A/N: Rated T for a reason. Don't read it if you don't like it. Flames make brownies and cookies, etc, etc… This is just a scene I thought was pretty cute. Percy and Annabeth don't have a physical relationship, though it was assumed that they would in the future. What if their first try at a make out session ended in disaster…? R&R. I'm new at this so not too harsh flames, but I love constructive criticism.

Their first kiss was ridiculous. Percy wasn't even very involved in the quick peck Annabeth gave him at Mt. St. Helens. The second kiss after dinner on Percy's birthday was perfect and romantic and it was like a signature on the promise that their relationship was real. The third underwater just reinforced it, and to be honest, it was fun for both of them.

They had several awkward dates after that, during the school year, where both of them stayed far away from any subject that could jeopardize their new relationship, something neither of them wanted. Every time they'd seen each other, gone out to the movies or dinner, it had been casual and—short of holding her hand—Percy hadn't made a single move on her.

Annabeth had always made the first moves, had always been in control. She knew she was too deep with Percy to let him have all the power, and besides that, she was naturally controlling in the cute Annabeth sort of way.

But there they sat, on the couch in Percy's mom's apartment, watching television. Percy reached around Annabeth and put his arm around her shoulders as she leaned into him. It was warm and perfect, but then she looked up at him and thought to herself, "When was the last time I kissed him?"

He felt her staring. He looked down and smirked. "Wise Girl, something wrong?"

"Just thinking."

"Like always."

She smiled. "When's the last time we kissed?"

He seemed thrown by the question. "Hmmm…I'm not sure." His smirk turned into a devilish smile and he brushed a stray piece of hair out of her eyes.

For a moment Annabeth hoped that he would finally initiate a kiss, something that had never happened with them. But he just swallowed convulsively and turned back to the television. She sighed.

"Seaweed Brain, we're 16 years old, we can kiss without feeling guilty."

"Not when my mom and Paul could walk in at any moment."

She threw her arms around his neck. He looked back at her in surprise.

"You, Percy Jackson, have faced monsters that were going to kill you without blinking an eye and now you're too afraid to kiss your girlfriend because your mom might catch us?"

He nodded. "Pretty much."

"But you do want to kiss me?"


She ran her hand down his neck to his chest, eyes still fixed on his. "So kiss me."

Slowly, he leaned down, bringing the arm that was across her shoulders closer to his body so his hand could tangle a bit in her loose hair. Their lips parted. They leaned in at the same time, natural and promising, and their lips met.

Kissing Annabeth was one of those things that Percy stayed up nights thinking about. It made him feel incredible. Like every bit of him was glowing and strong. Ambrosia and nectar only did so much. Kisses from the beautiful daughter of Athena were even more healing.

She cautiously swung her legs on top of Percy's, scooting closer to him. It was a make out session now, but she didn't want to stop. He rested a hand on her denim clad leg. Tingles shot through her.

"Percy," she sighed, leaning farther into him.

"Annabeth," he said against her lips, wrapping his free arm around her waist. "Annabeth…"

She made a noise half-way between a sigh and a moan, hungrily kissing him now. Ferociously. He responded equally, holding her tightly against him, eager for more…more…

His hand went behind her knee and teased the sensitive skin through the denim, suddenly wishing they were back in his room, more intimately together. Then the rational side of his brain screamed out at him, "How did this go from a kiss to fooling around? For the first time, even."

He didn't know. All he knew was that he wanted more of Annabeth. He could have gotten all of her and he would still need more. Always more. He would never grow bored of her kisses, her touches, her in general.

She shifted, sitting fully in his lap now.

He bit his lip to keep from groaning.

"Annabeth, we should stop."

"Yeah, we probably should." She kept kissing him.

He swallowed tightly and turned his head away. She just kissed down his neck. He shuddered. "Annabeth…Wise Girl, we—"

"Don't stop kissing me, Percy," she whispered, moving her lips back up to his. She sounded desperate, a little bit sad, like she was afraid of Percy rejecting her.

With a nearly silent groan, he slanted his lips over hers again.

Just his luck that right then the door would open and the person at the door would see Annabeth sitting in Percy's lap, both of them kissing like their lives were about to end.


He backed away from Annabeth's kiss. His mom stood in the doorway, staring open mouthed. Paul was next to her, smirking.

"Hey there, Percy," he said. "How was your day?"