It was the umpteenth time that Robbie has to fo to his grandmothers apartment and help "fix" her computer. OR more so, fix the internet. This time though, he brought Cat there for back up. From the sounds of the arguing, that wasn't the smartest idea.
"Your mother let's you do that to your hair?!" Robbie's grandmother yelled at the red heard.
"My mother thinks it's funny!" Cat yelled back.

Looking over his shoulder, Robbie stared at the two exasperated.

The fighting went on.

"I'll never let you marry my grandson!"
Throwing her hands in the air, Cat shouted back, "How many times do I have to tell you, we're just friends!?"
"That's a bunch of bull honkey! I know you two are kissing! I can see it in the way you act around each other!"
By this point, the ventriloquist felt he needed a whole bottle of Aspirin to kill his headache. Rubbing this eyes, he continued to listen to the argument.

"What are you talking about!?" Cat stared at the lady in shock.
"We only kissed twice!" She yelled at the grandmother.

The boys eyes grew big as he looked at his friend in shock.
"what!? We kissed once!"
Spinning around to face him, Robbie's grandmother pointed a finger at him accusingly.

"AH HA! So you did kiss!"
Jumping up from the chair, he stood before the two.
"Mamaw, it was just a stage kiss. It wasn't real. Right Cat?" He gave the girl a pointed look.

Looking at him confused , the red head said "But I thought you said it was real."
"And besides," she started off nonchalantly. "I know we kissed at least twice."
His grandmother looked at the two in horror.
"Out!" She yelled shooing the two friends away.
"Robert, don't you come back until you leave that…that freak!"
Turning around to face his grandmother, Robbie gave her an angry look.
"Hey! Cat's not a freak!"
The old women rolled her eyes and scrunched her face in disgust. Pushing then both out, she locked the door. Sighing, Robbie turned to face Cat. To his surprise, she wasn't in tears. Instead, she looked at him thoughtfully.

"You know Robbie," She started softly as they walked out of the building.
"That was a really nice thing you did. Standing up to your mamaw for me."
Blushing, he rubbed the back of his neck.
"It was nothing."
Continuing to walk down the sidewalk in a comfortable silence, they headed to a Groovy Smoothie.
Looking down, he glanced at Cat.
"We haven't kissed twice have we?"
Rubbing his palms over his pant legs nervously, Robbie shook his head.
"No, we haven't."
After a few more moments of silence and walking, Cat stepped in front of her friend. Leaning up, Cat placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him. Shocked, he didn't have time to respond before she pulled away. Cat smiled up at him.
"There. Now we've kissed twice."
Turning back around, she skipped into the Groovy Smoothie. Still in shock, Robbie stood outside the café. Rushing to catch up with her, he ran in hoping to get a third kiss.