Atem is a demon and not just any demon. He is the Prince of Hell and next in line for the throne. While on a trip to Earth he discovers an angel baby and decides to bring it back with him. When his councils finds out, they try to convince Atem to kill the child, but Atem refuses. Using his position as an advantage, he orders that the child be raised there in the palace. Atem thinks of himself as Yugi's father as she grows older, but what happens when he begins to have new feelings for Yugi.


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Demon's Angel

Shining Light

Two men stood in a park. To most they would seem like ordinary people enjoying the view of the blooming sakura trees, whose blossoms blew everywhere in the wind with the falling snow.

One man stood at about five foot three with tricolored hair made of black hair outlined in a stunning crimson and golden bangs shooting up through his hair with some framing his face. His eyes were a glowing crimson, the color of blood. His skin was a sun kissed tan that could only be natural. He wore a black leather shirt with matching black leather pants and studded boots adorned his feet. He wore matching bands on both of his wrists and silver chains and studs covered his clothing.

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The other was much taller than the first. He stood about six foot two with brown hair and sapphire like eyes. He wore a black trench coat with a black shirt and black pants. His clothing was less . . . attention seeking than the others. In contrast to the other, he had pale white skin.

"My prince, we should go back. Once the council finds out you are gone they will be furious."

The young man with crimson eyes looked at him. "Calm down Seth, they can't do anything to me."

"I know that!" Seth glared at his cousin. "I, on the other hand, am not as fortunate."

"Don't worry," said the young man as he waved his hand. "If I tell them not to do anything, then they won't."

"Atem." His tone made the young man, Atem, finally look at him with a serious expression. "The council will go to you father." At the mentioning of his father, Atem flinched. "The council may not be able to do anything to you, but your father can." Atem just stared at the ground. "Please, let's go home."

"Alright." Atem turned toward in the opposite direction of where the portal to back home was and ran.

"My prince!" Seth had run after him. "My prince, where are you running to?"

"I have to find it," Atem muttered to himself. "I have to find the source of that light."

Being a demon, he's entire being was nothing but pure darkness. But that also meant that he was sensitive to light. Through his eyes he could see a brilliantly glowing light somewhere within the human city.

He hadn't told Seth, but that was the reason that he had came to Earth. If he could sense such a light from all the way down in the pits of Hell, then it was no ordinary light.

What confused him thought was why no one else was able to sense it. True, he was the strongest demon in all of Hell. He was even stronger than his father. But the brighter the light, the easier it is to sense, so then why is he the only one able to sense it.

Suddenly, the light dimmed for a short second before flickering again.

"No!" yelled Atem. That flickering meant that the source of the light was hurt or worse, dying. Atem started running faster until he ran at his top speed.

He had far out run Seth. He ran so fast that he was invisible to human eyes. "No!" He knew that he was nearly there. The light was getting closer. "I have to find that light!"

He turned into an alley and froze at what he saw.

A human adult, clearly a male, was holding a baby by its left arm, letting it hang in his grip. The man, if he could even be called a man, was obviously drunk as he stumbled. He was walking away from Atem, so he couldn't he the man's face, but he knew what he would see would disgust him. The man had an evil, disgusting aura surrounding him. The baby on the other hand . . .

The sight of the baby is what had caused him to stop anyway. His entire focus was on the baby even though he subconsciously took in information about the man. The baby had to of been only a few weeks old. It was so small. The tiny thing's ribs were even showing. This . . . this . . . monster had obviously neglected it.

After reaching this conclusion, Atem began to examine the child to make sure it was not physically harmed by the man in his intoxicated state. It was.

The child was unconscious. It was covered in only a shirt and a pair of pants to thin for the cold conditions.

Red blood was still flowing from a wound on its temple on the left side of its head. It hung there limply. It's hair was amazingly similar to Atem's own. The only differences were that, where Atem had gold bands through his hair, the baby had one gold bang hanging over its forehead and the baby's hair was long and reached to its shoulders.

Atem couldn't see its eyes, but he could see that they were wide, and he wanted to be able to see them so badly. As if sensing his thoughts, the baby opened its eyes.

Atem gasped as he saw the baby's beautiful amethyst eyes. He had never seen anyone, demon or human, which such eyes. They reminded him of himself. He had been ridiculed and feared ever sense he was young because of the color of his own eyes.

Atem's gasp caused the man to look over his shoulder to see what had caused the sound. When he saw Atem standing there he turned his whole body toward him with a severely slurred "Who the hell are you?"

The moment the baby had opened its eyes, the child's amethyst gems immediately went to Atem. That stared seemed to bore into Atem's very being. Then tears began to build in the baby's eyes and it began to cry.

The very sight of the child with tears in its eyes enraged Atem. He didn't know why it bothered him so badly, but it did. And what the man did next pushed Atem over the edge.

"You little piece of crap! Shut up!" when the child continued the man raised his arm into the arm and closed his hand, forming a fist. "I said be quiet you little—"

The man didn't get to finish as Atem, with an enraged cry, charged at he man and tackled him to the ground, but not before getting the baby out of the man's grasp.

"How dare you. How dare you!" Atem's eyes seemed to glow in the dark alley. "I'll make sure you burn in hell for all eternity for this! You'll pay if it's the last thing I do!"

"My prince! What are . . . "

Seth stopped as he surveyed what was in front of him. A man struggling to stand. And Atem. Backing away from him while carrying in his arms.

Seth took a step forward, but Atem started to literally growl at him. Atem's sharpened teeth could be seen as he bared his teeth at Seth.

"My prince, everything is all right." Seth tried to move his body so that Atem would not take him as a threat. "Come over here and calm down."

"No! You'll take it away! I . . . I . . . I can't let you take it away!" With that Atem turned and ran as fast as he could. He tucked the child into his chest in order to help it against the freezing wind.

He ran straight back to the park that had the sakura trees. There he jumped up into one of the trees in the middle of the park so that no one will hopefully see him.

Once he found a sturdy branch where he could not be seen he looked at the tiny bundle in his arms. This child was the source of light the he had sensed. It's light still shined brightly in his vision.

It. It. It. He didn't wan to call the child an it. He knew to most it would be kind of weird but he wanted to know the child's gender.

He pulled down the pants and underwear just enough to see what gender it was, then pulled them back up. He felt a little like a pervert but curiosity was stronger.

A girl. He held a tiny baby girl in his arms. Atem thought that she was adorable. Atem raised his hand and wiped away her tears. He marveled at how soft the skin under his fingers was.

For some reason, his maternal instincts had kicked in the minute he had saw the child.

"I'll take care of you," he vowed. He knew he would take good care of this little girl. "No one will ever hurt you again." With this, he placed as kiss to the girl's head, where her wound was.

The wound below his lips closed as his magic healed the wound. Atem held his lips there and the spot began to glow black.

Raising his head, Atem inspected the area. He had marked the child so that no one at home could dare hurt her. It was an upside down pyramid with a strange eye in the center.

If someone were to touch the child with ill intentions, the mark will glow as it notifies Atem of what is happening to the girl and will also shock the person with a wave of magic to paralyze them until Atem can arrive so that he can punish the person if he so desires.

As the mark stopped glowing, the girl started giggling at Atem with a big smile on its face. Atem felt his heart nearly burst at how cute the little girl was. Nothing would ever happen to her ever again.

"My prince!" Atem looked below him to Seth standing there, his anger obvious. "What in the pits of Hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing is wrong," Atem answered calmly.

"What do you mean 'nothing is wrong'? You ran away out of no where! I find you with some human drunk and you run again rambling some random nonsense! Now I find you in a tree back where we started at!"

"I was not rambling nonsense."

"Then what did you mean by 'you'll take it away'?" Seth asked after he calmed down.

"Come up here, Seth."

Seth glared at him for a moment before finally joining his cousin. Once he got situated he finally looked at Atem, then at what was in his arms. He gasped.

It was a small, weak human child. It had blood trails down its face and its ribs were showing. He could also see Atem's Millennium Puzzle symbol. Atem had left the actual puzzle at home so that his father would hopefully not know they were on Earth.

He also noticed the look in Atem's crimson eyes.

"No. No! Absolutely not!" yelled Seth. He knew that look all to well. "We are not taking a human baby back home. No! Are you insane!"

Atem looked at him, determined. "She needs me. I am not leaving her here. Besides, I have already marked her. I am taking her with me and that is final."

"No, I will not let—"

"I was not asking for your permission, High Priest," said Atem with his commanding tone.

Seth stared at him for a long time. He finally sighed before saying, "Fine. Bring it and—"


". . . . Bring her and let's go home."

Atem looked back at the tiny girl in his arms. "Let's go home. My little Yugi."

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