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Garfield sits in the kitchen of his small house. His dirty blonde hair in a perfect mess on his head, his pale skin making his vibrant green eyes the most noticeable. The house rented by him, and his best friends, Richard and Victor. They were all pretty popular around town, with Richard being the son of the richest man around, and of course Vic being known as a legendary football player at their old high school. They had gotten out of high school about a year ago, but Gar stayed in touch with all of his old friends. Especially Rachel Roth. Not only his bestest friend ever, but the girl he has had a crush on since the 9th grade. He loved the way her dark brown hair always fell in her face, and the way her hood covered her blush when he complemented her or brushed up against her. The one thing he couldn't stand was how he couldn't do one thing right when he was around her. He may have been one of the smoothest people around, but around her he was just ungainly.

"Seeing Rachel today?" Vic asked chewing on his bacon. Gar begins to get nauseated at the sight of any kind of meat, but bacon had to be one of the worst.

"Yea, we're taking a walk in the park, what are you up to today?"

"Park, we're playing some football. You can join, impress that girlfriend of yours," he winks.

"Not my girlfriend yet. And she's not one for sports."

"All girls like sporty guys," Vic replies wiggling his eyebrows.

"No," Richard intervened, "All girls like rich guys." He points his spoon toward Gar then continues to eat his cereal. Gar sipped his coffee.


"Dudes, I got this, all I have to do is not screw anything up. I will be fun, charming, and you know that I'm always devilishly handsome," Gar dumped the rest of his coffee into the sink. He grabbed his cell phone and keys and head out the door.

"Whatever , dude, it's your call!" Vic yelled after him.