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Thicker Than Blood

The Moon and the Dragon

Today was the day everyone had been waiting for, yet dreading for months. Halloween, usually a time for fun and games, tricks and pranks, the day was unnaturally grim, for today would be the final battle. Voldemort would die and the world would be right once more, everyone able to live normal lives. It couldn't end any other way, wouldn't be allowed. No one, upon wakening, wished to imagine a world where Voldemort had won, instead opting for his death, and hopefully no deaths otherwise, especially on the Light side.

A fair few found it rather ironic that Voldemort chose Halloween for the date of his final battle, according to the usual spy, one in particular. Harry Potter did not miss the irony that Voldemort sought out to finish what he started sixteen years ago, on exactly this day. It was strange, however, that it was in the beginning of term, Voldemort usually held back, making everyone stand on their toes, muscles taut in looming attack until the May-June area. Sometimes Harry wondered if Voldemort attacked so the Slytherins wouldn't have to take exams.

But alas, here he was, attacking the school. The wards alerted the attack around noon, and everyone calmly put down their knives and forks, leisurely finished off their pumpkin juice and went to their places. The day before, fifth years and below were sent home, no unnecessary deaths would be happening tonight. The sixth and seventh year students had the choice to leave as well, and the entire Slytherin house had left without a backwards glance, with the exception of Draco, Blaise, and Pansy, but who knows what side they were really on. Just a few short hours ago, Aurors, the Order, and pretty much family of the fighting students showed up, willing and ready for the show down.

So when the Death Eaters had gotten through the wards, they were met in the entrance hall by Harry, Ron and the Weasleys and several others; Lupin, Tonks and Kingsley among them on the left and Hermione with the DA on the right. Greyback was the first Death Eater to burst forth into Hogwarts and as one, everyone started throwing curses and hexes at the Death Eaters, and the Death Eaters showing no mercy back, using the darkest and most horrific spells, hexes and curses imaginable. The group was broken up, some pulling the Death Eaters into the school further into a well placed trap, others trying to shoo them out. Harry, Ron and Hermione however were looking for Voldemort.

They figured he would either be on the grounds or in the forest to watch the utter destruction of the school and it's pupils. That way he couldn't get hit in the crossfires and ensured Harry came to him, without him having to lift a finger. That was exactly how they found him, Bellatrix grinning like a Cheshire Cat on the left, Lucius looking stoically cold as usual on the right. No other visible Death Eaters were there and Harry realized that they were the grown up and evil Harry, Ron and Hermione. At that thought Harry gave a choked laugh, imagining what the elder Malfoy would say being referred to as the Ron of the three, causing his own Ron to look at him curiously and Harry shook his head to dismiss it.

"Ah, I was correct in my assumptions, as always. Potter couldn't allow people to die for him, so instead of fighting my faithful followers and giving the children a sliver of a chance, he comes straight to me. We should have made a betting pool." At that Bellatrix cackled wildly as if it were the funniest thing anyone has said in the past, present and ever in the future. 'Merlin, she was a sadistic love struck bitch.' Harry thought to himself and pointed his wand at Voldemort, Hermione and Ron pointing theirs at Bellatrix and Lucius respectively.

"Aw how cute, itty bitty baby Potter and his friendsies think they can beat us! Us, the Dark Lord and his two most prized followers!"

"Bella, enough. It is time for you to die, Potter. You could still join me, you know. We could rule the world." Voldemort moved forward, causing Harry, Ron and Hermione to take a reflexive step backwards to keep the space between them.

"Join you? Never, I'd rather die, Tom."

"You dare speak to the Dark Lord that way, you filthy half blood?!" Bellatrix screeched and Harry smirked, addressing her for the first time that night.

"You call me the half blood, but at least my parents were both wizards, unlike Tom here. Having a pure blood and muggle born parents makes me more than half, I'm purer than Voldemort, with his muggle father." Both Bellatrix and Voldemort were enraged, Lucius still a calm statue of sorts, not rising to the bait Harry was luring the others in with. At that moment there was a loud bang and people started spilling out onto the grounds from the entrance hall, running to help fight Voldemort. Death Eaters were running out after them, shooting hexes and the more than occasional killing curse, knocking down several people and getting their bodies unfortunately trampled.

The Death Eaters swarmed to behind Voldemort, Bellatrix and Lucius and the students, Order and Aurors stood behind Harry, Ron and Hermione. A lot of people were bleeding and wincing every so often and Harry realized fully that this was it. The final battle, the last show down and that Voldemort really was about to die tonight, because he certainly was not dying and leaving everyone behind, no matter how much he wanted to see his parents and Sirius again. If there were still friends behind him he wouldn't give up, he still had to carry on for the rest of the world and finish the bastard in front of him.

"The cavalry, I see. No matter, you will all be dead within the hour, Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort sent the curse out, not really caring where it went and people dived out of the way until there was one who wasn't so quick and Colin Creevey went down. Harry felt a pang at the younger Gryffindor and photographer, he was a pest at times, but a good person and now he was dead. That was the last straw on the camel's back and everyone started throwing curses left and right. Death Eaters went down, some not coming up as well as students and the Order and Aurors. They had moved from one side Light and the other side of the grounds Dark, now it was jumbled everywhere. Harry saw Neville and Luna throwing hexes they learned from the DA at McNair, and Harry's heart bloomed in pride at how he taught them that.

Fred and George were throwing things they invented out at everyone, some bomb-like, others making the air constrict and cause whoever breathed in the purple gas to keel over, asphyxiated. These items were thrown at the feet of the Death Eaters and Harry stared in amazement for a split second before a spell hit him in the side, knocking him down and expelling all of the air from his lungs sharply. There was a wicked cackle and Harry leaped up, knowing Bellatrix hit him with whatever spell that was and immediately reciprocated with Sectumsempra and she screamed in pain as the curse cut her, crumpling to the floor in agony and surprise.

Harry turned and saw Ginny laying on her back, her head tilted in his direction, brown eyes glazed over in death and he felt his chest constrict. That was his ex girlfriend, Ron's little sister, the Weasley's only girl and she had been killed, because of him. He couldn't get caught up in his emotions then, there were still Death Eaters to kill and Voldemort to send to hell, he would have to grieve later once this was all over, like he would for the unfortunate many.

"I always knew you were a coward Potter. Letting others die instead of fighting me. Not very Gryffindor of you." Voldemort smirked and Harry fumed. He wasn't letting them die, he rather would have them locked in the Room of Requirements with no way of being hurt or killed, but they were fighters and immediately dismissed the idea when Harry had presented it.

"I'm here aren't I, let's end this Tom. Now, because I have friends to tend to that you killed!" Harry roared and threw a spell at Voldemort, who easily deflected it.

"Now, now. I have not killed them, you did. If you had just died like I wanted you to in the graveyard, that boy, Diggory was it? He might've lived. They'd all be alive, the ones who died, so it really is all your fault after all." Voldemort's tone made it seem like he'd accidentally thrown out the Sunday paper instead of accusing him of everything being his fault, which it truly was. Harry knew it, and didn't even try to deny. "Now you will join him and your mudblood mother and your father!"


"Avada Kedavra!" The spells hit each other and fizzled out, a sparkle of red and green before disappearing. "Stupefy? You think you can beat me with a stunner? How everyone thinks you are the Savior is beyond me, you don't use spells past second year!" Voldemort laughed and Harry sent Avada Kedavra at him and Voldemort had to duck and roll on the ground to dodge it. "Tricky, trying to sneak attack. Say hello to the mudblood, Avada Kedavra!" Harry saw the green jet race at him, time seemingly slowing down, yet speeding up at the same time as he followed it, watched it come closer and closer and with wide eyes saw it hit his chest. 'Oh fucking hell.' Harry crumpled to the ground, and surprisingly to Voldemort, he did too, screaming in agony.

The remaining Death Eaters immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed to their master's side to help and watched as black appeared on his fingertips and started eating up his arms, leaving charred and blistered flesh in their wake, disappearing underneath the black robes and Voldemort screamed louder in agony, whatever that was eating him appearing at his throat and working up his neck and over his head. It claimed his entire body and his red eyes gleamed like rubies as Voldemort gave one final blood curdling scream and all was silent for the span of a heartbeat before the Death Eaters started clutching their left arms in pain, the mark burning as Voldemort died.

No one noticed the shallow breathing and very faint heartbeat struggling inside the war torn body. Only a handful of people still standing, though some on the ground just injured and not dead. All who were not Death Eaters or supporters of the Dark were crying, they did not anticipate Harry actually dying at the end of it all. They knew it was a possibility but no one wanted it to be real.

Aurors started rounding up the remaining Death Eaters, sending them immediately to Azkaban to await the trials. Healers were running through the destruction, checking each and every person for life and if there was no sign of it, they levitated them over to one side of the grounds. There were more people in that section of the grounds than the hospital side, the people needing immediate care transported to St. Mungos.

Neville Longbottom looked to be getting a permanent residence in the same room as his parents, Ron Weasley appeared to be in a magical coma, Hermione Granger aware and alive, but staring into space, her eyes hazy from an errant spell that blinded her. Fred and George Weasley were hovering over the bodies of Ginny, Percy, Charlie, Molly and Arthur, Bill completely missing. Luna Lovegood looked worse for wear, Dean Thomas cradling a dead Seamus Finnigan's head in his lap, crying over his best friend. Cho Chang's neck was bent awkwardly, eyes widened in horror at her own death, Blaise Zabini smoothing the dark hairs of Pansy Parkinson who had her eyes shut, but the blood oozing from her chest told of something more than just rest.

There was one, however, who looked particularly and suspiciously unscathed. Not broken or bleeding, though normally immaculate hair and clothing wrinkled and dirtied, he walked purposefully to Harry's body, picked it up and ran into the castle and up to the Room of Requirements. No one noticed Harry's disappearance, too engulfed in grief or pain to notice.

He ran, much faster than anyone could even begin to see and paced three times while thinking, 'I need a place where Harry won't be able to get out and no one can get in besides me.' The door popped into existence and he pulled it open, shifting Harry into one arm, feeling the blood creeping under the Gryffindor's skin, hearing the much too slow heart beat and the shallow breaths. How Harry was alive was beyond him, but he was pleased nonetheless. He would have to act quickly, the next breath would possibly be his last, Harry was not even conscious.

Thump thump. Harry gave a sigh and there were no following thumps, making the other start to panic. He quickly did revival spells that failed to work, and even did muggle CPR to no avail. With no other options, and not wanting Harry to die, though technically he was dead at the moment, he knew there was only one thing he could do if he did not want to attend the Gryffindor's funeral.

"Sorry, Potter." Draco Malfoy whispered and bit down on Harry's chilling wrist and hoped he wasn't too late, and the venom would work. Now all there was to do was wait, and he would know soon enough if it worked or not. A blood chilling scream echoed in the room and Draco sighed, it would be a long three days.

Luna Lovegood was not pleased. Bellatrix had caught her in the back with Avada Kedavra, a cowardly way to finish someone off in her opinion. She was ready to see her mum again, she missed her dearly, her father was great and all, she loved him but nothing was like her mum. Xenophilius was the one who taught Luna all about those little creatures and ideals everyone thought she was loony over, her mother was the one who taught her the famed Ravenclaw intelligence, and taught her about clothing, though that somewhat added to everyone calling her Loony Lovegood as well.

So there she was, sitting in brightly lit...somewhere and there was her mum, an angel if she ever saw one. Celeste had long blonde hair just like her daughter, and the dreamy eyes as well. She was dressed in a silver floor length silk gown, hair up and strands curling on either side of her face.

"My baby, I am glad to see you, but wish that it was not so soon. You can not come in."

Luna's eyes widened and she tilted her head to the side, not quite comprehending but feeling something in the back of her brain tell her what was going on. "What do you mean, mum?" Celeste laughed softly, shaking her head, blonde curls swaying.

"Oh dear! I seem to have spoken incorrectly! I do not mean that you are going for a...warmer climate, I mean you are not supposed to have died yet. No, you are still needed for your brothers back on Earth." Luna furrowed her nearly nonexistent brows at her mother, frowning slightly.

"I don't have any brothers, you know that." A bench appeared and Celeste led Luna to it, gently pressing on her shoulder to sit.

"Not blood brothers, but brothers none the less my little Moon. The four of legends and myth. The moon, shining light in times of darkness, cherished by all and loved by wolves alike. The dragon, fierce and protective, strong but yet vulnerable if one only knows just how. The raven, death surrounds it, wise and powerful but holding great pains. The last, the bear. Intelligent and quick, most shy away though the bear is a gentle creature unless provoked."

"The moon, that is me, isn't it?" Celeste took Luna's slender hand into her own and nodded once, a small smile on her lips.

"It is, my child, which is why you can not pass on at this time. I would love to have you, I missed you terribly, but I do not meddle in what has been laid out before even the cosmos aligned. This is your destiny, the moon, dragon, raven and bear will be together soon, though at a price. Once you go back, you will no longer be human. You will be immortal, as will the raven, dragon and bear. Though the bear will be human for quite some time." Celeste mused to herself mostly, but Luna heard it anyway.

"I'll be immortal? How interesting, I suppose I would not have to worry about hurting myself, since I could not die. Wait! I'll never see you again." Luna's eyes were watery as she realized that she wouldn't die and join her mother eventually and Celeste nodded.

"It is true, but I will always be in your heart my Moon. Never forget that. Now, you are needed, it's time for you to wake up." Even as she spoke, her voice sounded far away, like trying to hear through water. Luna raised her eyes to her mother's slowly disappearing form, reaching her hand out and feeling nothing. "I love you little Luna, be merry and do not cry over me, I am happy." The brightness was dimming and Luna started feeling heavy, dragging her down further and further, the light dimmed until Luna could see no more.

Blue eyes snapped open, sitting up slowly. Taking a breath that felt weird and unnecessary, the air whirling in her lungs she looked around at where she was. She saw Hermione sitting on the bed next to her, trailing her fingers over a book, looking ahead of her and Luna realized she was reading braille. That must have been the worst thing, probably worse than death for Hermione not to be able to read any longer.

"Hermione?" The brunette jumped and looked toward Luna, her normally chocolate eyes milky.

"Hello? Who's there?" She sounded frightened, and Luna felt sorry for startling her.

"I'm sorry for frightening you, it's Luna." Hermione visibly relaxed and reached out, colliding her hand into Luna's thigh and patted it softly.

"I'm glad you're alive, they thought you were a goner." Luna grimaced slightly, was she alive if she couldn't die? It was more of a stasis she supposed, if anything. Luna wondered fleetingly if she would stay the same appearance wise. That would be all right, though it wasn't great that she looked like a sixteen year old, she wasn't even magically legal!

"Do you know who else is all right?" Hermione's brows furrowed slightly and she shrugged slightly.

"I hear voices but I don't recognize them really. I mean, they're familiar but there's only a few people I know just from their voice. I heard Dean Thomas was okay, I recognized Fred Weasley's voice, or maybe George. It might've been both I don't know no one came in to see me yet besides the Healers. It's been about three days since V-Voldemort was killed." Luna nodded and decided to scope things out and see who was still alive, hopefully at least Harry was, he was her best friend even if she was just an acquaintance to him. He never teased her or took her things, and she helped him a lot with dealing with things everyone skirted around. It was a healthy relationship all around and Luna would be completely torn if Harry hadn't made it through.

"I'll go see who's around and come back to let you know." Hermione nodded blankly and groped around for the braille, Luna stepped out of the tent quietly, letting the flap fall back. It was about five, Luna looked around for people standing and helping and noticed Fred, George, Dean and surprisingly Blaise working together to help get the people still littered everywhere. She walked up solemnly and looked at who they were bringing over to the morgue-ish tent. Padma Patil.

"Hey, Luna. Glad you made it through." Dean smiled nicely and Luna nodded, returning the sentiments. There were a lot of people laying there, the Weasleys, Lavender Brown, Pavarti Patil, Michael Corner, Terry Boot, Justin Finch – Fletchley, Professors Trelawney, Flitwick, Sinistra and McGonagall, Tonks, Lupin and some others Luna didn't know. The one person who was not there gave Luna pause, and she turned to Blaise since he was the only one close by, the other three went to get another person.

"Blaise, do you know where Harry is?" His head shot up, somewhat surprised that she knew his name, and the fact she used his given name not his surname like everyone else did that wasn't Slytherin, and even then most did use his last name. He shook his head and shrugged his shoulder.

"I'm not sure. He's not here, so I'm hoping he's walking around somewhere, maybe the castle?" Luna smiled and nodded in thanks and went back to Hermione to tell her that she'd met Fred, George, Dean and Blaise so far and headed up to the castle.

Her heart wasn't beating. Usually walking up the sloping grounds to the castle made her heart beat like a little hare darting around, but now, nothing. She felt vaguely vampiric, without the awful blood lust. She realized she hadn't been breathing unless she needed to speak either. Very strange. She wondered if food was still good, and hoped it was, Luna adored pudding and would be sad to not be able to eat it anymore. She hummed to herself, looking around for signs of the messy black hair she had come to befriend. Love, even, but it was more brotherly than a want to date him, she'd had enough of Ginny whinging about him to put off any thought of it.

Pausing as her eyes glazed over, she could tell her friend was not on the first floor, a vision of her on the sixth still wandering. Her visions were generally unhelpful, showing what she would eat at lunch or who stole her things but not where they were. It was a right pain in the arse sometimes, but there were times that the visions helped, like when Harry was going to the Department of Mysteries, a vision showed her there, so she knew to go. It, unfortunately, did not show Sirius flying through the veil, for if it had, Luna certainly would have done something to keep the last Black away from it.

Luna soon found herself in front of the Fat Lady, the lady staring down at her and requesting the password, and Luna realized she didn't have it. Why would she, she was a Ravenclaw after all. She thought of possible passwords and said the first thing that came to mind. "Puking Pastilles." She pulled a random thing from her mind and dropped her jaw in shock when the Fat Lady gave a nod and the portrait popped open. Well that was unexpected.

She walked into the unfamiliar common room and found it empty of all Gryffindors. It wasn't truly surprising after all, it was only three days after the fall of Voldemort according to Hermione, people were either with families or being healed. The red and gold common room was rather nice, it felt homey. She had wondered, sometimes, if things would have been different if she had managed herself in Gryffindor, would she be better friends with them all, would people not steal her things anymore? It was a lot to think about, but with no one here it felt cold and dead, there weren't people in the dorm rooms either.

So, with a passing wave to the Fat Lady as she climbed out of the portrait hole, Luna made her way down the seventh floor corridor, heading to the Room of Requirements. If nothing else, she could have it bring about pictures of her friends, gone or not. As she paced three times, she paused at the blank wall, confusion evident on her face. Where was the room? Was it possible someone was in there? Luna shook her head and paced again, eyes shut in determination, but when she opened them, nothing. Maybe if she knocked, whoever was in there might come out, if it was that someone was in there and not the room deciding to lock itself up for whatever strange reason.

Luna stepped forward and pressed her ear to the stone but heard not a peep, so she gently rapped her knuckles on the wall by her cheek, ear still pressed to hear any sound, backing up slightly so that if someone did open the door it wouldn't smack into her. The door did open, and who opened it surprised her, she would've thought the blonde would have escaped the minute Voldemort attacked, or been in the followers, she didn't pay much attention to know whether he was a follower or reformed.

"Draco, what are you doing in the room?" There was a scream of pain and Draco winced, looking around the hallway and lunging forward, surprising Luna and yanking her in, shutting the door behind them.

"What are you doing here, Lovegood?" He had dark circles under his eyes, his pupils were startlingly black, she wasn't one to know these things, but she was absolutely certain his eyes were not black.

"I was looking for Harry, actually. I was at the tent they put all the dead and he wasn't there, so I hoped to see him and make sure he's all right," Luna looked past Draco as the thrashing Harry and sighed softly, "I'm assuming he's not." Draco stared at Luna for quite a long time, like she was a particularly difficult potion he needed to fix or the whole room would go up in smoke, before sighing loudly and nodding.

"Right. Harry was dying. Technically should have been dead, Voldemort hit him with Avada Kedavra, but he survived it, again. Hopefully when the pain stops he can answer some questions, because that's not supposed to be survivable." Luna nodded in agreement and stepped closer to he pained Harry laying on the bed. He flicked his eyes open and bit his lip in an effort to not scream out, and Luna had to pry his lip from his teeth before he broke the skin.

"Luna! Oh Luna, you're a friend! Kill me, it hurts! So much! Just kill me now and I'll be free!" Luna looked startled at Draco and he frowned, pulling Luna away from the bedside.

"Lov – Luna, Harry – he's been bitten. By a vampire." Luna peered up at Draco and he stared unwaveringly back and it clicked. Black eyes, dark circles, cold skin.

"You?" He hesitated a second, then nodded, looking at Harry in his pain. "When did you become a vampire?" Surely even she would have noticed when Draco started drinking blood, not even Luna was that dazed.

"My birthday, so June. I wasn't a bitten vampire I was born vampire. It came like my magical inheritance. It's nearly the same as being bitten, but the blood lust isn't quite so strong for me. I still sparkle in the sun though." Draco said it like a disease, so he obviously wasn't pleased about the glittery skin. "I drink animal blood, from the forest. I couldn't contemplate human blood, I couldn't kill anyone before, it would be almost hypocritical if I did now."

"I'm – immortal, too." She saw the startled look on his face and shook her head before continuing. "Not a vampire. It's strange, I had died, and I met my mother. She said I needed to come back because of the moon, dragon, raven and bear are legendary and have been destined from before the cosmos aligned. I'm the moon, I just need to find who the dragon, raven and bear are, but then I don't know exactly why the four are destined, the three are guys I know that because mum said brothers."

"Er, did you realize my name means dragon?" Draco looked thoroughly uncomfortable, silently hoping that this mysterious 'dragon' wasn't him. Luna was odd, to put it nicely, and he rather hoped to not have to have an eternity in company with her, even if those other two would be there, 'raven' and 'bear'.

"I am aware, yes. Are you fierce and protective, strong but vulnerable in some ways?" Draco's face started to contort into a sneer about being vulnerable, but he stopped it and nodded reluctantly. "I don't see why you're not the dragon. Though I suppose an eternity with me isn't the most comforting though, Loony Lovegood straggling along with a vampire and two mysterious others!" She laughed at that and sighed softly, rubbing her hand over her throat, feeling the air shoot down it and puff back out again.

Draco said nothing and Harry screamed out again, apparently the pain was worsening. Draco, who seemed to know what Luna was thinking, answered the unasked question. "The venom tends to hurt, makes Crucio like walking under a waterfall really. It's been three days or so, it should be over soon." Something in the back of her mind told her she should be angry at Draco for turning Harry into a vampire, but then she realized she'd rather him be that than dead.

Harry had been still for a minute, then suddenly started screaming and thrashing around, forcing Draco to bind down his arms and legs so he couldn't hurt himself or anyone else, and not break anything. Draco growled deep in his throat and nearly threw himself on Harry to quit thrashing so harshly. Harry gave a deafening scream, eyes wide in pain, back arched high off the table – then nothing. His eyes were shut, his chest still and no part of him was moving. Draco and Luna moved to his bedside, on opposite sides of it, both blondes looking down curiously at the stilled Gryffindor. His eyes snapped open and Luna gasped at the colour even though she knew what was coming. The normally brilliant and fiery emerald was now a shocking and startling crimson.

"Welcome to your new life, Potter."