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NOTE. In this story, Charlie is a third year (two years older than Fred, George and Alicia). Percy is a second year and Bill a fifth year.


Chapter 1: The First Year and the Seeker

"Good Godric; he's cute," gushed one girl to her friend.

"Cute? He's gorgeous!" another whispered loudly.

Charlie Weasley grinned to himself as he hitched his bag higher onto his shoulder and shifted the enormous pile of books in his arms.

He smiled at the group of second year girls as he passed. They giggled loudly and whispered harder than ever.

"Will it ever stop?" his friend Sam complained. "It's everywhere you go."

"Sorry, can't help being so unbelievably popular..." Charlie teased. "That's what you get for being Gryffindor Seeker. Trust me, it's awful."

"Is it?" Sam asked sceptically.

"No…of course not!" Charlie chuckled. "It's bloody awesome!"

"Alright, alright. No need to get so big-headed." Sam laughed and shoved his friend.

"Come on, let's get to Potions. That oversized bat will need no excuse to put me in detention for the rest of the term."

"Come on, Alicia. It can't be that bad…please come out," begged Angelina.

"Angelina Johnson, I look absolutely hideous and I am going to stay in this bathroom for the rest of my life until I shrivel up and die and end up like Moaning Myrtle."

Angelina giggled. "You're already a bit like her; the 'moaning' part anyway. And you are such a drama queen!"

There was a disgruntled noise from the toilet cubicle.

"Come on, we're going to be late for Herbology. And you know I have no map reading skills whatsoever so it'll take at least a half hour to get there without getting lost."

Alicia couldn't suppress a grin but she knew Angelina couldn't see it.

"Alright, I'll come out but mark my words; I'm going to walk around for the rest of the day with my cloak over my head, so be prepared to be associated with the Grim Reaper for your entire Hogwarts life."

"What on earth is that?" Angelina asked. "It sounds ridiculous," she said, sniggering.

"Oh I forgot, Muggle saying," Alicia said. "The Grim Reaper is a creepy thing in a black cloak which represents death."

"Oh. Morbid," Angelina said, a hint of laughter in her voice. "In this world, I believe we call it something like a Dementor."

"And you thought 'Grim Reaper' was a ridiculous name," Alicia muttered. She took a deep breath. "Alright I'm coming out," she said.

"Ok, I'll try not to get too excited," replied Angelina sarcastically.

Alicia made a noise of annoyance but held her tongue. She unlocked the door slowly and stepped out.

Angelina gasped. "You look hideous!" she exclaimed.

Alicia's face crumpled. "I know," she sighed unhappily.

Angelina burst out laughing. "Oh dear Merlin, your face!" And she dissolved again into a fit of giggles. She looked up to see Alicia glaring at her.

"Sorry…sorry," Angelina said, as she struggled to keep a straight face.

"How bad is it really?" asked Alicia anxiously. "Truthfully."

"There's barely anything wrong. Your face is just a little pink, rosy some might say."

"Really?" asked Alicia, peering worriedly in the mirror.

"Slash kind of purple-blue," Angelina added, looking in beside her.

"Great." Alicia sighed and rubbed her face. "Remind me never to sit beside George Weasley in Potions ever again."