There's a question that has been plaguing my mind for a long time now: Who would win a fight between Iron Man and Batman? Most people seem to lean towards Iron Man what with the heavily armoured and armed suit making him near invulnerable, but I mean, I think Frank Miller instilled the idea in everyone that read The Dark Knight Returns, by beating the living hell out of Superman, that Batman could beat the best of them, and with style too. So I guess this is my idea of how it would go down with somewhat of a mystery story going on in the background.
So nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this story I'm throwing together, and you know, these characters are the property of DC and Marvel etc. this is just a work of fan fiction etc. etc. Enjoy!

A Stranger in Gotham City


Gotham City...

The shivers that run down one's spine when the name Arkham Asylum is mentioned, precedes its reputation. The infamy and the horror, the insane criminals, the experiments, the monsters are all that make up Gotham City's primary institution for those mentally unfit for civilised society, and those criminally insane where they will only cause harm unless they are under strict observation. The asylum, dark, twisted, old, sits on its own island with a one-way link to the rest of Gotham City. It's almost as if it takes on a persona of its own. Most people argue that when Arkham Asylum is finally full, full of all of its Two-Faces and Riddlers, its Mad Hatters and Scarecrows, its Jokers and Harley Quinns, then Arkham island should just be blown off the face of the Earth. But there are laws preventing that of course.

No one really knows how the explosives got in there. Whether someone smuggled them in, or they'd been hidden there all along. All anyone knew when the explosion rocked the island was that Arkham Asylum was no longer secure, and that the light ontop of the GCPD needed to be switched on.

Batman arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes, pulling up in his dark and sleek Batmobile, he saw anarchy and chaos. Security guards and ordelies, fighting with their very lives to try and maintain order as inmates and patients attempted to flee the Asylum. Batman, exiting his Batmobile, looked up and saw the Asylum with an inferno engulfing one half of it. An explosion had blown out an entire wall. Numbers were yet to be accounted for. Numbers of escaped inmates and numbers of deaths.

"Batman! Thank Christ you made it," one of the few friendly voices on the island beckoned to Batman. Jim Gordon, standing over with two other uniformed police officers as they tackled the Ventriloquist to the ground.

"What happened here?" Batman said, his gritty and coarse voice.

"All we know now is that there's been an explosion. Could've been anything, a bomb, a gas leak. We don't know. Fire crews will be here any minute and I've got my men trying to establish a perimeter as soon as they get here. Fortunately, section C, where they keep all the serious and dangerous inmates, wasn't affected in the explosion."

"So that means-"

"Yes, The Joker is still incarcerated, along with Two-Face, The Riddler and all your other favourites," Gordon said as he watched his two officers handcuff The Ventriloquist.

"Who's our biggest concern right now?" Batman asked.

"We haven't found Basil Karlo, Warren White, Julian Day and Victor Zsasz. They were all in the wing that was destroyed, however we haven't found their bodies, and their cells have been blown wide open, our biggest concerns are Zsasz and Clayface," Gordon exclaimed as he walked along the grounds of Arkham, side-by-side with Batman, "Karlo could've changed his appearance to look like any police officer or asylum staff member by now, and Zsasz, he's attempted to break out four times in the last two months. He almost killed a janitor last week, cut him up pretty bad, he spent a day in critical condition. He's still in hospital."

"The Calender Man's clumsy, he'll slip up. If we don't catch him now, we'll know to be on our toes come the next holiday. White's no threat, and he's distinctive, not many people have pale white skin and resemble a shark, have your men search the grounds. As for Zsasz, he's unpredictable, tell your men to be on close lookout, and Clayface," Batman hesitated as he looked around at the dozens of men and women, struggling with the inmates, "he could be anyone or anywhere by now."

Batman stayed on Arkham Asylum until daybreak, with Commissioner Gordon and most of the police force. The Calender Man was discovered quickly, trying to escape by swimming back to the mainland. Warren White attempted to steal a police car but was subdued in seconds by Batman. By the time the sun came up, the only inmates still unaccounted for were Victor Zsasz and Basil Karlo. As Bruce threw himself on his bed back at Wayne Manor at six thirty in the morning, all he could think about were the lives that will be lost over the next few weeks whilst Victor Zsasz is on the loose.