As soon as Hinata stepped out of the airport she immediately recognized her father's sporty, black car. Approaching the vehicle the driver, along with her younger sister and father joined her outside the car. Greeting her sister, Hanabi and father, Hiashi with a warm hug, and the driver her with a polite smile. After handing over her luggage Hinata stepped into the car, her father and sister following. As soon as they were all seated Hiashi's phone began to vibrate from inside is suit pocket. Taking out his phone, Hiashi gave an apologetic smile to his daughters before answering the call. Apparently, the CEO of Namikaze & Uzumaki Inc. had been trying to contact him to inform him of the new COO who'd be coming to next business seminar.

Hinata sat silently in her father's car as he directed the driver in and out of traffic while simultaneously scheduling a date to meet the new COO, her younger sister's window was open despite their father's protest and Hinata could feel the sun rays pouring through. Despite the warmth of the weather she trembled, the light breeze ghosting over her face, and weaving itself in her hair. She was home.

Hinata could barely remember the last time she saw the small town of Konoha, trees growing every which way dense forest covering every area, that's what she remembered. Climbing never-ending sycamores and oaks, watching as the leaves fall to the tall grass as a branch shakes, joining her in laughter when she reaches the top. Although, now five years later many things have changed. Konoha is no longer the insignificant marking on a map you'd easily mistake for a campsite or park, but a bustling city full of sights and smells, sky-scrappers and citizens covered in the lights and leaves of its environment.

Outside the city, the suburbs sat quietly just out of reach of the uproar of the noisy metropolis. Hinata remembered this. Not the typical houses lining the streets, lawns clean cut with pristine well-painted fences, but homes where neighbors could be separated by miles, where wild animals could be seen frolicking through to-and-fro between the forest and open valleys. The quiet sounds of birds as they flew through the air, and the school just on the edge of the neighborhood, perfectly situated between rural and residential.

The school wasn't just any you'd be able to look up in a phone book either, but one you'd hear being spoken of by over-privileged children and their parents. It's one of many in the district, with an extremely exceptional, and unique way to teach students. An academy, one meant to teach its students of pride, tradition, and excellence.

It was the close to home. That was all that mattered, at least to her father. A way to get back in touch with family, she wasn't she believed him or not. It has been five years.

"If I understand correctly you're the next heir to the Hyuuga Corporations, and the cousin of Neji Hyuuga"

"Yes, that's right"

"Well, we here at Konoha Academy are pleased to have you here Ms. Hyuuga"

That was it. That was the reason she couldn't believe her father. It was about legacy, it's always about the classification you held or the influence that was left behind. Proving she has ability to out-rank her prestigious cousin.

"Thank you" Hinata, polite as she could be, no matter how much she didn't want to answer but manners, etiquette are just one of the few things her father drilled into her as a girl.

The Dean- Tsunade was her name- seemed nice though. Kinder than she originally thought, given the rumors spread amongst the dropouts at last month's IPO. And just as endowed as they mentioned, Hinata has had more difficult things to keep her eyes off of.

"Being as new as you are, I'm sure you haven't had the-"

A knock at her door interrupted her. A lithe woman stepping in clip board in hand, with kind black eyes to match her hair and pants-suit.

"Excuse me Miss I'm sorry to interrupt but, I have some students waiting out here for you"

"Which ones and what did they do now?" Tsunade sighed, agitated at both being interrupted and having to provide disciplinary action, the school was on a budget.

"It's the boys, ma'am, and they were, rough-housing" the woman explained, walking up to the Dean and handing her a slip of paper.

Hinata sat silently listening to the Dean as she mumbled, reading the words on the paper. Tsunade sat up looking up to the ceiling of her office, taking the time to bring her forefinger and thumb to her nose and pinch.

"Of course they were." Tsunade mumbles again before adding, "Oh yes Ms. Hyuuga this is Shizune, the school secretary, she will also be the one providing you with everything you need to know about the school and its guidelines with you." Hinata smiled, as best as she could at the moment.

Outside the Dean's office yelling could be heard from more than one person, soon enough there was a crashing noise. Tsunade sighs again, letting her displeasure of the situation be known as she crumples the paper, still in her hand and tosses it into the near by bin.

"Shizune, be sure to send out an e-mail to all staff members saying; that if they write the students up, it is their responsibility to discipline said students"

Shizune nods writing the words on her clip board before turning to leave. "I'll bring as few of them in at a time, I'll be back to assist you in a moment" she adds before leaving the office.

"You don't mind standing up do you?" asked Tsunade gesturing to the left side of her desk. Hinata shook her head while standing and walking to Tsunade's left.

The door to Tsunade's office, left open, allowing Shizune and a few students to be let in.

"Why is that whenever something happens, it's always you?"

Shizune, still standing by the opened door motioned for Hinata to follow her out of the room. The students who gathered into the office weren't ones Hinata immediately recognized, given that Konoha was once a small town she figured she'd know the few who'd caused trouble. In fact, these students looked as if they should be attending college rather than a high school.

Bowing politely before Shizune closed the door, and heading to the main office of the school, Hinata caught a glimpse of one student who did seem familiar to her; worry-lines and uncaring eyes to match his pale face.

As Hinata and Shizune walked through the main lobby of the school, Shizune handed a significant number of forms to the girl as they approached her desk, just a few feet from the Dean's office.

"You'll be needing these if you're going to stay in a dorm, or use a school vehicle most students do, especially the ones who attend the University."

"The university?" Hinata was confused she'd never known of a college near the school.

Shizune chuckled quietly, "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you're new to the area"

"It's alright" Hinata remarked kindly.

The secretary then took the time to explain the system that the school worked on, it consisted of having a high school and college working in tandem to guide its students. The college and high school stood on the same campus, spread strategically between four buildings, and dormitories. To maintain order amongst the students the main buildings for the Academy and the University stand on opposite sides of the campus. The Academy on the east and the University on the west with the four education buildings in between.

The system worked, but not perfectly. This was because of the frequent feuds between the many heirs, and beneficiaries that attended the school expecting their parents to look at their test scores and pull them out immediately and work as CEO. It wasn't a business school, but no matter the number of graduating students, the amount completing their academic career with a business degree out-numbered any other graduate degree.

As Hinata and Shizune continued their way through the lobby of the Academy, Shizune explained that two of the schools security guards would be escorting her the rest of the way. Thanking Shizune, Hinata waited patiently outside the doors until a golf cart with two young men approached her.

"You must be the new Hyuuga." One stated as he got out of the front seat to move to the back. The other, gestured for her to take a seat next to him. Moving quickly, Hinata sat next to him trying to get as comfortable as possible on the noisy pleather seating.

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