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(Each date coordinates with the previous. So it says 5 years later and then two years later, it means two years after the 5.)

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Last day of school. Summer. Wonderful, perfect, give from the gods, summer. It was just around the corner, teasing every kid stuck in class for the next two hours. Yearbooks were being signed, seniors were hugging and kissing and talking about summer prep for college. Percy was sitting unobtrusively in the corner, waiting, watching the clock.

His bags were packed and sitting inside the apartment for Percy to pick up when he went home to say goodbye to his mom and head off to camp. Annabeth was meeting him there for one summer of what he hoped would be peaceful.

When the bell finally blared, he jumped, running for the exit at the same time every other junior in Mrs. Peterson's class did. Thankfully, he made it out unscathed and raced to the corner. On the walk home he thought about summer, exactly what all of it meant. Rachel would be there in the Big House, the Stolls would no doubt be celebrating in every ruckus filled way they could while Katie Gardner pretended to get angry at them.

Tyson promised he would visit, something Percy was looking forward to. And Grover would show up sometime this summer with Juniper at his side. The cab ride to camp was long, but not long enough to Percy to gather his thoughts. This summer would be different. He couldn't put his finger on it, exactly, but everything was going to change. For the better or worse he couldn't tell, but his gut was telling him that the months spent at camp were not going to be the same as they had previously been.

He threw his bag by his bed, collapsing face first. Clean blue sheets, the scent of the ocean, and…what was that? Vanilla and cookies. He sat up, spinning around to face the door.

"Annabeth?" he said, a smile breaking out on his lips.

It was silent.

"I know you're wearing your Yankees cap, Wise Girl."

Still, no response. Then he felt a tingle down the base of his spin. He reached forward and heard a gasp and a thud as something jumped back and landed on the ground. The grin on his lips now was smug with pride.

"And you call me Seaweed Brain."

"Oh, shut up," her voice said as she ripped off the hat. She allowed the boy in front of her to help her to her feet and when she was vertical again, she smiled. "Hey there."

"Hi," he muttered, eyes on her lips.

It had been a long month without Annabeth. Testing, grades, family, etc—it had all overwhelmed them both and as a result, they didn't IM and they didn't go out. It had sucked, but it had needed to be done.

Annabeth's grey eyes went darker when she noticed his gaze.

"Don't push it."

"Wouldn't dream of it."


Dinner was eventful that night, followed by the first Capture the Flag game of the summer. In good sportsmanship Percy and Annabeth led opposing teams. Now, while Percy was a good fighter, he wasn't as good as Annabeth…yet. So, their team lost by a fraction of an inch.

Annabeth spent the night in Percy's cabin. Clothed and asleep on his chest. Percy didn't fall asleep until he'd had a good hour of watching her beautiful sleeping face. Amazing, he realized, that she was so unbelievably perfect in this moment. That's when he made up his mind that one day he was going to make her utterly his—he would go to Athena when the time came, then to Annabeth's father, and get down on his knees and beg if he had to. No matter what future awaited him, he wasn't going to let go of Annabeth.



He gazed unblinking at the television, utterly bored out of his mind. Annabeth was in their bedroom, studying for her final that would signify the end of her junior year at NYU while he lounged, wondering what he was going to do about the little black box buried in his sock drawer. He'd purchased it months ago, thinking he would ask her on her birthday, but he wasn't the kind of guy to make a big show of it. Inside, he was hoping he could just toss the ring at her and say, "So, we doing it or what?"



"You mean…run away?"

Percy shrugged. "Yeah. Planning the wedding is getting…stressful. It's our day. So, let's elope."

"You can't be serious."

"You wanna go to Paris don't you?"

The Eiffel Tower, French food, fancy hotels that would no doubt include roses and wine and…the perfect night.

"Or Rome? Athens? Bora Bora? Name it and we're gone."

"Percy, we can't just get up and go!"

"Why not?"

"We owe it to our families—"

"We can do whatever the Hades we want, Annabeth," he whispered quietly, leaning over the table in excitement. "We're adults."

"You're gonna get me in so much trouble."

"Admit it, Wise Girl." He leaned in close, grinning evilly. "You like getting into trouble with me."

They boarded a plane to Athens two days later with rings.



"We should have kids."

Guess who said it.


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