Maximum Ride

We started to fly towards New York. It was getting lighter. Turning round, I could see the other's grim determined faces. I flew closer to Nudge, who looked troubled.

"Hi," I said, startling her, "what's the matter?" She looked at me, her big, brown eyes clouded.

"It's the animals," she said desperately, "I can't just talk to them, I can understand them too. Down there," she said, pointing at the sea, "fish are being killed. I can hear them crying, Max. I can hear their last moments." She started to cry.

"Nudge," I said, putting my arms round her, which is no mean feat when you're flying, "Nudge, it's okay. Remember when Angel started mind reading?" She nodded.

Angel was five when she had started hearing other people's thoughts. She had almost broken down when thoughts flew at her from everywhere. She hadn't slept for a week.

"Just talk to Angel, Nudge," I said, removing my arms, "she managed to control her power. So can you." She grinned tearfully, and zoomed off to talk to Angel.

"She alright?" someone said, and I turned around in surprise. It was Iggy.

"Yeah," I said bluntly, "she's having problems with her power." He looked nervous.

"What have you done now?"

"Me? Nothing," he said, laughing slightly, but still with that same guilty look on his face.

"Spit it out."

"Well-," he was cut off as something crashed into him. He yelled in pain.

"Max!" Nudge yelled. I turned, to see Gazzy falling through the air like a bullet.

"Iggy! You stay and fight! I'm gonna get Gazzy!" Already Erasers were swarming everywhere. I started to dive down.

After around 20 seconds I caught up with him, just about to hit the water. His eyes were closed, and he was completely still.

"Gazzy!" I yelled at him, trying to shake him. He stirred slightly, and his eyes opened a little.

"There they are!" an Eraser yelled. I suddenly heard a high pitched whistling. Something hit me hard in the leg. My vision started to go hazy. As everything started to go black I registered that I had dropped Gazzy. But I had started to fall as well, and my eyes snapped shut.


That sentence chilled him to his bones.

I-I'm going to die? He stuttered in his mind. But Lucy had gone, and he was met with silence.

A whitecoat came in the room, and marched up to Fang's cage. He unlocked the door, and Fang tensed. He started to drag him out as five Erasers tramped into the room, pulling five figures with them. The whitecoat pulled him closer to the Erasers, and Fang could see who they were.

His breath caught in his throat as the Flock were shown before him.

"Now, Experiment F10364," the whitecoat said, with a cruel smile on his face, "you can save these experiments. You just have to say you want them saved."

Fang looked at him, glaring at him with utter hatred.

"Go on, F10364," he said, "say it." Fang looked at the floor.

"Alright," the whitecoat said. Fang recognised it to be John, the whitecoat who had threatened him before Lucy had been murdered. "Let's see what you say with a bit of persuasion." He clicked his fingers, and one of the Erasers pulled a member of the Flock forwards.

"Now," said John, "you just have to say no. Should we kill her, or not? Just say no." Fang looked up, and saw who it was.

It was Max.

Maximum Ride

I woke up to find myself being pulled along with the rest of the Flock by Erasers. We were dragged into a large room lined with cages. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a whitecoat dragging someone out of the cage. I could hear low talking, and suddenly I was pulled forwards into the light.

"Now, you just have to say no. Should we kill her, or not? Just say no."

There was a short silence.

"Experiment F10364. Say No!" Someone shouted. My senses started to flicker. F10364 was Fang's number. I tilted my head slightly, to see someone looking at me.

A tear fell down Fang's cheek. I gasped.

"It's awake!" an Eraser yelled. Instantly the Eraser grabbed me tightly and shoved me into a cage. I could see the rest of the Flock being bundled into cages around me. Fang was pushed against the wall, in plain sight of me, and was hit across the face repeatedly by an Eraser. Then he was thrown into a cage and the door to the room banged shut.


Fang's head was reeling from the blows. He could see Max glaring at him.

"Fang." She hissed. He looked at the ground, only to find that Lucy's ear was lying limply at the bottom of the cage.

"Fang, why didn't you say anything?" She whispered angrily. He could see Angel stirring. Max's eyes became unfocused; she was talking to Angel. Suddenly a voice entered his mind.

Fang? How could you?

It was Angel.


You want us to die, Fang? You want us to die?

Angel, I-

I can't believe you, Fang. Max hates you.

Angel, please-

I agree with Max, Fang. Neither of us wants to see you again. She said we can't trust you. I'm sorry, Fang.

He looked deep into her blue eyes, dark brown meeting blue. Then he closed his eyes, and looked away.

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Question and Answer time!

maxmeb27 asks:

Please could you explain the power thing?

Okay, so, the scientists experimented on him. Basically, Fang will lose his voice, then his sight, and then he will start to become see through. He will also gain more power. He will basically become a coloured gas. Then he will be bottled (like a genie) and will be drank/absorbed. They drinker/absorber will gain all of Fang's powers. This is what happened to Lucy's brother. Hope that cleared it up.

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