Moegi what happened?"

Moegi had her blanket pulled up to her chin and was shaking with big eyes as she pointed outside the tent. "A really big spider crawled out…did you see it?"

Naruto blinked…then blinked again.

It took a couple of seconds before he frowned at her. "A spider."

Moegi nodded her head, still trembling. "A really big one!"

Naruto's left eye started to twitch on it's own as he backed out of the tent and looked around. "I…I don't see a spider out her Moegi."

Moegi poked her head out of the tent and looked around before she came out next to him, still on her hands and knees. "Are you sure boss? It was pretty big."

Naruto almost growled as he looked down at her and saw all she had on were a pair of pink bikini panties now, and these barely covered her as he could clearly see the top of her firm, creamy, pale globes, and the crack between them.

Naruto gulped as a part of him woke up and made its own tent.

Naruto covered himself as best he could as he walked back to his tent, face aflame. "Go to sleep Moegi."

Moegi frowned. "But boss, what if it comes back?"

Naruto growled from his tent and she could barely make out his words. "Invite it in for tea. Goodnight Moegi."

Moegi held in her giggle as she crawled back in her tent and grabbed a scroll that held a few "distraction" jutsus on it. "Goodnight boss." She said as she thought. Assuming you can sleep.


Day 2, morning.

Naruto slowly climbed out of his tent and yawned with a growl. He wasn't sure why…but something kept waking him up during the night…like something was poking him in the head, and then he felt like something was tickling his feet.

He would wake up, roll over and go back to sleep, but because of it, he didn't get much rest. To top it off…it felt like someone had been pinching his ass really hard, and it still felt a little tender!

With a sigh, Naruto sniffed a couple of times and saw a pot cooking on the fire. Coming all the way out of the tent, he went over to investigate, just before Moegi came out of her tent. "Oh hey boss. I felt bad about burning your food last night, so I made you something for breakfast."

Naruto smiled at her a genuine smile as he clapped his hands in anticipation. Now this is the Moegi he remembered. "Well thank you Moegi…I'm starved too!"

Moegi smiled as she turned and walked to where one of his clones discovered a river yesterday. "I'm going to get some water boss. I already ate so eat as much as you want!"

Naruto nodded and waved her on as he pulled out a bowl and scooped a healthy portion of the stew into it. Pulling it close to his face he took a deep sniff and made a sound of appreciation as he started shoveling the contents into his mouth.

He had to admit in admiration, it was delicious, and in a short time, he had eaten it all and smiled in satisfaction as he rinsed out the pot and bowl just as Moegi returned to the camp.

"Thank you Moegi, that was very good."

Moegi smiled and nodded. "Anything for you boss." She said in a giddy manner. Naruto hadn't thought about how serious she sounded when she said that…he would learn.

Naruto sighed happily before he pointed to the tree. "Ok Moegi, I want to see if you can make it to the top by lunch time. If you do, I will start you on the next exercise, if you don't, then we will break for lunch, and you will continue afterwards. Do your best, and we will check your progress in a little while."

Moegi nodded as she returned to her tree. "Ok Boss!"

Naruto sat and took out his writing utensils and a scroll with a new jutsu he was working on. He had made some good progress on it, but it still needed some fine tuning before he could actually say it comes close to doing what he wanted it too.

After about an hour, his stomach started to feel strange. He wasn't really sure, but it was like it was bubbling.

Naruto stood up and held his stomach with one hand as a surprised look came to his face. His stomach suddenly gurgled loudly and he felt a pressure in the lower part of his abdomen, right before a fart ripped from him without him wanting it to.

Naruto grabbed his butt and clenched tight just as Moegi came over. "Boss, have you seen my binta root?"

Naruto looked at her as he began to sweat, hands squeezing his butt tighter. "W..what is binta root?"

Moegi frowns as she starts searching through her pockets again and touches her shirt pocket which is open and Naruto got a bad feeling. "Oh…well I chew on it when I'm feeling…irregular."

Naruto frowned at the word as he thought about it. "Wait…irregular?" He asked as a bit of gas escaped from him again making a high pitched squeaking sound no matter how hard he clenched.

Moegi nodded again as she frowned and her face blushed a bit. "Yeah, when I have trouble going…poop." She looked thoughtful as she looked at the cooking fire. "I thought it was in my shirt pocket, I hope it didn't fall in the…"

At which point Naruto turned and sprinted into the woods as the pressure was too great to contain and something was going to come out whether he wanted it to or not.

(Cue noises of extreme diarrhea and flatulence)

Moegi didn't know how far he ran, but it sounded a lot closer then she wanted…or a weeks worth of binta root was just a little too much for Naruto's system.

Moegi grinned as she shrugged. It won't be long now. She thought as she picked up his scroll and replaced it with one she had prepared earlier the week before.
Pressing her fingertips to her lips she touched the scroll with them, and went back to her tree climbing.

An hour later, Naruto staggered back to the camp, looking like he lost at least twenty pounds.

Naruto had never gone through anything that bizarre in his life…and hoped to never go through it again. He would definitely need a bath tonight.

He tried not to be angry, but it looked like it was going to be a week he wished he hadn't gotten out of bed.

With a sigh, Naruto picked up his scroll and brush and looked down at the parchment, and let loose one of the most high pitched screams that ever came out of his mouth.

Three seconds later Naruto looked at the tree and bellowed like a tailed beast in rage. "MOEGI!!!!"

Moegi jumped from the tree and ran to Naruto, a look of anticipation on her face. "Yes boss?"

Naruto pointed to the scroll on the ground which instead of displaying hand seals and diagrams of the jutsu, it now had diagrams and hand seals, obscured by clouds, trees, and drawings of animals.

"What did you do to my scroll?"

Moegi blinked at it and shrugged. "Um…well…it looked rather stuffy, so I tried to make it prettier so you would be happy."

Naruto blinked as his face got redder until he snapped. "Are you kidding me? It took me three weeks to get that jutsu to that point, and now you've ruined it!!"

Moegi took a step back from him, but her insides quivered in anticipation. This is it! She thought in joy. Boss is gonna spank me!!

Just as Naruto pointed at Moegi, his face on the verge of exploding, he farted, and his stomach gurgled even louder then earlier.

Naruto's hands grabbed his butt as he whispered. "Oh no…" In a terrified voice before he sprinted back into the woods.

Moegi frowned as she watched him run back into the bushes at mach three. "Definitely too much binta root." She said as she shook her head sadly and went back to tree climbing.


Later that night Naruto lay in his tent and wondered who in the heavens or hells he had offended to drop this into his lap.

Four more trips to the woods that day and his stomach had finally calmed enough that he wasn't afraid to relax his lower muscles a little.

And yes, he did have a trip to the river to bathe, because he desperately needed it…but then his clothes and towel had disappeared, forcing him to walk back while holding a large rock in front of himself. Luckily Moegi was conspicuously absent.

Naruto was beginning to suspect something, but it didn't seem like Moegi was pranking him…if she was, she should have at least told him so he could join in the fun too. Maybe they were followed by Konohamaru?

No…that didn't make sense either. He would have come out by now and made it known that he pranked his rival/boss.

Naruto's head hurt. He rolled over and tried to go to sleep…he would eat in the morning. Right now he just wanted to forget the last two days. The binta root obviously took something (more then the excrement) out of him as he felt weak and tired.

Moegi however tried to think of the one thing that would set him over the edge so she could get what she wanted. She would try one more thing, and if that didn't work she would do the most ultimate mean thing that she knew would definitely work, even though she didn't want to hurt Naruto's feelings…but it may be the only way.

Naruto slept finally, thoughts of his scroll and the whole shitty (no pun intended) day

in the back of his mind, until a loud boom made him jump, and he heard the pitter patter of rain as it began to hit his tent. After a few seconds he shrugged and lay his head back down, until the scream of a small kunoichi caught his attention.

With barely the energy to open his eyes he moaned out. "Go to sleep Moegi, the rain will wash the spider away."

Moegi had other ideas though as she climbed into his tent and crawled under the covers with him. "Boss…I don't like the thunder…can I sleep here with you?"

Naruto opened his bloodshot eye and looked at her, but at this point he didn't care. "Whatever." He said as his eye closed again.

Moegi grinned as she moved away from him a little and struggled from side to side, before she pressed herself against him.

Naruto lay there and began to have an interesting dream where a little wood nymph had climbed under the blankets with him, and had her bare breasts pressed against his chest. She had large nipples, and she wiggled so nicely against him…

Something kept nagging at him, but he was so weary he pushed it away, and lost himself in the dream. After a few minutes, Naruto began to snore loudly, and despite Moegi's best attempts, she couldn't wake him again.

With a frustrated sigh, Moegi decided she would have to do it, and hoped he would forgive her after.

Still…this is better then nothing. She thought as she settled back against him and wrapped his arm around her and fell asleep.

Day 3

Naruto awoke the next morning with a yawn before he opened his eyes and sighed.

After two days of torture, he felt good because of a relaxing night of sleep, and despite everything that had happened up to now, he was going to make today a better day.

Getting up, Naruto stepped out of his tent and saw Moegi going into her tent.

With a shrug, he went over and saw fish cooking on the fire, and figured this would be safe. A few minutes later, Moegi came and sat with him in front of the fire. "Sorry about last night boss, I just don't like thunder."

Naruto blinked as memory returned to him, then shrugged. "It's alright Moegi, but we have to learn to control and master our fear. It's alright to be afraid, but you can't let your fear control you."

Moegi nodded as she smiled at him. "Thank you boss. If it rains again…"

Naruto sighed and nodded. "Yes. Since no one else is with us it's alright, but you will have to outgrow this eventually."

Moegi nodded, and wondered how long before he noticed.

Naruto took one of the fish and began to eat it. Between mouthfuls he explained what they would do. "Today we're going to move on to the water walking. You'll continue working on tree climbing in your spare time until you master it, but I think you have it good enough so you can learn the water walking."

Moegi smiled and clapped her hands. "Thanks boss." Naruto blinked but then shook his head. He thought for a second her voice sounded sultry…sensuous, behind the little girl exuberance.

Naruto frowned and chalked it up to him still being tired and they started the day.


Noon time rolled around, and Moegi was doing very well on the water walking, so Naruto called a halt so they could eat lunch and rest.

They walked back to the camp, and Naruto had a big smile on his face as if he was anticipating something.

Moegi also had a big smile on her face as they got back and Naruto went immediately to his sealing scrolls and took out a particular one. Moegi quickly crawled into her tent and waited for the fireworks.

Exactly five seconds later, the fourth of July occurred. "MOEGI!!!!"
Moegi came out of her tent trying not to smile as she saw the look of rage on his face. "Yes boss?"

Naruto held up a handful of empty instant ramen cups. "Did…did…did you eat all of my ramen?"

Moegi looked crestfallen and her eyes dropped to her feet. "I..I'm sorry boss. I was hungry a few times, and I guess I overdid it."

Naruto shook in rage crushing the empty cups as he stared incredulously at her. "YOU ATE A HUNDRED CUPS OF RAMEN IN TWO NIGHTS BECAUSE YOU WANTED A SNACK?!"

Granted, Naruto devoured that many in a day sometimes, but we are talking about a girl half his size. Normally, he would have been impressed.

Moegi frowned as she looked at him shyly, beginning to pout. "Well…you always told us that we could have some if we really wanted it."
This…was the last straw that broke Naruto's back. "I SAID SOME NOT ALL!!"

Moegi nodded and bit her bottom lip which looked rather attractive, but Naruto didn't notice this. "I guess you should punish me boss…I've done a lot of bad things."

Naruto not thinking clearly nodded as he agreed. "Yes…punish…you have been bad…" He looked around and tried to figure out how best to make her learn her lesson, mumbling to himself the whole while. "Push ups till her arms fall off? No too lenient…drop her from the tree top a few dozen times? No too extreme…"

Moegi got on her knees and crawled to him. "Please boss, I need to be punished. Kick me, punch me, but please whatever you do I beg you, don't bare bottom spank me!"

Naruto blinked as he thought about that then frowned. "Huh?"

The young kunoichi nodded as she saw his confusion. "I can't stand the thought of a bare bottom spanking…please tie me to a tree and set it on fire, stake me out over an anthill and cover me with honey, use me as a target dummy, but don't bare bottom spank me!"

Moegi's eyes were wide with mock fear and she clasped her hands in front of her as if praying for salvation.

Naruto was still major angry, but confusion started to set in. " should be punished, but a bare bottom spanking? That really scares you?"

Now Moegi knew Naruto was simple, but he was NOT stupid. So Moegi knew that if he thought about it too much he would backpedal and she would not get the attention she wanted, so she threw more kerosene on the fire. "Yes it terrifies me, anything but that! I should be punished…I ruined your new jutsu." And Naruto's face darkened.

"And I gave you really bad diarrhea." And Naruto's face darkened more and he began to breathe harder.

"And I ate all of your ramen." And Naruto's eyes turned red as they narrowed and his hands began to open and close at his sides.
"Your oh so delicious ramen…especially the spicy shrimp flavor that you love so much." She said as she stopped on her knees less then a foot in front of him.

Naruto was so angry steam started coming from his ears.
"Ooooh Moegi…" He said in a deep raspy voice which sounded strangely calm. "You've been such a baaad girl…"

Moegi nodded in agreement as she inched closer to him. "Yes boss…a very bad girl, please punish me so I will be good again?"

Naruto nodded as he reached down and grabbed her, picking her up in his strong arms and carrying her over to a log. "Yesss…and I know just how to punish you now." Moegi looked curious at him as he grinned evilly at her. "How boss?" She asked with a hint of eager anticipation Naruto mistook for anxiety.

Naruto gave a wicked laugh before he answered. "Why…a bare bottom spanking!"

Moegi put on a good show of kicking and struggling with cries of, "No! Not my bare bottom!"

Naruto sat down with an evil grin. "Oh yes…I won't spare the rod and spoil the child this time!" he yelled before he thought for a minute of how he would do this. She could easily run from him if he wasn't careful…and after all she had put him through, she wasn't going to get off easily!

Moegi gave very realistic cries of, "Oh how cruel you are! I beg you don't boss, anything but my bare bottom!" as at the same time she broke free of his grip, but instead of running as he thought she would, Moegi pulled her own shorts off, pushed her panties down to her knees and practically threw her self across his lap.

Naruto blinked as she did this and wondered what the hell was going on as his anger started to give way to even greater confusion.

But Moegi looked over her shoulder at him and reacted with true kunoichi reflexes. Uh oh. She thought. I better bring out the big guns. "You know I really didn't like the miso ramen that much so I just threw them all away."

Naruto's eyes bugged out and he screamed in rage. "SACRILAGE!!!" and his hand came down with a loud crack, making her flesh jump.

Moegi gasped as the shock ran through her, and then his hand struck again. The sting brought tears to her eyes as he began to rain spanks down on her, her backside jiggling and turning redder as he went. Moegi wasn't sure how long it lasted, but it wasn't long before she was sobbing and squirming on his lap. "I'm sorry boss! I'm so sorry! Moegi will be a good girl!" She cried as he spanked her until her bottom was completely red, but as his anger dissipated Naruto began to see Moegi again. Not the anger, not the things that upset him, but the girl he was now punishing.

He suddenly stopped, and released the arm he was holding, as he didn't even realize he was holding it, and she hung limply across his lap.

Moegi's sobs touched a spot in his heart and made him feel like a real bastard, and he pulled her up and hugged her to his chest, and rocked her, making shushing sounds and rubbing her back.

Moegi, still sobbing, wrapped her arms around his neck and cried into his chest, feeling like she did so long ago, and was happy for it was his, her boss's strong arms that cradled her.

Deep in her chest she could feel it again and despite her tears, she smiled in happiness.

It took a while but her sobs settled until she was just hiccupping occasionally, and even though Naruto felt horrible, he looked down at her as she touched his cheek with one hand.

Naruto blinked in surprise as he didn't see hate or anger or even fear in her eyes, but adoration…and something else he hadn't ever seen before.

He was confused, and didn't know what to say, and it got worse for him as she leaned up, and her lips touched his.

Naruto blinked in even greater surprise, but Moegi's hand behind his neck held him close with surprising strength until he was finally able to lean back from her. "Moegi…w..what…" he stammered at the tiny young woman on his lap.

She smiled up at him before she rubbed her head against his chest again. "Thank you boss, thank you so much."

Naruto shook his head as he pulled her back from him and looked at her and tried to decipher what happened. "Moegi…I just punished you…why are you thanking me?"

Moegi smiled again and Naruto noticed what he had never seen before.

Moegi was actually very attractive. He couldn't understand it, but she looked very fetching and cute with tears in her eyes. Much like Hinata in the past, he had never noticed the beauty about his student until now…but then he had never seen her cry like this before either.

"Boss…I'm sorry, but I tricked you. I've wanted you to do this to me for a long time."

At Naruto's confused/shocked look, Moegi began to explain to him about her time in the orphanage, and how she became accustomed to her daily spankings, and finally how she wanted him to be the one to take over that need for her from now on.

Naruto shook his head before he frowned at her. "B..but why me?"

Moegi was still smiling as she leaned up and kissed his neck, making him shudder. "Because I know you will be good to me. I know you will be firm with me and yet be kind to me, but also punish me when I need it or want it…but mostly because I," And here she swallowed nervously as she blushed, but forced herself to continue. "I love you boss."

Naruto blinked as he processed all of that.

His mind was on the verge of overload. Only one other person had ever told him that, and when she did, it was too late for him to do anything about it.

Naruto frowned as he considered everything, and even though Moegi was three years his junior, he could already see a dedication in her eyes that he never received before. Hinata told him she loved him, but he never knew how much. Here with Moegi, he could see it.

This was a whole different beast to tame, and Naruto wasn't sure how he would even begin to do it. "Um…I appreciate the feeling you've given me Moegi, but there are problems with us having a relationship like this. We are both ninja, and I'm your sensei…"

Moegi grinned at him. "Then I'll give up being a ninja."

Naruto gasped and pulled back from her. "What? No! I wouldn't ask you to do that!"

Moegi sniffed then shrugged. "You don't have to ask me. If that is what it takes for us to be together, then that's what I'll do."

Naruto didn't know what to say. She would give up her dreams of being a ninja to be with him? No one ever showed him this much dedication.

Again, while Hinata had told him she loved him, her own timid nature prevented them from ever having anything significant between them. Now…while Moegi was younger then him, he realized no one had ever offered to sacrifice so much for him. Slowly he began to see things differently. Still being human Naruto had doubts and worries.

Before he could speak however, Moegi rubbed her forehead against his chest, and he could hear her whisper. "I need you boss…I need to feel your cruel hand warming my backside, and your strong supportive arms holding me when I cry, and your kind heart beating next to my head. I'll do whatever you want boss, anything at all…but please boss…please don't leave me alone…I don't want to be alone anymore…"

Naruto with his big kind heart heard the break in her voice before he saw more tears fall from her eyes. He could never hurt his friends, despite what they did to him, and now he couldn't…wouldn't hurt Moegi either.

As strange as this was to him, he couldn't deny the erection he had, and the fact that part of this had done things to him he never expected.

Naruto realized that things would be difficult, hardly anyone would be accepting of a relationship between him and her, but the thought of not being alone anymore made him smile down at her as he made his decision. "Tell you what…why don't we see what happens before we make a decision like that? I'm willing to see where we go first."

Moegi nodded after she looked up into his eyes with a much happier smile now as she squeezed him tight. Now she wouldn't have to be alone either.

After a while of them just sitting there and hugging…Moegi leaned back and looked at him again, and he could see the question on her face. "Boss…I have a question…though it might seem a little weird."

Naruto nodded as he looked down into her face. "Alright Moegi-chan, let's see if I can answer it."

Moegi smiled shyly at the honorific, but then bit her bottom lip for a second before she blushed lightly and stood up, her panties still around her knees. "When I was younger and I was spanked, it would just hurt, but I would feel better after he would hold and rock me…but when you spanked me it did hurt, but it felt different, actually kinda good..." Moegi's voice trailed off as her blush got deeper and her eyes looked down and Naruto's eyes followed hers until he was staring at her exposed crotch. Naruto could see without a shadow of a doubt the moisture glistening on her inner thighs. "Down there… the instructors at the academy said it was a natural reaction when a girl is ready to have sex…does that mean we should have sex too?"

Naruto was still staring at Moegi's crotch as a trickle of blood ran from his left nostril. "Oh boy…"

Was all he said before he fell back off the log and blissful darkness finally claimed him.


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