A Tale of Innocence and Misfortune

Commissioned by Prince Soma Asman Kadar

Written by Agni

Translated from Hindi to English by Agni

Edited by Sebastian Michaelis

In a time closer to the present than the world would wish

There once lived a rakshasi of incredible power

She lived her days adorned with blood of innocents

Her deeds too many and too foul to retell

She longed to overthrow the gods and rule all realms

Yet she was not mighty enough to accomplish this feet

She hid among the human world while she devised a plan

She chose to mother a child with another of great power

A child of such parentage would surely be strong

She would use this child as a weapon for her war

With this in mind, she began her search for a mate

On a far away island, there dwelled a rakshasa

Although his power was great he chose to live alone

His name was unknown to both gods and men

He had a cruel nature and the innocent face of a liar

He cared little for the gods or his fellow creatures

Instead, he amused himself with the torment of mortals

As the rakshasi plotted, he searched for entertainment

The rakshasa came across a mortal child ten years of age

His name was Ciel, of noble blood and great misfortune

The rakshasa came to the distraught child and said,

"I will grant you one wish but once this wish if fulfilled

I will eat your flesh and mind while you still live."

To the brutal offer the boy replied, "I accept.

I only wish to see my murdered parents avenged.

You will serve me until their killers are found.

You will strike the murders dead and I will stand in their blood

Once this is done then I will give you my life."

Their bargain was struck and the rakshasa grinned

The powerful trickster took the form of a human servant

Together, Ciel and the rakshasa began their search

Meanwhile, the rakshasi had her own hunt

She came to the far away island and saw the boy

She laughed at Ciel of noble blood and great misfortune

She was the source of the boy's vast troubles

For on her last trip to the island she killed his family

She laughed her full of the child then saw his servant

Despite his human guile she recognized his true shape

At once she chose to make him the father of her child

Although the rakshasa was mighty, he did not expect deceit

Through awesome trickery she lured the male to her bed

When morning came, the rakshasa did not remember her

He returned to Ciel's task without a second thought

Unaware was he that his child grew in the rakshasi's belly

Three years passed yet, no clue could be found

In this time, the boy did not pray or hope

He knew he was soon to die, he gave into his fate

The rakshasa began to suspect one of his kind as the culprit

Yet, he said nothing to Ciel, of noble blood and great misfortune

As the duo searched for her without success

The rakshasi raised her daughter to be her sickle

She taught the girl to fight, to kill without question

Whenever the girl made a mistake, as all children do,

The rakshasi beat her daughter, headless of her pleads

The child knew no mercy from her mother's hate

Yet, the rakshasi underestimated the creature she had spawned

With luck and bravery the girl fled her prison

Aliya was the name given to her by her mother

Aliya, the girl of potent lineage and dire fortune

She escaped her mother's grasp and ran to the faraway island

For two months the girl struggled for life, alone and lost

Then on a day of heavy rains, she encountered her father

The rakshasa was not pleased to learn of her origin

He despised his foul luck at having caught the rakshasi's eye

He turned all his hatred upon the rakshasi

His daughter, Aliya, reminded him of her mother

For this crime she too suffered his disfavor

Enter now to the tale, Prince Soma Asman Kadar

The twenty-sixth child of the king of Bengal and friend to Ciel

With the prince traveled Agni, the prince's servant

Ciel of noble blood and great misfortune boarded his guests

The friendship between the boy and the prince was strong

Both born to the high caste yet plagued with troubles

The boy lost both parents and lost his will to live

The prince grew up in loneliness and lost his sense of purpose

Through their friendship the prince found his way again

Out of gratitude and brotherhood, the prince made a vow

He swore to stay with the boy on the faraway island

To not leave his side until his troubles were solved

It is sad to report, the rakshasa kept Ciel in darkness

The rakshasa played the part of a human for the prince

He preformed his act and the prince let him stay with Ciel

As a human, the rakshasa hid much of his cruel nature

Believing his human lips, Agni called him "friend"

When they lived with the boy, the prince and his servant met Aliya

The rakshasa introduced her as his human daughter

At once, the prince and his servant saw her distress

Despite her bloodline, the girl was innocent

She cried in the night and begged for her father's love

The prince and his servant offered her friendship

The girl of potent lineage and dire fortune agreed

The prince and the rakshasi daughter played together

In a matter of days, the boy, the girl, and the prince grew close

In the large house on the faraway island

The three of them lived and laughed in each other's company

Upon seeing his daughter's joy, the rakshasa gave pause

His heart, although vicious, was not truly evil

That night he held his child close and whispered to her

He apologized for his behavior and made a promise that

He would no longer punish her for the sins of her mother

Aliya of potent lineage and dire fortune flourished

She stood beside her father with loving pride

She matched her wits with Ciel, besting him often

With Prince Soma Asman Kadar she learned to find joy in life

Like all children, she required only care to grow

Alas, this precious, fragile peace could not last

The rakshasi began her war upon the gods and men

She led an army of followers to lay waste to the island

She planned to collect her weapon then challenge the gods

With devastation upon the horizon, the rakshasa stirred

He wished to kill the rakshasi to complete his deal with the boy

And to avenge himself for the trickery she had done to him

But the rakshasi was cunning and cruel

She fooled several of her kind into thinking Aliya's father had done them some slight

As the rakshasa quarreled with his kinsmen, she appeared

Agni, the prince's servant, attempted to defend the girl but failed

The rakshasi threw him aside and stole her child

The rakshasa raged at the loss of the daughter he had come to love

His confused kin apologized for the mistake

They did not the rakshasi to rule but nor did they want her wrath

The rakshasa named them useless and chased them away

To save his child he required help and turned to the only source he had

To the prince and his servant, the rakshasa confessed his true nature

He gave them a peak through his illusion to the fangs beneath

He did not fear the consequences of such an act

For he knew the prince and his servant to be kind hearted and just

They would never harm the innocent Aliya because of her parentage

The prince and his servant were surprised and distressed

The prince finally understood why this friend had no hope

Despite their realization, they had no time to act

The rakshasi was on her way to fight the gods

The band traveled together to the rakshasi's place of power

At the door the rakshasa could go no further

For the tower was spelled against his entrance

The three humans continued as he stood in wait

Inside, they found the girl chained and the rakshasi

The prince and the boy hurried to undo the spell

As they worked, the servant held the rakshasi's attention

Agni, the prince's servant, had once learned martial skill

Since swearing his life to the prince he had only used his talent as a guard

Although not as strong as the rakshasi, the servant kept her busy

The prince and the boy broke the spell and the rakshasa came

Seeing her father and her friends gave the girl hope

Aliya of potent lineage and dire fortune struggled against her bounds

From her back spread a mighty pair of wings that shattered her chains

The girl was free but her mother still lived

The rakshasa led the other three to the door then said

"You have done your parts, now I must fight her alone.

Agni, you who once called me friend, take my daughter

Carry her out of danger and if I fall this day, I ask you raise her as your own."

The servant promised and took the injured child in his arms

The rakshasa turned to his opponent and the three humans fled

The tower rumbled around them as the two great beats fought

None of them looked back, for such a battle is not one for human eyes

Fire and smoke rose to the sky and the world stilled

The inhuman sounds and quakes subsided

Everyone waited for the victor to emerge

From the darkness of the sunrise came the rakshasa

The girl yelled with joy and ran to her father

The deal between the boy and the rakshasa was done

Ciel's parents had been avenged, his time was over

The boy accepted his fate but the girl did not

She begged her parent to let her friend live

The rakshasa granted her request and ended his deal

The prince hugged his friend and swore to never let him loose his hope again

The rakshasa no longer lived alone

For he shared a life with his beloved daughter

In turn, Aliya the rakshasi of potent lineage was never left wanting

Out of her harsh beginnings she found a purpose

Until the end of all things she swore to watch over the souls of

Ciel of noble blood, Prince Soma Asman Kadar of the highest caste, Agni the servant

And all those of innocence and misfortune

"Excellent," Sebastian nodded when he finished the text.

"You truly think so?" Agni asked.

"Yes, simplifying certain events and making my character sympathetic were definitely the right decisions."

"You don't mind that it's not as realistic?"

"That line I added about my character asking you to take care of Aliya isn't far from the truth. The angel would never have defeated me but in the unlikely event that I die Aliya, will be in your care. And you have no reason to feel guilty about adding a happy ending for your audience. I'm sure Aliya will love it once she reads this."

"I simply have never written before."

"Must you always second guess yourself? The main editing I did was take out your unnecessary praising of Prince Soma and correct a few grammar issues in the English translation."

"Yes, I had no idea you could learn Hindi so quickly."

"Here," Sebastian handed him back the manuscript. "Tell Soma it's ready to be sent to his publisher friends in India and save a copy for Aliya."

"Thank you for your help," Agni bowed his head slightly.

"While we're here I have a favor to ask in return."

"Of course." Agni waited politely while Sebastian removed a small box from his pocket. He opened the velvet lined jewelry box and carefully removed something bright white.

"Kindly hold this, I need to make sure it won't shrivel when it comes in contact with human skin." Agni held out his hand and Sebastian gave him a palm-sized object.

It took Agni a moment to recognize it as a hair comb. The polished, light-weight material of the bristles was milky white. Several beautiful white feathers were artistically attached to the comb, tied in place with thin, translucent binding. The whole piece seemed to sparkle despite there being no gemstones or anything shiny.

"Is this for Aliya?"

"I'm not entirely sure when to give it to her. Our kind doesn't celebrate birthdays," Sebastian mused.

"It's beautiful," Agni gingerly turned it over in his hands.

"It's all that's left of her mother."


"I saved a piece of her wing. It's made of her bone, sinew, and feathers."

"Ah…" Agni eyed it with less reverence. An uncomfortable custom to consider. Although, Aliya had fought hard that day, she deserved a trophy of the enemy she defeated. "I think Aliya will take comfort in it."

Seasnake: Hello everyone. Personal reasons have kept me busy the past 8 or so months but now I am back and hope to post more on soon. To anyone who read this story I would like to say a few things. First of all, thank you for your wonderful comments. It warms my heart to read them.

Second, for those who wrote critiques, I will take what you said into consideration. It will probably be a while before I decide to do another mass edit on this monstrosity of a story, but when I get around to it I will take note of your advice.

Third, to the people asking about a sequel, I don't know yet. I'm throwing ideas around but nothing has stuck yet. If I get a great idea for a second story I will write it. If I don't, I don't.

Fourth, to anyone out there who is artistically inclined and has free time, I would love a picture of Aliya. I truly love artwork (seriously, I spend forever on deviantart, tumblr, and go to art museums). I, unfortunately, can not draw very well. The second I try to add shading it goes terribly terribly wrong. Below is a link to the best picture of Aliya I can manage to draw. Anyway, if anyone out there would care to make something for me and give me a link to it, I would be ecstatic. I will put the best fitting one as a picture to this story with credit given to the illustrator in the first chapter. Unless, of course, the owner asks me not to use the picture. Any part of my story, doesn't have to be Aliya if you don't want to draw her, any medium. Any Kuro art that is at all related to the story, please. I'm not picky; I'm the one asking for a favor.

Finally, I never expected this amount of readership. I am so very glad that so many people got joy out of reading my work. I write for me but I share it to bring happiness to others. Knowing that my creativity, in at least some small way, affected other people makes all the effort worth it. Not that artwork wouldn't make it even more worth it. ;)

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