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Thicker Than Blood

The Revelation

Jacob raced though the woods, heart pounding. If Damian smelt nice to him, things could work. If he did not, then Jacob was doomed to a life minus a mate and full of Bella. Oh joy.

It was getting towards the twilight hour, the sun setting further and further to the west, long shadows spreading out around him lending an eerie look to the forest. Jacob shook his head, ignoring the foreboding feeling that came over him. Just because the forest looked eerie and ominous, that did not mean that it was.

Sniffing, he picked up the scent of the feral blue haired teen and quickened his pace. Almost there. A few hundred meters more and he reached the edge of the tree line. Stopping, he slowly slunk his way along, avoiding twigs and other loud things in the way. Peeking out from behind a tree, Jacob noticed Damian sitting on the grass beside the others in his family.

He was chatting away with the pale girl, the raven haired vampire beside him was sketching away, the blue haired teen striking a dramatic pose for the artist, snickering every once and a while. They seemed like a close knit family and it struck a cord in Jacob. He wanted to be able to sit and relax with Damian like that.

He tried sniffing out his mates scent, but it was masked by the others. He stifled a growl of frustration and edged closer. Still nothing. Shit. He was going to have to get up really close. Bursting out from the forest, Jacob bounded along towards Damian.

Harry glanced up on time to see a big wolf shaped blur streak by him, tackling Draco to the ground.

"What the fuck?" was all the shocked blond could utter before the wolf on top of him stuck it's nose in the crook of his neck and sniffed.

Jacob's eyes rolled back in his head as he took in his imprints scent. What usually smelt sickly sweet to him now smelled perfect, the sweet odour mixing in with a natural forest smell, making his wolf side hum in contentment.

And God was it turning him on.

He was brought out of his lustful musings by a loud "What the bloody fuck?" uttered right beside his ear. Jerking back and clutching a hand to his ringing ear, Jacob peered down at Draco. Wait. Hand? Oh shit.

Teddy, Luna and Harry all grinned in amusement at the sight of a (naked) muscular shape-shifter straddling Draco. Draco stared up in horror at the aroused male on top of him.

"What the fuck!"

Teddy started laughing, collapsing to his side as tears of mirth rolled down his cheeks. Harry snickered.

"I think you broke him." Luna said, carefully keeping her gaze away from Jacob's-er... well...

"Huh?" was the intelligent reply she received. Jacob glanced down and promptly blushed, quickly jerking his hands down to cover himself. Peeking over at Draco, he was pleased to notice that the usually composed male had his head turned to the side, pupils blown wide. Jacob quickly backpedalled and jerked himself off Draco.

The blond slowly sat up, pulling his knees up to his chest and glared at Jacob. At Teddy's loud guffaw and Harry's equally loud snort, he turn his glare to them. Swiping hair out of his face, Draco swiftly got to his feet and stalked back to the house, keeping his back to them.

Jacob let out a low whine. Now that he knew his imprints scent, he found it difficult to be rejected by him. If this kept up, Jacob knew he would end up a mess, pining away for a mate who rejects him. He stared at the door that Draco had slammed shut behind him, biting his lower lip and (unknowingly) giving the others a perfect view of his kicked puppy expression.

Harry leaned over. "You know, Dr- Damian tends to be like this. If you go after him, he may let you talk to him." His nose crinkled lightly at the scent of Jacob, but thankfully he was used to the smell of wet dogs since he had met many different types of Were's and shape-shifters during his travels with the others and by himself. If Jacob was Draco's mate, then Harry was going to accept him for all he was, no matter what he smelled like.

Jacob turned his puppy eyes to the vampire beside him. "Really?"

"Yep." Harry gently shoved Jacob, sending him towards the house. "Better get to it though. Otherwise he'll find a way to flee." He could sense the muffled but troubled thoughts of Draco.

Jacob stumbled slightly but quickly made his way into the house, keeping his attention on the path to Damian's room. He could smell his scent all around him, and God was it torture.


Draco dropped onto his bed, trying to block his mind as well as he could from Harry. He let out a low scream or frustration and anger, the sound muffled by his pillow. Some deity out there had it out for him. When he first met Jacob, his scent had been like any other shifters, disgusting. But now...

When the muscular male had tackled him to the ground, he had received a lungful of his scent. After the initial reaction to the change in Jacobs scent, Draco had been overcome with a sudden wave of lust. He had turned his head away in an attempt to lessen the chance of Jacob or his family realizing how the shifters scent affected him. And hell, it had been troublesome trying to escape them without anyone noticing his... problem.


There was a hesitant knocking at his door. Damn. Seemed like Harry had noticed his predicament and decided to 'help'. He ignored Jacob, sitting up on his bed and stared out the window.

"Can I come in?"

No. Nope. No way. Draco was not going to let the one who was the source of his troubles into his room. There was no way in hell he was going to-

The door opened with a loud crack, Jacob having broken the lock as his patience wore out. The large shifter made his way into the room, taking in the green and silver decor, seeking out his mate. Spotting Draco's form on the bed, Jacob cautiously made his way over.

Draco's back stiffened, his emotionless mask slipping onto his face. Fine. If Jacob wanted to talk to him, Draco was not going to make it easy for him. Even if he was attracted to him.

The bed dipped as Jacob came and sat down beside Draco, heat emanating from him. He gazed down at Draco's back.

"So..." Jacob raked a hand through his hair, biting his lower lip. "I guess I should explain, huh?"

Draco huffed, rolling his eyes. "Do whatever you like, I am not interested nor caring." Lie! His mind screamed at him. Lie lie lie! You do care! Shut up, shut up mind.

"I've imprinted on you. Um, it's kind of like... one minute I could be hating you with every fibre of my being, the next, completely unwilling to cause or see you harmed in any way. Willing to kill for you, to die for you. Completely in love with you. Like hardcore love at first sight, if you will."

"I do not believe in love at first sight." Draco murmured, lying yet again. He had been interested in the shifter since meeting him at Jacob's garage. He turned over and sat up so that he was facing Jacob, jaw tilted stubbornly, face turned away from him.

"Neither did I." Jacob practically whispered, clenching his hands. It was painful to remember all the times when he thought that he would never meet his imprint, that he would be stuck with Bella forever. He decided to be completely honest, hoping to show Damian how sincere he was.

"I've been waiting to imprint on someone for years. Someone to protect, to be protected by. Someone I can depend on, someone I can be relax and calm around; a mate who I can trust." Jacob clasped Draco's chin, turning the stubborn aristocrats face towards his, trying to convey his sincerity. "Someone I can love."

Draco's jaw clenched and unclenched, mind working a mile a minute during Jacobs speech. At the last part, love, his thoughts screeched to a halt. Love. The word was almost foreign to him. As a pure-blood, he had thought that any relationships he would be in would be planned out for gain, to increase his wealth. To know that he had a possible chance at love, it blew his mind.

"Damian-" Draco cut him off, raising a hand as he slowly slid off the bed and walked over to the window, running a hand through his hair.

To love Jacob, or not to love Jacob. That was the question. If he gave in and allowed himself to be with Jacob, then he would have to reveal his real name, his past, what he was (asides from being a vampire). If he told Jacob all of that, then he would be endangering all of his family. But could Jacob be trusted?

Damn, that was a lot of 'if's.

Draco clenched his eyes shut, trying to make up his mind. He wanted a mate, just as much as Jacob did. But his family would be in danger if Jacob let anything slip to the wrong person. So he could reject Jacob, condemning them both to miserable lives, or he could accept him.

Opening his eyes, Draco looked out the window at his friends. He locked eyes with Harry's emerald eyed gaze and raised a brow. Should I?

Harry frowned lightly, turning his attention to Teddy and Luna, asking them the question. Draco felt himself relax a little at Luna's obvious approval, and then at Teddy's gradual nod. Harry turned his gaze back to Draco and nodded, a slight smile on his lips.

Drawing a deep breath, Draco turned around.

"My name is not Damian."

"W-what?" Jacob stuttered, eyes widening. Had he just made a huge fool of himself? He could have sworn that Da-er, whoever he was, had said his name was Damian.

Draco elegantly strolled over to the taller male and held out his hand. "Draco Malfoy, vampire and wizard."

"Jacob Black, shifter." It seemed that Draco was accepting him and the possibility of a relationship. Score! He beamed happilyuntil the words that his mate had just said registered in his mind.

Draco could practically see the clogs and wheels clicking away in Jacobs head as he processed what Draco had just said. "Wizard?" His eyes widened.

"Hm." Draco raised a critical brow, casually dragging his gaze over Jacob. "You do realize that you are still nude?"

Jacob let out a small yelping sound and quickly grabbed the closest object for cover, which happened to be Draco's favourite pillow. He flinched again at the glare sent his way. "You're rather... intimidating for someone so well dressed, you know?"

"And you are still rather naked, get some clothes on and then I'll explain."

As Jacob walked over to the closet (or rather a miniature clothes store) he realized that even if he was the Alpha in this relationship, Draco was no submissive beta.

But he could live with that.


As Harry turned back to Teddy and Luna after confirming with Draco that he should ignore his worries and take a flying leap into a possible relationship, he grinned. One down, three more to go. Now to figure out how to persuade Edward and Jasper to become more than Coven Brothers...

Maybe he should do what Jacob did, and pounce them while naked.

Sniggering at the thought, Harry stood up and cuffed the dirt and grass off his pants. "I'm going to visit the Cullens. Luna?"

She shook her head, turning to gaze out at the woods. "No. I have a previous engagement with a primrose plant." She smiled vaguely at the curious look Harry shot her.

"Alright. Teddy?"

"Sure!" Teddy bounced to his feet and he cheerfully made his way over. He seemed very happy for some reason, but Harry decided that it was best not to look or ask. Quickly casting the scent changing spell, he smirked up at Teddy. Side by side, the vampire and half Were made their way out into the woods and to the Cullen residence, comfortable in the silence surrounding them.

After a short walk, they reached their destination. It had started raining halfway there and Harry was absolutely soaked. Teddy, who was smart enough to charm himself to be water proof, laughed loudly as they walked up to the front door, Harry glaring at him from under soaked bangs looking rather like a wet cat. The door was answered by Alice who promptly burst out laughing.

"Oh sure, laugh it up." Harry glared at her as well, emerald eyes snapping. He got his revenge by shaking his head like a dog as he walked past her, causing Alice to shriek as the water got all over her.

Teddy, stiffing his giggles, walked over to her and slung an arm around her shoulders, puller her smaller body into his. "Harry is sensitive about his Drowned Rat look." He smiled happily as she gave a tinkling laugh.

Harry shot him a look, realization dawning on him. It looked like he would not have to worry about finding someone for Teddy. He watched as the odd couple headed into the living room, Teddy's arm still around Alice's shoulders, the small vampire making no move to shake him off.

Following them into the room, he sank down on the couch beside Jasper, sighing dramatically. The honey blond instantly turned his attention to him, body shifting to face him.


"Jasper," Harry gave him a simpering look, hiding a grin as Jasper's eyes widened. "Alice is being mean to me." He pouted up from beneath his wet bangs. Jasper gulped noticeably.

He turned away from Harry quickly, eyes imploring as he stared at Alice. She rolled her eyes and turned back to Teddy. Looked like he was alone in this.

Or maybe not.

Edward had entered the room and was standing frozen at the door, his wide eyed look fixated on Harry. Jasper almost sighed in relief. At least he was not the only one to be affected like this. He watched as Edward blinked, shook his head slightly, as composed himself before walking over to them.

"Hadrian." Edward sat beside him, amber eyes gazing at him. Jasper could feel the mix of emotions practically seeping out of his coven brother, feeling the same ones within himself. The lust from seeing Hadrian like this, his shirt plastered to his toned chest, his damp hair giving him the appearance of a damp kitten. But there was also the confusion and internal fight, the knowledge that in order to have Hadrian, they would come to be more then coven brothers. They had lived so long like this that it was difficult to imagine that sometime in their future they could be sharing the same bed, the same mate.

Jasper bit the inside of his lip, assessing Edward. He could easily acknowledge that Edward was attractive with his ruffled bronze hair and classical looks. Edward was slightly less muscular than himself, but he was still toned. Cocking his head, Jasper frowned. If he could just stop seeing Edward as a brother then they would be fine.

Gazing down at Harry, Jasper sighed lightly. Time to pull upon the famous Hale Patience.