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Brain Freezed Moran

The sound of the most obnoxious muscle car in Bellwood can be heard pulling into the Mr. Smoothys parking lot. Two teens step out, a tall dark haired boy, and a red headed girl. They both head over to the table where they noticed their teammate was sitting.

They sat in silence for only a few short moments before anything was said. Gwen was first to break the ice. "Whats wrong with him?" Kevin looked to Gwen, then towards Ben, and raised an eyebrow. "Dunno, smoothy overdose?" His companion just sighs, shakes her head, and decides to confront this problem head on.


No answer…..




The younger boy looks up at his cousin in the most casual way. "oh, hey." He then continues to stare at his smoothie. Concerned, she just had to ask. "Ben, are you ok?" Ben continues to look at his smoothie, still seeming to be deep in thought. It looks as though the stare alone would make the cup explode. "Yeah, just thinking." "Don't think too hard Tennyson, I don't wanna clean up that mess when your head explodes!

Gwen gives Kevin her signature glare, but decides to ignore Kevin's childish behavior, for the moment… She looks back at her cousin. "Thinking about what?" Ben who was still deep in thought replies, " oh, I was just thinking of a new and cool way to drink my smoothie is all." Making it sound as though it was a big mystery.

On hearing this new information, Kevin gets intrigued by Ben's very own stupidity, and decides to make a helpful suggestion. "Well, you could just drink the smoothie through your nose." Gwen spins her head towards Kevin. "You can't be serious?!" Her eyes widen in disbelief. Ben looks up with the biggest smile, so big you would think that a Sumo Slammers marathon was to be on that day. "Why didn't I think of that?! It's pure genius!!

Gwen had to step in before this got out of hand. "Ben, that is the most ridiculous idea I ever heard!" Ben shakes his head. "No, Gwen, and I'll tell you why." Finally seeing the amusement in this, Gwen took the bait. "Ok, why then?" The younger boy put on his utmost intelligent demeanor that he could possibly muster, " Well, I figured since our noses help us taste our food, why not give the little guy a chance to experience a smoothie first hand?!"

The red head looks at her cousin totally dumbfounded.

Kevin, who was impatiently waiting to reek in the entertainment value of all this, decides to give Ben his own words of encouragement. " You gonna do this sometime today, Tennyson?" Kevin really wanted to see this go down in all its entertaining glory.

Ben looks at Kevin, and then back at Gwen, puts a serious game face on and shouts, " It's smoothie time!!" Kevin looks on eagerly, as Ben proceeds to carefully stick the straw up his nose. Gwen can only put her hands up to her face, refusing to watch her own cousin torture himself.

Ben starts to inhale…….

The first few seconds, Kevin was beginning to feel a bit disappointed, nothing was happening.

All of a sudden, the Hero drops to the ground, and starts rolling around as if he were on fire. "AHHHHHH!!!!! MY HEAD, IT HUUUUURRRRTS!!!!! WHHHYYYY!!!!! In between fits of his own laughter, Kevin finally manages to get a few words out. "I didn't think you'd actually do that, Tennyson! But your right, on my end, it is pure genius!!

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