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Puck walked down the congested hallways of Lima high school when he noticed a new girl opening a locker a couple classrooms down. Well, technically he didn't know if she were new, but he would definitely have remembered her if he'd seen her before. Her long dark hair was shiny and fell in waves across her shoulders. Her black skirt was short so he could see her defined legs (and if he tilted his head in the right way, he convinced himself he could see a little ass, too). Her cream colored shirt had an open pattern on the back and he could see her black bra through it (fuck yes). He was just about to walk up to her to let her get a taste of the Puckerone when she flipped her hair around to face him.

"Oh, hello Noah."

Wait. What the fuck? Rachel?

"What are you wearing?" Oh wait. No, that made it sound like he didn't approve. He most definitely approved. " Not that I don't like it," he added quickly. "It's good. Definitely good." He let his eyes run up and down her body again.

"Oh well I know it doesn't entirely abide by the instructions you gave me yesterday but you would not let me take notes and recalling – "

"Shhh" Puck stopped her by putting a finger to her lips. "Stop talking. You look hot."

"Noah I don't understand the correlation between being attractive and not – " she cut herself off this time when he gave her another look. "Okay, I'm going to go to class. Are you coming over after school?"

"If that's what you want, babe."

She nodded, smiling up at him.

"Alright I'll see you after Glee." He ran his hand down her side, letting it linger on the small of back for a moment before walking past her on his way to class.

Rachel let out a small sigh and leaned against the lockers before she was pulled out of her reverie by a booming voice behind her.

"Rachel Berry is that you?" She turned around to face Santana, standing dauntingly in front of her with her hand on her hip. Brittany was standing not far behind chewing wildly on a large wad of bubble gum.

"Um, yes?" Rachel answered questioningly.

"Hmm," was Santana's only response. She formed her lips into a half-pout, half-sneer and turned her head up so that she looked down her nose at Rachel.

"One time," Brittany piped in, "I forgot to put a shirt on before I came to school and then somebody in first period told me I was wearing only a bra. Principal Figgins made me wear this fugly unicorn sweater for the rest of the day but you look really hot."

Santana shot Brittany an annoyed look but said, "She's right though. You do look hot." The sneer in her voice suddenly made Rachel yearn for the unicorn sweater Brittany had been forced to wear. At least then she wouldn't be garnering any attention. (Well that wasn't entirely true. But that kind of attention she learned to deal with long ago.)

"Thank you," Rachel said somewhat timidly. "But I have to get to class now." She quickly closed her locker behind her and skirted around Santana, who was still towering over her, to get to first period as soon as possible.


Rachel didn't turn around and continued to conscientiously take notes as the teacher blathered on endlessly about the Romantic Era.

"Psst, Rachel!" Kurt kicked her chair hard enough to push her into her desk, causing her to let out a little grunt.

"What Kurt?" she turned around, clearly irritated.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Mercedes, who was sitting in the seat next to Kurt's, asked her.

"Dressed like what?" Rachel played dumb.

"Well Mercedes and I were talking," Kurt continued, "and we agreed that there is no explanation for your new style unless you've got a guy. Probably a guy you're doing a little bit more than kissing."

Rachel blushed furiously. "I have no idea what you're talking about. And this conversation is wildly inappropriate on so many levels. We should be taking notes right now!" She turned but didn't miss the smirk Kurt and Mercedes exchanged. She hadn't expected to get all of this attention at school. Maybe she shouldn't be doing these lessons with Puck. She could tell him before Glee not to come over later today. But that's not really what she wanted. Not whenever she's in the same room as him and her body feels kind of tingly all over and when he touches her she feels pretty good (okay, so maybe its actually like totally amazing). So okay, maybe she won't tell him not to come over. She'll give this project another day and see how she feels. After all she is Rachel Berry. She should be able to handle anything.

Rachel eats lunch with a few of the other glee kids and they all aren't so bad about her new look. Quinn just smiles at her and tells her she looks cute today. Tina nods in agreement and asks her where she got her skirt. Santana is at the table too and Rachel notices how she pissed she seems and how she just angrily chews the inside of her cheek while glaring at Rachel. Finn notices too and leans into Rachel to whisper, "Don't worry. She's just jealous that she has competition now for the hottest girl in the school." Rachel smiles to herself and thinks maybe this whole ordeal might not be so bad after all.

When the doorbell peals through her house, Rachel feels an excited twist in her stomach that she tries to suppress as she goes down to let Puck and bring him up to her room. Once they're there, they both just lie lazily on her bed, neither feeling the need to initiate a "lesson". They make idle conversation for a while about school and glee and the new show on TV. But mostly they don't say very much. He was just content to gently play with her hair while she hummed softly and she was just content to let him. (Strange, because Puck has never been content to just lie around with a girl).

"When are your dads getting home?" His voice breaks the trance they are in.

"Oh I'm not really sure. Not too late. Maybe around five or so." She turns over so that she's facing him. "I told them you were coming over though. We're fine."

He smiles and places a kiss on her shoulder. She looks as though she's deep in thought for a moment and then sits up abruptly and turns to face him.

"Noah," she demands purposefully, "how come you never kiss me?"

"What?" he sits up too, scooting himself to sit cross-legged. "S'not true. I've kissed you. We made out a ton when we were dating and I kissed you yesterday."

"I'm not talking about our brief fling, Noah. And you didn't kiss me yesterday. Not really kiss me."

He looked at her and raised an eyebrow, as if taunting her 'yeah, and what?'.

"I want you to kiss me."

He still only sat there, daring her with his eyes. She bit her lip for a moment before climbing into lap, sitting so her legs were wrapped around his waist. She was so close to him that when her breathing picked up, she felt her hot breaths bounce off his face back onto hers. She takes the side of his face in one of her hands and feels the beginnings of his stubble rub against her hand (and for some reason, this does things to her body that she doesn't understand). She leans in even closer and gently presses her lips against his, just lingering for a moment before she letting her tongue snake out to trace a wet trail across his bottom lip. She lets her hand fall to his chest as she takes his lip into her mouth, sucking it gently. Now Puck decides to join into the kiss, opening his mouth and using his tongue to part her lips. She let out an involuntarily little noise in the back of her throat as his tongue sought entrance to explore the recesses of her mouth. The kiss sent tingles through her body that all seemed travel straight in between her legs, causing a searing heat to pool there. Puck's hands found their way to her hips and gripped them, moving her slightly. As he did so, his thigh brushed against Rachel's center and sent a wave of pleasure through her. Rachel gasped slightly at the unexpected feeling and decided she needed more of this feeling (a lot more of it. And now). A nervousness twisted in her stomach when she felt his erection pressing against her but her wanting overrode any apprehensions she had so she began to tentatively grind against him.

Puck groaned when she began undulating her hips against him and said something that might have been "mmm, Rachel," but it was so muffled he wasn't sure if either of them really heard it. He ran his hand from under her thigh up to her knee, pulling her leg higher around his waist and then moved his hand back to her ass to help her grind her into him. She moaned in his mouth at the increase in friction and pulled back for moment to look him in the eye and breathily say, "please… more…" He eagerly reattached himself to her lips, kissing her fervently as he slowly eased her to lie down on the bed, following on top of her.

He stayed in between her legs, continuing to painstakingly slowly rub himself against her. He moved his hand to her waist, slowly pushing her shirt up and she arched her back hungrily into him. He smirked when she sat up a little bit and lifted her hands up over her head so he could take her shirt off and zealously obliged, removing the light piece of fabric to reveal the black bra he caught glimpses of earlier that day. Puck kissed her neck, letting his kissed trail down it into the valley of breasts. Rachel let out a content sigh and her head fell to the side, giving Puck more space.

The sound of the front door opening followed by, "Rachel, honey! We're home!" caused Rachel take in a sharp breath and sit up abruptly, knocking Puck in the face. Puck tried not to laugh because, really, Rachel practically just punched him with her boobs, if that was even possible (and fuck, that shit was funny). Rachel shot him a dirty look as he tried to suppress his laughter while she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. She huffed and moved to get off the bed but he stopped her, grabbing her hips and pulling her back down to him. He kissed her softly before pulling away. "Don't be pissed, okay?"

She nodded and got off the bed to open the door to her bedroom. "Yes Dad, Daddy. I'll be down in a minute," she shouted down the stairs.

"I think I'm going to get going," Puck said to her.

"Okay," Rachel said, disappointed that he was leaving. "Oh! I'm sorry!" she said suddenly. "We didn't even have a lesson today. I'll do better tomorrow."

Puck just gave her the strangest look as if was trying to understand her. "Sure, Berry," he smirked. "We'll do better tomorrow." He winked at her and it made her body feel about ten million different things.