As I'm a freak of re editions, here's another.

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I need you all to know that this oneshot was a mess before Shimmering Glowing Star help. She is my beta, and corrected all the grammatical horrors I made before. Thank you so much, I have no words to express my gratitude.


"Cassandra Ainsworth".

The girl heard call from the receptionist of the clinic, but she didn't rise. If Cassandra really hated something with all her heart, it was exactly that: being called Cassandra. It wasn't that she hated her name. Of course not! it was nice and had character, but her parents had named her like that, and they had never called her in that way. She had been always Cassie for them, until the day her little brother was born and her story changed:

She was not Cassie anymore, she was Cassandra.

She was no longer the only child, now she was the big sister.

She was not the world for her parents, what happened with her didn't care to them.

She was not happy anymore, now she had anorexia.

"Cassandra Ainsworth," repeated the voice from the box.

Resigned, the girl stood up and walked to the person's office that she had to visit that day. She didn't remember if it was nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist or serial killer. And she didn't care.

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