Spare the Rod…

Chapter 6

Final Chapter

The three lay in bed together and sighed quietly.

A content evening was what they now had as they relaxed.

The children were asleep, the fox should be asleep, and now they had the rest of the night to themselves.

Naruto snickered quietly as a past memory tickled his funny bone and his mates looked at him questioningly. "Sorry…I was just remembering when the two of you beat down Sakura…granted Tsunade Baachan was a little peeved, but when she found out why the two of you did it…it all worked out."

Hanabi struggled, but was able to sit up and look at her husband with a smirk. "Naruto-sama…since you are remembering things, do you remember the council meeting, and the surprise you got?"

Naruto's eyes became vague for a moment then he smiled. "Oh yeah…"


Many voices were elevated in the room as Naruto frowned as he looked around. Some faces he recognized, others he didn't. But the problem was not the elevated voices. The problem was the fact some of them were very angry, and some of the things he could hear he didn't like but was unable to act against it.
"We need to kill it…it shouldn't be allowed to roam free."

"Did you hear what he did to the Haruno girl? Her mother has been livid the entire day!"

What is so hard about hiring a ninja to finish what the Yondaime started?"

That and more circulated through the room and Naruto sighed deeply before he moved with some difficulty.

The reason for the difficulty was the chakra absorbing chains he wore. When he was approached by the ANBU agents that morning, he almost blew them off…but when he was told the hokage would be at this council meeting he could only shrug and nod in agreement.

The chains of course came later before he entered the council chambers.

Now with him chained to a chair Naruto wondered if running hadn't been the better idea open to him.

Moegi and Hanabi sat in the viewer's area, looks of worry for their man and disgust for the stupid morons that couldn't keep their opinions to themselves warred back and forth on their faces.

Hanabi wore the Hyuuga mask of indifference which only slipped occasionally, but Moegi could clearly see the tick in her eye as each stupid comment made it difficult for her to maintain her composure.

Of course…Moegi had no such reason for restraint, but she knew if she pushed too far she would be removed from the room…and right now she needed to be here to give Naruto moral support, and that was more important then revenge…for the meantime.

The hokage finally made her way into the council chamber and was surprised by what she saw until she slammed a hand on her desk at the front of the assembly. "Why is Naruto in chains!"

No one had an immediate answer until Danzo stood up. "In case he is a danger to anyone. The members of this council are important to the continued function of the village and need to be protected at all times from both foreign and domestic danger."

Tsunade rolled her eyes before she snapped her fingers and two of her personal ANBU appeared next to her. "Yes Hokage-sama?"

Tsunade patiently pointed to her adopted brother and growled, "Unchain him. And if anyone speaks against it or tries to stop you in any way, off to Ibiki."

Most in the room quieted down when those words were uttered, and no one in their right mind tried to stop Tsunade's guards from loosing Naruto and helping him to stand.

After a few seconds and much needed eye contact between Naruto and Tsunade, the hokage called to order the council meeting. "Now who is the idiot that called for this meeting?" Most of the civilians raised their hands, but surprisingly a few clan head hands went up including Hyuuga Hiashi's.

Naruto frowned at this, but said nothing as he looked at Hanabi, but her demeanor had not changed in anyway that gave him any idea she knew what was going on.

Tsunade frowned at the hands and realized the majority rule came in to affect since there were more hands up then down. "Alright…what is this all about then?"

Homura stood and gestured to Naruto with a frown. "There is talk of this boy attacking one of his fellow leaf shinobi just yesterday afternoon. This cannot be allowed to pass."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at this before she looked over at Naruto. "Gaki…did you attack anyone yesterday?"

Naruto shook his head slowly before he took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. "No. I never laid a hand on anyone."
Shouts of "Liar" and other similar words were thrown at Naruto who sighed again until Tsunade began to shout for order. "Alright that's enough damnit! If you idiots can't keep your mouths shut I will clear all unnecessary elements from this room!"

The noise died down, and Tsunade frowned at Homura who now gestured Sakura's mother forward. "Ume will attest to her daughter being attacked and badly beaten by the Uzumaki boy!"

Tsunade frowned as she looked from the Haruno woman to Naruto. "What is this all about?"

Ume Haruno glared at Naruto before she stabbed a finger in his direction. "That damn demon beat my poor Sakura so badly she may never recover her former beauty! He needs to pay!"

Tsunade not wanting to looked at Naruto before she asked him in a quiet voice. "Did you beat up Sakura Naruto?"

Naruto shook his head but before he could say anything Moegi jumped to her feet and too her bosses defense. "No he didn't!"

Tsunade watched as Moegi stepped forward to stand next to Naruto. "I'm sorry hokage-sama…I don't mean to interrupt but Naruto didn't beat up Sakura…I did."

The room began to grumble again but Tsunade's hand cracking down on top of the table made the grumblers immediately shut up. "Explain Moegi." Tsunade's eyebrow was lifted and the look on her face told Moegi it better be a good one. "Well…the boss was returning from his training trip with Hanabi and I ran to greet him. I gave the boss a hug, and when I did Sakura screamed at him that this was the last straw…or something like that before she ran at him with her hands clenched into fists. Well…I don't like to see Naruto be mistreated, so I ran after her as well, and caught up to her at training ground seven, and when I told her I wouldn't let her hurt Naruto, she said that if she had to go through me to get to him, then she would do it."

Moegi seemed calm and her story had come out clearly…unfortunately it had come out too clearly as one Ume Haruno screamed at the top of her lungs. "Bullshit! My little cherry blossom would never start a fight!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes and pointed a finger at Ume. "Shut up you glorified howler monkey! I've only known Sakura for a short time and I will be the first to say that if someone bested her with words, she would try to finish the situation with her fists! I'm sure many people will attest to that."

No one said a word but Homura wasn't quite done as he presented his case. "Tell me young lady…what exactly is your relationship to the accused?"

Moegi frowned then shrugged her shoulders. "He is my sensei."

Homura nodded as he produced a folder and pulled a photo out and held it up for all to see. "Tell me…is this you leaving the accused house?"

Moegi paled slightly then nodded. "Yes it is."

Homura nodded before he put the photo on top of the folder. "Indeed." The man said before he raised another picture, this one very damaging to her testimony. "And is this you and the accused kissing in the market square?"

Moegi didn't know what to say and tried to find a good excuse when Naruto's hand landed on her shoulder. "Yes it is, and I demand you leave her out of this. She was only trying to protect me."
Moegi looked up into Naruto's eyes with sadness in hers, "Boss…don't." she whispered.

But Naruto only smiled at her as he knew what was about to happen in the future. He could already see the hardening of many eyes as he looked from face to face, and unfortunately those iron like stares weren't directed at him, but what would be perceived as the demon's whore.

Before anyone could respond to this however, a new voice rang out both strong and proud. "NO! I will not allow this!"

All eyes turned to a standing Hanabi whose countenance was now pure fury as she walked out into the witness area. "Naruto is not responsible for this, and Moegi did not do this on her own. I helped her."

Murmurs began to make their rounds in the room once more before Tsunade silenced them yet again. "Hanabi what do you mean you helped?"

Hanabi shrugged before she stood firm on Naruto's other side. "What Moegi said was correct, but she left out that I was there and Sakura didn't just threaten the two of them, but all three of us. I see no harm in what was done, but we did what is considered our right to protect what is ours."

Homura frowned but Danzo was the one who spoke up. "It is no secret you are promised to him, but your statement is out of order Hyuuga Hanabi. Even if you are involved in this you testimony could be influenced for personal reasons which makes your word suspect."

Hanabi bristled up like she wanted to throttle the old warhawk, but a new voice again stopped everyone in their tracks, most with looks of surprise. "While you may not believe her testimony, you WILL believe mine."

The room turned and regarded Hyuuga Hiashi as he stood at his place on the clan head side of the room. "While I did not show it originally, I have always hoped for the best for this young man and the only reason I did not aid him directly was because of this council and it's conniving ways. Well no more. When he was younger we of the Hyuuga clan aided him from the shadows, providing him with protection where even members of the ANBU wouldn't. Providing food, clothing, whatever comfort we could. Unbeknownst to the collection of dim bulbs in this room, Hinata and Hanabi's mother, my wife Izumi did not die in child birth as we have always said…but she died from wounds she sustained protecting Naruto from an angry mob. She didn't intend to get wounded, but she couldn't live with herself if she didn't try and save him after as a child he saved Hinata from being taken by a Kumo shinobi." The astonished look on Hanabi's face showed that she was completely unaware of this fact as she looked at Naruto. Hiashi's face softened momentarily as he took in his daughter and her betrothed. "I know that I will have to answer to her later for this and the lies she has been told, but I will gladly bear that cross for not acting sooner. Uzumaki Naruto is a shinobi of the leaf village…one of the most honorable and strongest both in body and heart and it would be a crime not only against him, but against humanity itself to let him suffer another second needlessly. Know that even if he is still unmarried to my daughter, Uzumaki Naruto has the full backing and protection from the Hyuuga clan!"

As the clan head said this, two ninja in dark gray uniforms landed on either side of Moegi and Hanabi and stood on guard against seemingly everyone in the room.

No one was more shocked by this then Naruto who nodded slightly, still partially stunned by this revelation as Hanabi whispered. "See? I told you that you didn't understand what it meant Naruto-sama."

Hiashi was not finished at this point stood tall in the center of the room in front of Naruto, Hanabi and Moegi. "I want to see a show of hands, of all of those that do not oppose what I have just said."

A few hands went up and Hiashi grumbled before his voice rocked the room again. "Come now…while you may not be favorable to this, there has to be more of you that will at least not stand against it."

More hands rose up and Hiashi nodded in satisfaction before he turned to the few civilians who did not have their hands up. "From this day forward, I Hyuuga Hiashi mark you as the dissidents you are. You hold a grudge against a man who has never harmed this village and has done everything in his power to help it…or do you all forget Pein?"

A few of the civilians looked away from the man's piercing gaze as if in shame. They knew how Naruto had suffered that day and yet he still gave his all for the good of the village. "I am sure some of you do not care…some of you even scoff at my words, but know this the weight of the Hyuuga clan will now be brought to bear against you! If you are a merchant, you will receive no future business transactions. If you are council men, I will oppose you on anything you bring up. If you are betrothed to any of our members or any of your family members are, you will find the contract broken no mater the repercussions…and Kami forbid if you become our enemy…for then we will crush beneath our heels!"

Naruto blinked at the fierce words coming from the normally calm Hiashi and took a step back in astonishment as he stood in front of him and bowed. "Welcome to the Hyuuga clan Uzumaki Naruto."

No one knew what to say, but on the civilian side there were many pale faces and looks of worry as the weight of that speech sank in. This very thing could literally bankrupt families that relied on the Hyuuga clan for business, and at that moment, many people began to formulate plans to turn that around.

With a smirk to her favorite gaki, Tsunade rapped the table in front of her hard to gather everyone's attention. "I will look further into this situation and take care of it accordingly…I have a feeling I know where the true blame lies." Looking around the room, Tsunade made eye contact with three of the worst trouble makers in the council and knew what she now had to do. "If that is all than I call this meeting to a close."

That meeting ended with a lot of people who wouldn't look at Naruto before, now looking at him in a new light.

The couple made their way out and home, and no one got hurt to their knowledge…


Hiashi actually smiled at the hokage as he accepted the scroll and the pleasure in his look rolled off of him like a living thing. "Is tonight too soon?"

Tsunade shook her head slightly. "Nope. In fact I would prefer it."

Hiashi nodded then immediately shredded the scroll. "You know where to send the bounty. It will be done before midnight hokage-sama."

Tsunade nodded quietly before she poured herself a saucer of sake. Putting her feet up, on the desk she sipped it with a happy sound as years of pressure seemed to lift off her shoulders and disappear.

That afternoon…

Sakura groaned in pain as she tried to get comfortable, but no matter how she moved, pain blossomed somewhere on her body.

To add to her misery, the door opened and Tsunade stepped into the room with a smile. "Hello Sakura. I was in a meeting and found out you were injured…how are you feeling?"

Sakura tried not to but grumbled as she tried yet again to find a comfortable position. "I guess I'll be alright Sensei…it's not a big deal."

Tsunade nodded as she pulled a chair over and sat next to the bed. "I see. And tell me…what exactly happened to you?"

Sakura's face darkened but she tried to remain calm outwardly. "Um, I'd rather not talk about it Lady Tsunade…it was like I said…a minor thing and I'll have it taken care of soon enough."

Tsunade's eyes hardened but her voice remained the same and she even smiled as she stood up. "I see. Well Sakura I hope it isn't something involving any of my shinobi…especially one blond gaki and his two fiancés. You see I'm sure you know I am quite fond of Naruto, and his two ladies are a joy and the three of them look beautiful together and I would hate to see the person who caused them grief…after I got my hands on them."

Tsunade's hand closed on the chair back and crushed it making Sakura go pale. "I mean he has been through so much and now to have found happiness it would break my heart to see him get hurt…and the persons spine that would hurt him." she said as she pushed down on the chair and the legs sank three inches into the floor, concrete and steel protesting loudly against each other. Sakura began to think thoughts of peace before the chair was driven into the floor, but when Tsunade turned to her, eyes blazing, and her left hand closed on the medical clip board and compacted it into a shiny ball, thoughts of complete avoidance of Naruto and his girls popped into her head and stayed there. "Are we clear Sakura? You know I don't make idle threats."

Sakura nodded her head quickly but even faster stammered out. "L..lady Tsuande…I think I have r..reconsidered and would like to take the job as the ambassador to the land of snow…"

Tsunade smirked as she stood straight and straightened her hair. "Good career move…I get on the paperwork immediately." She said as she left the room.

Sakura didn't know what the future held…but she knew as long as it was far away from Naruto and that scary woman…the better she felt about it.



Naruto sighed as he leaned over and kissed Hanabi, then Moegi, and they both wiggled against him, showing they were having naughty thoughts. "You know…it was funny the way Danzo, Homura, and Sakura's mother all died of a heart attack that night."

Hanabi nodded with a solemn expression. "Yeah…maybe it was because they knew trouble was coming. I mean once it came to light that the three of them were siphoning funds and manipulating a lot of things behind the scenes, they would have to answer to the hokage and there would be no escape for them. I guess their old hearts just couldn't take the strain."

Neither Moegi nor Naruto saw Hanabi's slight grin as she hugged Naruto, but the less they knew, the happier they would be.

Naruto suddenly got a lascivious grin on his face as he pointed to Hanabi then Moegi. "Remember our first time together? All three of us?"

Moegi blushed then giggled like a schoolgirl as she covered her mouth and Hanabi even blushed as Naruto cackled. "I see you do…"


That night, Moegi had approached Hanabi and whispered in her ear while she was cleaning the kitchen. Hanabi's face instantly turned bright red but she didn't say no to her dearest friend as she wiggled her eyebrows at her. "Come on…you know you want to. Besides…I'm sure the boss will be even happier once he knows."

Hanabi bit her lip, than nodded emphatically as she squeezed her thighs together. "Oh I'm getting juicy just thinking about it!"

Moegi laughed as she lead her to the basement and the room she had specifically prepared for this very occasion.


Naruto was walking through the house and was deep in thought as he checked every room. He hadn't seen either of his women for close to an hour and he was starting to wonder if they left without telling him anything.

He checked the upstairs, then the ground floor, then the outside…but he could find no trace of them.

After a few minutes he decided to check the basement. It was unfurnished, so Naruto wasn't sure what they would be doing down there, but since he couldn't find them anywhere else he figured he might as well.

Halfway down the stairs, Naruto heard sounds that both excited him, and made him wonder until he happened on a partially closed door. Peeking through the door Naruto almost had a heart attack as he saw Moegi bent over the arm of a couch, and Hanabi behind her licking her nether lips, and pushing a thin vibrator in and out of her anus.

Both girls had on black suspender stockings, and nothing else and Naruto's eyes remained bugged out as he stared at them.

Moegi was tugging and pulling at a chain that seemed to be attached to her nipples and gasping and moaning like there was no tomorrow.

Naruto had one hand over his mouth so he wouldn't make a noise, and the other over his crotch as big Richard began to make an appearance.

Hanabi wasn't just busy pleasuring Moegi though, she was also pleasuring herself and Naruto could see the vibrator moving in and out of her cunny as she made sure it was being put to good use.

Naruto couldn't help it, but he watched them for another fifteen minutes until they changed positions and Moegi was making Hanabi cum as her juices ran down her legs.

At this point Naruto could see that it wasn't just Moegi, but also Hanabi had a chain attached from one nipple to the other, and would every so often pull at it and gasp in ecstasy as it tugged her nipples as well.

Naruto wasn't sure now how long he had been standing there, but at some point his pants were around his ankles and his cock was in his hand!

Moegi giggled into Hanabi's twat before she mumbled, "Oh Hanabi-chan…your pussy tastes so good…now I understand why the boss loves you."

Hanabi looked down at her friend and shook her head. "Don't be stupid mo…you know your pussy tastes better then mine, and I'm sure that Naruto-sama would agree that your butt tastes just as good!"

Moegi blushed but shoved the vibrator in even deeper into Hanabi's twat causing her to rear backwards and moan with abandon.

Naruto didn't know how much more he could take when both girls stood up and kissed each other deeply using lots of tongue before they broke and grinned at each other then looked directly at where Naruto was standing. "Naruto-sama," Hanabi called. "Moegi and I are tired of doing all of this fucking but not having a real dick going in. Think you can help us?"

Moegi not to be out done turned around and spread her cheeks as she bent over slightly. "Please boss…our pussies are so lonely without you!"

Both girls sported a light blush, but Naruto knew from experience that neither of these two women were going to be shy at this point.

To his credit, he didn't quite run to them.

Hanabi pulled his shirt off while Moegi lowered his boxers to the floor before she bit his thigh lightly.

Hanabi stole a kiss from him before she dropped to her knees next to Moegi. Both women cooed affectionately at Naruto's manhood and while Moegi hesitated slightly, Hanabi moved straight in and began to suction him like she was trying to pull a golf ball through his urethra.

Moegi watched for a few seconds before she began to lick and tongue his length, every so often exchanging a kiss with Hanabi who still had not stopped sucking on him, until she leaned back and looked at her partner in crime. "Remember Moegi…you just have to relax your throat so you don't gag on it."

Moegi nodded and gave it a try, but to be honesty Naruto was so thick she could barely get it in her mouth.

After a few minutes of her struggling she looked apologetically at Naruto who reached down and rubbed her head. "No worries Mo-chan. I still love you."

Moegi blushed and nodded before she looked at Hanabi. "Tell you what…you can give him head, and he can fuck my ass. Deal?"

Naruto opened his mouth to protest but Hanabi immediately took Moegi's hand and shook it. "Deal! It's not like I don't want to try it with Naruto-sama…but my butt is a lot smaller then yours and Naruto-sama is hung so well it would make a prize bull jealous…I'm sure he'd split me in half…but your butt is so luscious and you love having stuff back there!"

Moegi giggled as she gave Hanabi a slight push and the girls continued to chatter at each other until Naruto cleared his throat and made both girls gasp and moan loudly, pulling them to their feet by the chains at their nipples.
Naruto leaned closer and examined the connection and realized that both Hanabi and Moegi weren't wearing nipple clamps as he first thought, but they were pierced. "Huh…now how come I didn't notice that before?" he wondered out loud.

Hanabi giggled this time as she looked at him earnestly. "Probably because my nipples were the last thing on your mind when I was last naked with you Naruto-sama."

Naruto grinned mischievously at the two before he led them over to the couch and sat on it and looked from one to the other. "I see…and when were the two of you going to share with me that you were well beyond sexual experimentation with each other?"

Both girls looked at each other then looked at Naruto sheepishly. "Well boss…" Moegi started and then Hanabi broke in, "You see Naruto-sama…"

Naruto though, didn't want to hear it from either of them as he held up a hand silencing both. "Enough. Now…who's first?" He asked as he first rubbed his lap, than rubbed the palm of his hand meaningfully. Moegi and Hanabi both looked guiltily at each other, but both of them also held their thighs tightly together as their excitement began to bubble over again. "I guess I'll be first boss." Moegi said but contrary to what you might think, she really didn't look upset about it.

As she lay across Naruto's lap the jonin grinned down at he and rested his hand on her oh so generous bottom. Why go first Moegi?"

The diminutive Kunoichii grinned mischievously at Naruto before she licked her bottom lip. "Well I know that you will give me the best possible spanking because your hot and raring to go…and spanking my butt will make you even hotter so when we actually do it, you'll be savage and hammer our little pussies good." Moegi finished with an anime style smile, eyes closing in response to her big grin, which immediately turned to a look of shock and then passion as Naruto's hand rose then came down with a clap that echoed throughout the room.

Moegi gasped as her eyes glazed over and a few tears sprang forth from the pain. "Yes boss…ummf…punish your girl…umfff…I've been so naughty waiting for your cruel hand…Ummff!" she grunted in between spanks and Naruto the entire time had an enrapt look on his face as he watched Moegi's bottom turn red and jiggle under each precise strike.

Hanabi, giggled quietly as she watched her friend be disciplined/pleasured. While originally she had no desire for women, an accidental kiss between the two had awoken her curiosity and the rest as they say was history. "Oooh Naruto-sama…you are so brutal to your poor girls!"

Naruto looked up from his work and frowned at Hanabi before he with a stern voice pointed to a corner. "Go stand there, facing the walls, your nose in the corner until I'm finished with Mo-chan."

Hanabi blinked in surprise and opened her mouth to say something, but the stern look on Naruto's face made her reconsider and lower her head. "Yes Naruto-sama." She said meekly before she went over and pressed her nose into the corner of the wall, her backside thrust towards him providing him more fuel for his fire.

Naruto could have sat like that for a few hours just looking at Hanabi's pert derrière, but a small voice broken every so often by a sniffle brought him back to the present. "Boss…sniff…I'm still a…sniffle…bad girl you know."

Naruto grinned back at her knowingly before she gasped again from the impact of his hand. "I know Mo-chan…but I'm about to fix that."

Naruto spared no inch of Moegi's backside as he administered her 'punishment' and she sobbed uncontrollably, begging him for mercy, and after a few more resounding spanks Naruto caressed Moegi's crease with his middle and index finger, and Moegi went into aa loud drawn out orgasm, that left her still sobbing, but also shuddering and gasping before her boss scooped her up and sat her in his lap where she shuddered and her tears splashed against his shoulder.

Naruto would almost feel bad for making Moegi cry again, if her pussy hadn't left a puddle at his feet. Still, he rubbed her back and held her close until her tears subsided. "All better now Mo-chan? He asked with a sincere look on his face. Moegi nodded and smiled at him shyly. "Yes boss…thank you for making me a good girl again."

Naruto decided to continue what he started because he didn't want to break what they were doing, and to be honest he had now gotten into the role he was playing. "Alright Moegi…go stand over there with your nose pressed into the corner or you'll get it again."

Moegi nodded then went to stand in the indicated corner, and Naruto found her pose even more exciting then Hanabi's as the way she was bent forward only accentuated her backside that much more. Not wanting to, Naruto tore his gaze away from Moegi and pulled Hanabi out of the corner by her arm. "Come…it's your turn."

Hanabi though, surprised him by resisting after he had her turned around. "Nooo Naruto-sama! I was a good girl! I don't want a spanking!"

Naruto grinned because he couldn't help it before he dropped into character again and waggled a finger at Moegi. "Now now…you know you need this and deserve it. Don't make it harder on yourself by trying to escape."

Hanabi did just that as she jerked her arm away from him, but Naruto only shook his head in pity as two shadow clones appeared at his will and grabbed Hanabi, holding her in place. "No Naruto-sama…please!"

Naruto sat calmly on the couch as the two clones pulled Hanabi over and lay her across his lap. "trying to run from your punishment…" he sighed as he rested his hand on her backside. "I'm afraid you'll get double what was intended for you." Her shriek cut the air as the first strike landed and she clenched her buttocks to stave off the pain but it was for naught as the shock traveled through her, igniting a flame that she was already fanning for her future husband from earlier. Hanabi's backside though smaller, was also more tender Naruto supposed as just a few smacks had her almost completely red. Despite her earlier protest, which Naruto knew was an act, Hanabi was eventually raising her hips up to meet his hands downward stroke and all the while confessing her sins to him.

He still got a kick out of the fact she stole Hinata's panties and he snickered as she mentioned it between his attentive hands movements.

Though Naruto claimed she would get it twice as bad, the spanking ended sooner then Hanabi anticipated and she rested her head thankfully in the crook of Naruto's neck and shoulder and cried quietly. Naruto shushed her the same as he had Moegi and rubbed her back, all the while smiling as he knew, they weren't done. "It's ok Hanabi, I forgive you…besides I'm sure Hinata wouldn't mind, you look spectacular in her panties."

Hanabi giggled but nodded slowly before she mumbled, "I hope she can forgive me…I wasn't a good sister until it was too late. I wish I could take it back…wish I could be more to her then I was…"

Naruto nodded but said nothing. In truth there was nothing he could say. Despite the half melancholy mood, Naruto did the only thing he could think of to bring back the required atmosphere.
Hanabi squealed as she was suddenly lifted, then gasped and shuddered as Naruto's cock slid in her until it couldn't go any further, and Hanabi moaned in abandon as the fire almost forgotten in her belly re-lit and flared through her making her shake almost violently as she began to buck up and down on her man's pole.

Naruto, now a new man looked over and called gently to his other precious one. "Mo-chan…come on…I forgive you too, and there are things we need to do…together."

Moegi came out of the corner with a big smile of anticipation and immediately jumped in the fray so to speak as she settled on her knees behind Hanabi and began lap at her crease, bringing and even louder moan from her knew housemate.

Naruto not to be outdone drove up into the smaller woman making her cry out again and grip his shoulders tightly. "Oh Naruto-sama! Take me! Make me yours!"

At that point Naruto fully understood what she wanted. In the forest, Hanabi had taken him so to speak, and forced him to acknowledge her as his woman…but now…Naruto was given the golden opportunity, and he wasn't going to squander it!

Naruto stood on his legs and took three long strides to the wall and banged Hanabi's head and back against the wall, making her eyes open wide before he maneuvered her legs onto his shoulders. Once they were in place Naruto gripped her arms in essence locking her in place then with a smile and a red flash from his eyes, Naruto began to move. "With each stroke…deeper and deeper, I claim you as mine…do you understand that?" Hanabi's eyes were still wide open and now her mouth joined it as Naruto hammered deep and hard into her, touching spots and giving her pleasure that she had never felt before. With a growl Naruto drove completely into his future wife and glared at her. "Do you understand?"

Hanabi wasn't ignoring him, she was just so overwhelmed by the difference of the Naruto she dominated in the forest, and this one who was now claiming her. Naruto didn't care why, he just knew Hanabi hadn't answered. So this time he pounded his intent into her one stroke at a time. "DO…YOU…UNDERSTAND?"

Hanabi threw her head back and screamed to the heavens as Naruto began to piston in and out of her, stretching her to her limits but the pain was so interlaced with the pleasure that she didn't care. "YES I UNDERSTAND! I UNDERSTAND NARUTO-SAMA!"

And Naruto grunted in pleasure as he felt her squeeze every inch of him, but he knew it wasn't a conscious effort on her part as her head lolled back, and her mouth hung open as she squeaked with each thrust until finally Naruto roared in her face, "YOU ARE MINE!" and fired deep into her.

There was no fanfare, fireworks or anything…except behind Hanabi's eyes, but Naruto gently pulled her away from the wall and off his cock and lay her on the couch where she gasped quietly. Naruto slightly worried raised one of her drooping eyelids and glanced at her eye. While she was conscious, he could clearly see she wouldn't be saying anything for a while.

Naruto slowly turned and looked at Moegi who had a look of shock, mixed with a healthy dose of lust on her face. "Will you disobey me too?" he asked and Moegi could sense something different in him, but knew that even if he was the devil incarnate, she would do what he ordered. "No boss…I'm your girl…do with me as you will."

Naruto nodded as he gestured her over to the couch and had her lie across the arm face down.

Naruto grinned as he stared longingly at her round hips and luscious ass before the lust took over him again and he reached out with his hands. Grasping Moegi's hips he used his thumbs to spread her open and with the evidence of her juices leaking out and dripping down her legs he growled before with one fierce thrust he speared Moegi on his cock, almost bottoming out in her in the first thrust!

Moegi gasped as she was thrust forward by the power of his stroke and to be honest she almost tried to pull away from him, but something deeper inside of her forced her to calm down. This was her man…her boss…she would never run from him!

Naruto pulled back and slammed completely into Moegi and she felt something give way inside of her and she gasped again before she reached out and grasped Hanabi's full tits and squeezed them.

Hanabi moaned deeply and began to stir, but in the meantime Naruto continued with what he started.

Moegi was sure she would be walking funny come morning, but didn't care as Naruto began to hammer her similar as he did Hanabi earlier. The smell of sex was powerful in the air and Moegi was lost in the pleasure of Naruto claiming her that she almost missed his words. "With each stroke…deeper and deeper, I claim you as mine. Do you understand?"

Moegi would have uttered it as Naruto was pounding the air out of her body, but instead screamed it as Hanabi tugged then bit her nipple. "YES! I UNDERSTAND! MOEGI IS YOU GIRL BOSS! ALWAYS YOUR GIRL!" Moegi gasped and shuddered as Hanabi continued to suck insistently on her nipple and Naruto seemed to be trying to push her uterus into her stomach, but again Moegi didn't care as she realized now that Naruto had done what he didn't do in the forest with either of them. He had taken back control, completely and utterly broke them and she knew instinctively if he commanded it they would do it.

Not long after this revelation, Naruto tensed up, then slammed into Moegi once more before she felt him gushing deep within her, filling her up like she had never felt before, and all she could do was collapse on the arm of the couch, legs and arms shuddering as her pussy quivered out of her control.

She knew Naruto had unleashed, "the mother load" into her as she could feel it not dripping, but running out of her but she couldn't move, and to be honest didn't want to as Hanabi now gently sucked her nipples.

Naruto on the other hand smirked as he looked at his handy work. Both girls had a puddle of cum beneath them, and he was satisfied as he looked at them.

He gave them a few minutes to catch their breath before he picked up both women in his arms, and carried them from the now christened 'playroom' to the master bedroom. Gently laying them on the bed, he went and cleaned the residue from his manhood but got a small surprise when he reentered the bedroom.

Hanabi and Moegi both knelt on the floor waiting for him. "Girls?" he asked before Moegi held out a box to him. "Please boss." Was all she said and Naruto grinned as he took it and opened it.

He was indeed surprised by what he saw as he reached in and lifted the leather collar out and looked at Moegi then Hanabi.

Both girls smiled at him and held their heads high. "Naruto-sama, You have claimed us…we are yours."

Moegi blinked and Naruto could see the emotion in her eyes. "Please boss…make it official?"

Naruto still grinning took the key out of the box and unlocked the first collar and placed it around Hanabi's neck. With a flourish, she moved her hair out of the way and he was able to lock the collar around her neck and she smiled a genuinely happy smile before he reached over and did the same to Moegi. As he leaned back he could see she was crying and it made him feel sentimental and he pulled them both into a hug. "Don't cry Mo-chan…Hanabi-chan. I love you both."

Moegi spoke for both as she kissed Hanabi on the lips then looked at Naruto. "We know boss. That's why we're crying…and we love you too."

Peace and quiet had settled in the house and before long Moegi touched her collar and looked at Hanabi who nodded. "You're in charge Naruto-sama…and we are your girls.


As they remembered the night in question, and Moegi and Hanabi shared a laugh, Naruto remembered further into that same night while they slept and the dream that had come to him.

Final Flashback

Naruto sighed in his sleep but made a slight face as he heard a voice…one he recognized but could not place. After a few seconds he saw himself and he was standing in a field with wild flowers everywhere.

The sky was clear and in fact captivating as he thought for once to pull a Shikamaru and lay down and relax.

That was not to be however as he heard a voice call his name and he turned to see someone waving to him. It was a woman with a white dress and long black hair. Despite not recognizing the woman, he felt a sense of piece and figured since it was only a dream…what the hell?

With a frown and a shrug Naruto walked towards the woman in question until he got within fifteen feet of her and she giggled before she put her hand down and Naruto blanched as he took a tentative step forward. "No way…Hinata?"

The woman in question nodded slightly then ran forward and wrapped him in an embrace that he had long wished for after her death.

Naruto sniffed deeply and found himself wrapped in her beautiful aroma and knew now that if things had not happened the way they did, He and Hinata would have been married long ago.

Naruto held on until her grip loosened and he pulled back and looked into her smiling face. "Wow…if this is a dream, it's one that's going to be hard to wake up from."

Hinata giggled again before she leaned in and kissed him making him gasp as her lips felt like they burned him.

The kiss was only chaste though as she leaned back and smiled at him, a light blush on her face as well. "Naruto-kun. I've wanted for so long to do this…to hold you, kiss you, and above all else to shout to the heavens that we were one."

Her smile fell slightly though as she searched his eyes and saw what she knew was there. "But you are with my sister now…I can see it, and your student as well."

Naruto began to feel guilty, but her smile returned quickly and she shook her head at him. "But it doesn't matter, because I can see they make you happy. Your happiness was always important to me Naruto-kun…and even now it still is."

Naruto's frown made her in turn frown and she placed her hand against his cheek in concern. "What is it Naruto-kun?" Naruto looked down for a second then looked back into her eyes and forced a smile. "I wish I had known…I would have asked you to be with me long ago if I ha only known that you liked me."

Hinata nodded and smiled at him sadly for a moment. "I know…but the fault is mostly mine. I should have had the courage to tell you before then…alas I didn't and so here we are."

Naruto nodded, but his facial expression hadn't changed. He knew there was nothing that could be done about the past…it was gone, dead and buried no matter how much he wished he could undo it, but he still had a surprise coming.

Hinata stepped away from him, undid the dress she was wearing, and dropped it to the ground. Naruto's mouth soon followed as his gaze locked on the creamy perfection that was Hinata's skin, and no matter how he tried, he could not look away from her. "Naruto-kun…my biggest regret was the fact that I couldn't give myself to you. Even though this is just a dream…I want you to take me and for this one night, make me your woman."

Naruto didn't know what to say and at first couldn't say anything, but after a few minutes he got his brain and mouth to work together again and almost regretted it. "I..I can't cheat on my fiancés Hinata…I'm sorry…but I…"

And Naruto found Hinata's fingers pressed to his lips and her shaking her head. "No Naruto-kun. It would be cheating if I were still alive, but I'm not…and I guarantee, if you told them, at least Hanabi…would understand. Please Naruto-kun."

That was the deciding factor for him as he came forward and kissed Hinata deeply and they both lowered themselves to the ground.

Naruto many years later would still be unable to recall the events of the dream, but he could recall as if it happened the minute before that it was powerful, it was magical, and he had no regrets for claiming this Hinata.

When they had completed the deed, Hinata leaned forward and kissed him again. "Thank you Naruto-kun. I can move on now knowing that I was able to at least fulfill this desire."

Naruto nodded, not understanding at first but thanked her as well. "Thank you Hinata…I love you, I will never forget this moment in time, and I will never forget you."

As the background began to fade, Hinata leaned in and kissed his cheek. "I love you Naruto-kun…and tell her she…" but Naruto's mind fogged then everything reformed before his eyes and he saw Hanabi looking at him with a slight frown of irritation. When he looked down he understood why.

The dream was so real and so powerful that when he completed the act with Hinata, he had cum all over Hanabi's legs and crotch. Naruto at least had the sense to look embarrassed but Hanabi made all of that go away instantly. "If I had known you were still that horny even after last night…I would have sucked you off before you woke up Naruto-sama."

Naruto snickered as Hanabi wiped her legs off with a sheet but then he remembered Hinata's last words. "Hanabi…I don't know how you will feel about this, but I dreamed about Hinata last night."

Hanabi's eyebrows shot up and she crept closer to Naruto. "W..what about Naruto-sama?"

Naruto frowned with a look of concentration. As he was already forgetting most of the dream, but he explained as best he could. Hanabi sat back on her heals and Moegi, now awake was hugging Naruto from the back. "Wow…that is deep boss…do you think it was real?"

Hanabi frowned but gingerly got up from the bed and began putting on clothes. "We need to go."

Naruto and Moegi blinked in surprise but began to throw clothes on too and without question followed Hanabi to the Hyuuga estates and waited until Hiashi was roused and he heard his daughter out.
Within minutes of their arrival the four of them stood at the 'resting grounds' and Hiashi unlocked the family mausoleum. A lantern was lit, and they stepped inside and made their way to Hinata's coffin.

They could see that she was still intact, as she was placed in an airtight coffin with a glass lid so that she could be viewed whenever the need arose, much like her other ancestors. When they got there however, Hiashi's face immediately shut down and he looked for all intents and purposes like a statue, and Hanabi began to sob, almost falling to the floor.

Naruto didn't understand, but held on to his future wife and waited for her to calm and explain what was wrong.

His future father in law was the one who eventually broke the silence. "It is said the ghost eye as it is called is linked to the soul of the bloodline holder, and when they die, their spirit remains tied to the mortal coil until it's final act is completed. Whether that act be for revenge or something as simple as passing on a message, the spirit cannot move on until it is done. Hinata must have died with regrets for you to have such a dream about her. We all knew that she was infatuated with you, but none of us knew the depth of her feeling…but we now do. Thank you for helping my daughter to rest Naruto-sama."

Naruto blinked in surprise as the head of the Hyuuga clan bowed deeply to him and left the mausoleum.

Hanabi finally calmed looked up at Naruto's face as he was still confused. "I don't understand Hanabi-chan…what did your father mean?"

Hanabi pointed at Hinata's face and as she spoke he understood. "When we laid Hinata to rest, her eyes were still there…traditionally we leave the eyes in the body, so the dead can see in the afterlife…Hinata's eyes, are gone."

Naruto nodded as he saw it and realized there was much more to the Hyuuga's that only a select few knew…he was glad that he was one of those few. "Hanabi-chan," he said as Moegi hugged her. "I think there was more to it, because Hinata told me to tell you something."

At Hanabi's look Naruto walked over and hugged both of his future wives as he finally remembered all that Hinata had said. "Hinata said to tell her that she need not torment herself, I understand, and she was forgiven long ago."

Hanabi closed her eyes and broke down in a sobbing fit as Moegi and Naruto held her, but in her heart she felt something release, and she vowed to be the best wife she could be, and to change the clan the way her sister had planned.


Naruto stretched his arms over his head and got comfortable on the pillows in their bed.

Moegi and Hanabi wiggled and moved more then he did, but eventually settled their distended bellies against their man and sighed.
Nothing needed to be said further as he held them close. He had four beautiful children, was about to add two more to the mix, he had his beautiful wives, and despite his eccentric behavior the best bodyguard in the house to watch them all incase he had to go on a mission.

No Naruto had no reason to complain and despite the occasional bad thing that cropped up, life was good.

Life was very good indeed.


On the roof, two Hyuuga house guard stood looking out over the city.

One smirked as he looked to his partner. "You think they'll be noisy tonight?"

The woman snorted before she shook her head. "Like it matters. We are stuck here until the next shift gets here so it doesn't matter much."

The guy looked at her still smirking. "Oh come on…can you honestly say their antics don't affect you?"

The woman shrugged. "Of course they affect me…but unlike you I can control my hormones."

The man mouthed her words in a sarcastic manner, but the woman ignored him. The man turned away again and the woman resumed her vigil.

It only took a few minutes before the woman spoke up. "I bet Hanabi screams first."

The man thought for a second then shook his head. "Five thousand yen says it's Moegi."

The woman chuckled as she walked over to a grill on one wall and pried it open with a kunai and the sounds of moaning could be heard. It seemed no matter what age, Naruto's life would always provide someone pleasure.

Obviously there were more perverted Hyuuga then anyone realized.


Yes…now it is officially done.

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