Title: Just Leave It
Author: Hotaru
Fandom: Fuma no Kojiro
Characters/Pairing: Yosui, Kurojishi, Raiden, Shien, Byakko, Anki, Musashi, Kagerou, Mibu
Rating: K+
Summary: Don't tease Kagerou just because he caught a cold, even if you happen to be a master of the yo-yo.
A/N: A new FnK-fic, because I managed to find some of the animé un-dubbed the other day.^^

Yosui looked up from his comic-book as he heard someone sneeze. He looked around, and assumed that it wasn't Kurojishi, who was reading a magazine about judo, nor was it Musashi that bore, because he was busy reading the newspaper, and Anki was sleeping in one of the couches.
Raiden looked as confused as Yosui felt, but the lightning user soon returned his attention to staring at Shien and Byakko, who were huddled up in their so called 'snuggle chair'. Why was Raiden even staring at them? How creepy.
This only leaves... Yosui turned his head again. Kagerou.

Indeed, the man was fanning himself as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve, his gaze not once leaving the pages of the book he was reading. He looked way too much like someone who didn't want others to notice that he wasn't feeling all that well. With Kagerou, that had to be the case, Yosui mused, before he stood up and let his manga fall down into his plush chair.
He slipped over to Kagerou and poked his cheek. Kagerou sent him an uncharacteristically dark glare. Yosui felt the urge to back away for a moment, because man, that was the meanest look he'd ever seen on Kagerou's face. But he didn't back away; because he was the great Yosui, master over all worlds yo-yos.

"What do you want, Yosui?" was the question, barely hidden venom adding spice to his tone.
"You getting' sick or somethin'?" Yosui returned.
"No, I am not." Kagerou replied sourly, however his statement was contradicted by a large sneeze barely covered by a white-clad arm.
"Yeah, right." Yosui stood up, but still leaned forward. He continued to poke Kagerou's cheek for a while, then he got bored and headed back to his chair. "Just get good soon, stupid." he muttered as he slid down into the cushions embrace. Kagerou sent him yet another death-glare, which also was interrupted by a large sneeze, followed by another. Raiden laughed at him in glee, and Kurojishi sent him a look that said 'he's gonna kill you for that you know'.

Raiden fell silent and gulped when Kagerou's dark look was turned to him. Right, shut up, shut up.

Musashi glanced at the exchange, lacking any sort of interest, and turned back to his newspaper.
Kagerou left the room just as Shien woke up, aroused from sleep by the hostility in the room. He watched as Kagerou passed, then turned his confused gaze to Mibu who just entered the room.

Meanwhile, Yosui snickered in amusement, before he continued to read his manga. Seriously, this Kyo-guy and them were hilarious, and he really needed to show this to Byakko. Because well, one of Kyo's attacks had his name. That was really cool. Now if only he could convince Shien to change his name to Suzaku...

Two days later, Kagerou was his normal un-sneezing self, and he was set in the work of putting out his revenge-plan against Raiden in movement. Of course, with a little help from an extremely amused Yosui. (Who currently insisted on being called Yuan, for some reason.)


Anyone who knows what manga Yosui was reading? ^-^