I don't own House. Or Wilson. If I did they would have dealt with all that sexual tension already. As it is we just have to let our imaginations take over…

This is slash. That means guy and guy. Don't like? Don't Read.

When Wilson woke up it was dark. He glanced across at the alarm clock, just gone six. Wow did he have a headache.

He rolled over, at least he tried to roll over, but something big and heavy and hot was pinning him down.

Holy Shit! House was in his bed! Wilson stopped breathing.

Maybe this was a nightmare, that was it; a very strange lingering nightmare. It was at this point that House gave an overly loud snore.

Wilson tried to breathe again but was still too scared to move. What had happened?

Then he noticed something far more disturbing, House wasn't in his bed….he was tucked up in House's.

5 hours earlier

Despite his sore leg, House had somehow managed to half carry Wilson into the apartment. The oncologist dribbled down his shirt and then grinned into his ear.

"You gots a nice House. House. Hah! House's House" Wilson fell onto the sofa in a fit of giggles.

Usually House would be all up for humiliating his best friend when in this state, but it had been a long day and he just left him dumped on the sofa, heading for the bedroom.

"Stay!" Groaned Wilson, dragging his friend down and onto his lap. Before House could protest Wilson had started stroking his hair.

"Nice House"

"Jesus, how much did you have to drink?" House retaliated trying desperately to get back onto his own feet.

"I got married House"

House's head snapped up in alarm "When?"

"Er…" Wilson looked down at his fingers for inspiration. "Three times, dum dum de dum"

"Yes you did"
"Wanna know a secret"


Wilson tried to tap his nose with his finger but kept missing. He stared ahead at the four House's in front of him and decided to pick one before going in for a kiss.

Unfortunately he chose the wrong House and his lips landed somewhere around the real House's ear.

"You know I'd probably feel really bad if I took advantage of you while you were drunk"

"I's not drunk" Wilson hiccoughed and passed out.

3 hours earlier

House was woken up when somebody stumbled into the bedroom falling over the pile of medical journals on the floor.

"Woops!" Exclaimed Wilson, then realising he might wake House up added "Shhhh!" Ridiculously loud.

"Go back to bed Wilson" House murmured into his pillow.

Less than a minute later the duvet was pulled back and Wilson crawled in next to him, dumping his shirt on the floor and cuddling up to the diagnostician's chest.

"I didn't mean my bed!" Said House, pushing him off.

10 minutes earlier

When House awoke Wilson was still in his bed. He was tempted to get up and run away as quickly as his bum leg would carry him, but then a better idea entered his head.

Nothing had happened….but Wilson wouldn't know that.

It would leave him paranoid, worried and clumsy the rest of the day. House smirked.

He snaked an arm around the other man's body and fell back to sleep. He did love starting the day with new ways to irritate his best friend.