Atem is a demon and not just any demon. He is the Prince of Hell and next in line for the throne. While on a trip to Earth he discovers an angel baby and decides to bring it back with him. When his councils finds out, they try to convince Atem to kill the child, but Atem refuses. Using his position as an advantage, he orders that the child be raised there in the palace. Atem thinks of himself as Yugi's father as she grows older, but what happens when he begins to have new feelings for Yugi.


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Demon's Angel

Crowning of the New Pharaoh

Atem stood in front of the mirror as he dressed himself for his coronation.

He wore an elegant crimson robe decorated in designs and embedded with gold that barely reached the floor in front of him and dragged on the floor of about five feet. He wore many gold bracelets on his arms and legs, along with the heavy neck piece. He also wore a pair of gold ankh earrings.

"You look pretty, Daddy," a voice came from the bed.

Atem turned at looked at Yugi. She wore a beautiful amethyst dress with matching sandals and tiny ankh earrings.

Atem had picked out exactly what both he and Yugi would be wearing. When the servants came to dress them, Atem had kindly, but forcefully, kicked them out. He didn't want anyone near him or touching, except Yugi. And he didn't want just anyone dressing Yugi either.

"You look beautiful," he said with a smile.

Yugi giggled into her hands. "Thank you, Daddy."

Atem chuckled as he turned back to the mirror and put on the last touch, a bit of kohl to keep the light out of his eyes.

After he finished, he turned back to Yugi. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, Daddy," she answered as she climbed down from the bed.

Atem took her hand and led her from the room.

Atem just stared straight ahead as he lead Yugi through the familiar hallway to the balcony where he shall speak to his people.

All my life, I have feared the day when I will finally have to take over as Pharaoh. It seems too soon.


"Hm?" Atem hummed as he looked down at Yugi.

"You know I love you, right?"

Atem stopped dead in his tracks and stared at her. Then, he smiled as he realized that she was feeling his fear. "I know, my precious Yugi."

Atem stopped behind one of the curtains that opened around the edge of the doorway to the balcony. He could hear the yells and cants that called for him.

He looked down at Yugi. "Yugi, I want you to wait here until I call for you, okay?"

Yugi looked up at him with her wide eyes. "Okay, Daddy."

Atem nodded, satisfied. Yugi wouldn't disobey him.

"—and now, all hail our new Pharaoh!" they heard Shimon call from the balcony. "All hail Pharaoh Atem!"

With one last glimpse at Yugi, Atem walked out into the balcony and the crowd exploded.

"Pharaoh! All hail the Pharaoh! Pharaoh! All hail Pharaoh Atem!"

"Greetings, my people!" Atem called and the crowd immediately became silent. "I am honored that so many have come to mourn for the death of my father."

Atem paused as many started calling, "All hail the Pharaoh!" Atem knew they were not talking about him, but his father.

"I am also so happy to have so many come to see my passage into kingship!"

"All hail Pharaoh Atem!"

"But I'm afraid I have another surprise for you today." The crowd grew silent. "Nearly five years again, I found a young child injured and decided to take her in as my own. She is now five years old, and with my crowning, she is now your princess. May I present, my precious daughter, Princess Yugi!"

He turned toward the doorway and, slowly, Yugi walked out toward her father. Because of her lack of height, Atem lifted her into his arms and sat her on the balcony edge. He wrapped his arm around her waist so she wouldn't fall.

The people cheered louder than ever. "All hail Princess Yugi!"

Yugi blushed and waved, making the people cheer more and even louder.

It was the first time in many years that so many people gathered in one place. It was not the number that made that fact so surprising. It was that people of all classes were present.

Farmers, nobles, merchants, and even royalty from other lands were all there to mourn and celebrate Pharaoh Aknamkanon's passing on and to celebrate Atem's crowning.

Normally, those of lower ranking were moved into a separate room for such celebrations, while leaving the high ranking people in the throne room, but Atem wanted everyone together. As he had told the priests and the advisors, the pheasants can mourn just as much as nobles.

The crowd within the throne room parted as Atem entered and strode toward the, now his, throne. As he sat, the crowd cheered.

Then, the priests entered. Seto, Isis, Shada, Karim, Aknadin, and Mahad went and stood on either side of Atem's throne. Seto, Isis, and Mahad stood on Atem's left, while Shada, Karim, and Aknadin stood on his right.

Next came the councilors. Gahiji and Maskini walked in first, being the males, and were followed by Kesi. Maskini joined his friends on Atem's left while Gahiji and Kesi went to Atem's right.

Then Sagira, in her blue robes, escorted Yugi into the throne room. Yugi looked around her as the people cheered at her entrance. She blushed and looked down as she realized that they were cheering because of her, not Sagira.

The two came to stop right beside Atem's throne, and Atem reached over to pat his daughter on the head. She looked up at him and smiled.

Suddenly, flutes and drums and rattles began to play as Shimon walked in with a servant walking next to him, who was carrying Atem's golden crown on an elegant cushion. Beside it sat a smaller but just as beautiful silver tiara, Yugi's tiara.

The two stopped just before the throne and bowed slightly. As they straightened back up, Shimon turned toward the crowd and said, "We are all here to celebrate the crowning of our new pharaoh and our young princess!"

The people yelled and cheered, "Pharaoh! Princess! All hail!"

Shimon turned toward Yugi and took the tiara from its place on the cushion. He walked towards her and slipped the tiara under her gold bangs.

On the front of the tiara was the Eye of Horus, and it went around her head with small designs and gems imbedded into the metal. Atem had picked it out himself.

Shimon turned toward the people again. "All hail Princess Yugi!"

"All hail Princess Yugi!"

Then, Shimo turned toward Atem and took the gold crown into his hands. As he placed the crown onto Atem's head he whispered, "I always prayed that I would still be alive to see this day, but I always imagined your father doing this instead of me." He fixed Atem's bangs to the crown rested beneath them. "He would be so proud of you."

"Thank you," Atem whispered.

Shimon turned toward the crowd one last time. "All hail Pharaoh Atem!"

"All hail Pharaoh Atem!"

Atem spread his arms from his place on the throne. "Let the feast commense!"

Atem sat on his throne as the throne room bustled with people. Most of the common folk had left and only the nobles and those of high ranks were left.

Atem just sat there on his throne bored and looked around . . . since Shimon wouldn't let him out of the damned thing.

Every once in a while, his gaze fixed on Yugi. She sat with Sagira tonight. Atem had asked her the last night to watch Yugi as he would be unable to. None the less . . . she had been too happy to object.

Atem walked along one of the many hallways toward his own room.

Yugi lay asleep against his chest. She had been playing with Sagira in the palace garden while he took care of some last minute arrangements for tomorrow. Said person walked along side him.

"Sagira," he paused for a moment as he thought about how exactly to ask her. "As you know, I shall be very busy tomorrow and will be unable to take care Yugi." He turned his gaze to the wall on the opposite side of him as Sagira. "Would be so kind as to watch her and make sure she stays out of trouble?"

The silence is what made Atem look back, and he wished he hadn't. As soon as he looked at her, she cracked.

"Of course I will!" She danced around him and cheered. Accidently waking Yugi.

"Is something wrong, Daddy?"

"No," Atem answered with a sigh as he watched Sagira dance past his room and down the hall toward her's. "Sagira's just really happy right now."

"Okay." With that, she went right back to sleep.

"My Pharaoh," Shimon whispered into Atem's ear.

"Yes," Atem responded just as quietly.

"It is time to begin accepting gifts from your people."

Atem sighed. "Alright, let's begin." Atem hated accepting gifts from the people. Not that he hate the idea of it, but every one of them needed whatever they were giving him more than he did.

Shimon cleared his throat and announced, "Let the gift giving begin!"

The guards at the huge doors opened them enough that one man and a young boy around ten years old, probably his son, to walk into the room before closing them again.

The man walked calmly and confidently, but still respectfully, toward their king. The boy pulled a small cart behind him.

Once they stood before Atem both the man and the boy bowed low, their heads on the floor.

"Please," Atem said softly, "stand before me."

"At once, my Pharaoh." The man stood and motioned for his son to do the same.

"Your names?" Atem asked.

The man blinked. Apparently, Pharaohs didn't often ask for a commoner's name. "My name is Panhsj(1), and this is my son Amun(2)," Amun nodded his head in greeting, "we are simply farmers in your great land, and we are here to present you with our gift."

The boy, Amun, often one of the compartments in the cart and extracted a fat, very much alive, chicken.

"These are six of my family's biggest and plumpest chickens." Panhsj's smile faltered. "Forgive me for not slaughtering them already but thy would have already started rotting by the time we got here. We live four days travel from here."

"Do not worry," Atem soothed. "That cannot be helped. It is no fault of yours. There is no harm in live chickens."

Pahnsj stared at him before smiling. "We hope that these chickens help to fill your kitchens, my Pharaoh."

Atem gave him a soft smile. "Thank you for such a kindness." He turned toward one of the nearby servants. "If you would so kind, my dear. Would you please escort both of these men to our kitchens? Have Arsinoë(3) take the chickens for slaughter." He looked back at Panhsj and Amun, who both flinched. Atem chuckled. "And have these to gentlemen feed, and given food to take back to their family."

"M-My Pharaoh!" Panhsj gasped in shock at his words. "Such kindness is unnecessary! I—"

"Nonsense," Atem interrupted. He turned back to the servant. "And find someone who can arrange them a room so they can rest for the night and travel home tomorrow."

"My Pharaoh, I . . . I really must object!"

"Nonsense," Atem repeated. "There's nothing wrong with staying the night. It is the least I can repay you for your gift."

"Th-Thank you, my Pharaoh." When Panhsj said that, it was undisputable that he truly meant it.

The servant led the two away, and as Amun walked past Atem, he looked up at him and whispered. "Thank you." Then he dashed off after his father.

Atem's eyes softened. That boy reminded him of Yugi. With a smile, he turned back around and prepared for the next gift.

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(1) "Panhsj" means "the Nubian" in Ancient Egyptian.

(2) "Amun" means "the hidden one" in Ancient Egyptian.

(3) "Arsinoë" is a Greek name. I don't know what it means. In this story, she is in charge of the kitchens.

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