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Trial & Retribution

By vivalaB

"Please hold still Miss Benson"

Olivia sighed, allowing the intrusive hands to examine her bare flesh. She moved her eyes from the eggshell ceiling to the blonde sitting quietly in a nearby chair holding her discarded clothing. She focused on the bowed head until blue eyes lifted and met her own.

Alex Cabot smiled in sympathy at her girlfriend lying on top of a bed in St Vincent's Hospital as a doctor and a nurse scrutinized her healing wounds.

"No inflammation, no swelling, no nausea, no breathing difficulties?" the white haired man asked.

Olivia turned her head back towards him, "Nope, it was a medium caliber bullet, clean entry and exit and it's been looked at by two EMT's, a veterinarian and…a lawyer," she informed him, smiling as she said the last part.

Doctor Wilson nodded his head, "Your skin's bonded nicely across both areas, I see no indication of infection…shouldn't leave much more than a thin white line, barely an inch long, on either wound," he said, touching the lightly bruised area gently.

"What about her head?" Alex asked, referring to the contusion Olivia had received during her stand off with rogue Tactical Agent, David Brennan, which had resulted in her current injuries.

The dark haired nurse smiled over at her, "Just waiting on Radiology with the results, Miss Cabot," she supplied in a friendly tone.

Alex had been nervous at first when the doctor had called for the CT scan. She had watched helplessly as Olivia was given a contrast injection and connected to an IV. Olivia had been feeling groggy when they first arrived at the cabin, but hadn't given any indication that her head was still fuzzy, Alex's mind was busy absorbing everything being said and done.

"Alex, I told you, my head feels fine," Olivia said, smiling over at her in reassurance.

Doctor Wilson finished his careful examination and stepped back, "You can get dressed now, I'll be back shortly with your CT results," he said, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

The doctor and nurse left the room, closing the door behind them, leaving the two women alone.

Alex moved from her seated position to stand at the side of the bed and pushed dark hair away from Olivia's eyes. She looked down at the faint, red mark on her arm, where the IV had bee inserted and smiled lovingly into deep, brown eyes.

Olivia returned the look, savoring the feeling of Alex's warm fingers caressing her cool forehead. She smiled at her, "Only you could have an Uncle on the hospital board," she admonished playfully.

Alex grinned, "Don't underestimate the reach of the Cabot's Benson…when we want something, we always get it," she said in a conspiratorial tone, referring to the private room and instant medical attention they had received.

"Don't I know it," she replied, waggling her brows suggestively before adding, "It's a good job I passed on that second cup of coffee at the diner or we'd still be waiting for them to stick me with that needle," she groused.

Alex kissed her lightly, "It's done now, c'mon…get dressed," she encouraged, watching as Olivia shifted her position and swung her legs over the side, accepting the offered clothing.

The cab ride was quiet as tiredness enveloped both women. Olivia's CT scan had been clear, no residual trace of any damage to her head. They had left the hospital intent on a quick stop at Olivia's apartment to collect some clothes and her cellphone charger, before heading to Alex's apartment.

It was almost 7pm as the taxi pulled to a stop in front of Olivia's building. As they reached Olivia's door, the brunette hesitated.

"What?" Alex asked, leaning tiredly against the body in front.

Olivia swallowed nervously, "This is the first time you'll be here, as my…" she faltered, trying to find the right word.

"Girlfriend?" Alex offered.

"Girlfriend," Olivia confirmed, turning and giving her a cocky smile.

Alex leaned forward and kissed her. Lips parted in a familiar dance allowing their tongues to tango together a few times before reluctantly parting.

"Open the door Liv," Alex breathed out, looking anxiously around the empty hallway, her hands itching to touch the body before her.

"In a hurry Counselor?" Olivia teased.

Alex leaned into her, "I have a very pressing need to be private with you," she whispered hotly.

Olivia kissed her again and fumbled with the keys as Alex pressed seductively into her from behind. They stumbled through the door, Olivia barely managing to kick it closed before she was pushed roughly against it by the eager blonde. Hands clutched and pulled at clothing, desperate to touch bare skin as mouths fused together on a surge of passion.

A low whistle of appreciation sounded from the sofa, "I woulda thought after a week in the wilderness y'all would've run out of steam."

Alex and Olivia froze at the familiar drawl. They halted all movement and gazed at each other briefly with regret before meeting the twinkling dark eyes of Abbie Carmichael.

"Do I even want to know how you got in here?" Olivia asked, fixing her clothing. She reached for Alex's hand and moved towards the dark haired Federal attorney.

Abbie laughed, "In the interests of national security, it's best I keep that one under my hat," she said, tipping an imaginary hat in their direction.

Olivia shook her head and blew out a breath of frustration.

"Losing your touch Liv…could see you had your hands full… but didn't you notice the lights on?" Abbie teased as she sat in the chair beside the sofa.

Olivia and Alex sank heavily into the sofa and glared at their unwanted visitor.

"Save the daggers for Porter, I thought we could have dinner and get the elephants out the room before tomorrow," she said brightly.

Alex frowned, "What elephants?" she asked, speaking to Abbie for the first time.

Abbie lifted a hand to her chest, "She speaks too?" she mocked, shaking her head in wonder.

Alex instantly opened her mouth to reply but Abbie waved her off, "Relax Cabot, I'm just yanking your chain…I see you've improved your technique over the years…feisty suits you," she husked throatily in a teasing tone.

Alex gave the hand she was holding a gentle squeeze, "It wasn't the technique that needed improving…but the company," she retorted.

"Ouch…one elephant down…one to go…" Abbie replied, arching an eyebrow.

Olivia kissed Alex on the cheek before looking at Abbie, "Are we going to do this all night?" she asked flatly.

Abbie shrugged, "You tell me, we've not even touched on the fact that you and I used to share a bed," she said smiling sweetly, exposing white teeth and dimples.

Olivia released her hold on Alex's hand and moved it along the back of the sofa, draping it protectively around Alex's shoulders. Alex leaned forward slightly, allowing Olivia to hold her.

"If your intention is to make me jealous of the fact that you and Liv were together albeit, briefly…" Alex paused, allowing the implication to sink in before continuing, "Over ten years ago…then you're sadly mistaken Abbie," she finished, maintaining eye contact with the dark haired woman.

Olivia subconsciously held her breath, waiting for Abbie's reaction.

Abbie burst out laughing and shook her head, "Oh Cabot relax…see, doesn't everybody feel better now we've got the elephants out the room?"

Two pairs of eyes looked incredulously at her.

"Look, I think it's great you're finally together, God knows everybody always said you would, but let's face it…I made out with you," she said nodding at Alex, "And I had a thing with you," she said nodding at Olivia. She smiled a them both, "I love you both, I didn't want it to change anything between us, okay?" she said honestly, showing the dimples once more.

"How did you even know we were back in the city?" Alex asked.

"I tracked down your flight log…private landing pad on 450 West 33rd Street, near the Lincoln Tunnel, nice touch Alex," she acquiesced.

Alex tilted her head in acknowledgement.

Abbie continued, "You landed almost three hours ago, where d'you go? At first I thought you might've gone straight to Alex's apartment…that is where you're heading isn't it?" she asked smugly.

Olivia nodded, "We stopped off at St Vincent's then swung by here to pick up a few things," she clarified.

"St Vincent's?"

Alex placed a hand on Olivia's leg and stroked it tenderly, "The bullet wound and concussion, I wanted to make sure she was okay," she said quietly.

Abbie looked at Olivia, "Are you?" she asked, concern evident in her tone.

Olivia nodded, enjoying the soothing touch.

"You shoulda said, I woulda turned down my, jealous ex routine, a notch," she said sincerely.

Alex smiled at her, "Please…you can't turn anything down a notch," she said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm learning to, it's the new mature me…" she replied with mock hurt as both faces looked at her in disbelief.

"What about Porter's trial, what's the latest news since your phonecall," Olivia asked, eager to move this conversation along and be alone with Alex.

Abbie settled back into the chair and filled them in on the latest developments. She outlined her trial prep, witness list, how Porter was still defending himself and that he had no-one on his witness list.

Alex shook her head, "What is he doing? He's not even opting for a psyche defense?" she asked.

Abbie shrugged, "Nope. We've got enough evidence to put him away in Federal lock up without a trial. He won't accept any deal and my boss, wants to use him as an example to anyone else planning on abusing their position of authority," she confirmed.

"He wants his day in court," Olivia said absently.

Alex felt the arm around her tighten slightly and draw her in closer, "Hey, he doesn't have a leg to stand on…you know that," she said softly, nudging the body beside her.

Abbie rubbed her hands across her denim clad thighs, "Maybe that's what he wants," she said.

"What?" Alex asked.

Abbie motioned between the two of them, "Are you planning on being open about your relationship?" she asked delicately.

Both heads nodded.

"Well, maybe he wants to ruin you both by outing your relationship on the stand…are you ready for that?" she asked tentatively.

Both heads nodded again.

Alex rested her hand firmly on Olivia's thigh, "We've talked about this Abbie, I'll speak to McCoy," she said confidently.

"And I'll speak to Cragen," Olivia said, looking at Alex, "The irony is, we weren't even in a relationship when this all started, Porter brought us together," she said, shaking her head.

Alex turned and smiled at her, "I won't deny how I feel about you Liv, under oath or not," she said with conviction.

Abbie bit the inside of her cheek, reluctant to interrupt and waited a few seconds, "You know this could have career ramifications for you both…it's a closed trial and the press will only be informed of the verdict, but you know how these high profile cases go. Opposition loves to get their teeth into something and use it in their political agenda. Porter probably wants to publicly out you both and damage not only your careers, but your reputations too…" she paused, not wanting to say the next words, "One or both of you may be reassigned, you can't continue working together if you're involved in a personal relationship," she finished quietly.

Olivia spoke first and looked over at Abbie, "We know Abbie, there's not much we can do about that until we know what options we have, if any. It's taken me long enough to tell Alex that I love her, I've already told her I would give up my badge for her…and I will, if it comes to that," she said sternly.

"We talked about this Liv, let's not do anything rash…maybe I should go with you when you talk to Cragen," she offered, searching the dark eyes.

Olivia smiled and softened her tone, "No, I won't do anything rash but I won't have anyone thinking they can use my feelings for you, against you," she stated quietly.

Abbie cleared her throat, "Let's not jump the gun, that's our worst case scenario…McCoy would be an idiot to lose his best prosecutor and Cragen treats you as if you were his own Liv. Bottom line, we're not gonna know what Porter wants until we get into that court room," she said, bobbing her head.

Alex nodded in agreement, "It's a week away, we've got plenty of time to test the political waters," she said optimistically.

Olivia gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze, "Exactly," she agreed, smiling at her.

Abbie looked at them both, "Now, d'you want me to leave you alone, or d'you wanna order in and tell me all about the mountains…and by all, I mean the monkey sex…just for comparable purposes of course," she said grinning.