Chapter Two – The Breakfast

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The next morning Jessie realised that she must have eventually dropped off to sleep at some point during the night, she stretched herself out and groaned tiredly before turning onto her side to look at her girlfriend, who, given the silence in the room, Jessie assumed was still sleeping. Jessie had decided some weeks ago that she would never tire of waking up next to Katie, she'd never bore of starting a new day wrapped in the arms of someone she loved and the comfort and safety of being made to feel so cherished would never grow old. The fact that it was such a rare pleasure for the girls only made those first waking minutes all the more special. Since their first night with each other on the school trip, Jessie and Katie had only managed to share a handful of additional nights together. Given the nature of their relationship it wasn't easy to wrangle too many sleepovers without suspicions arising; at least that is what concerned the two teenagers.

In Jessie's opinion it was high time that they were honest about their blossoming partnership. She never thought that she would be the one pushing for them to be out in the open, she always viewed Katie as the one with more strength of character even if she was sometimes faking it. It had never really occurred to Jessie that her older girlfriend would need persuading to come out. After all Katie' Grandparents already knew, and to Jessie, their acceptance was nearly enough to solidify her plans to tell her parents. Now that she had voiced her wishes to Katie however, she sensed that in fact the girl was more than a little reluctant and her various excuses had not gone un-noticed by the young blonde. It was a fact that had been plaguing Jessie for some days now, but she decided that today was a day that they would both try to enjoy without the topic of their secrecy becoming an issue. With this in mind Jessie was resolved to taking advantage of their morning in bed together.

However, when Jessie rolled onto her side, she was greeted only with an empty space on the bed. Putting her hand to the sheets, Jessie was met only with cool material, holding none of the lingering warmth of her girlfriend. Jessie sat up abruptly and glanced around the room, she knew that Katie enjoyed sharing the first few moments of the day as much as Jessie herself did, so she didn't understand where Katie could have run off to.

Kicking off the covers and throwing her bare legs over the edge of Katie's double bed, Jessie rubbed her eyes and stood up, intending to search the house for her absent girlfriend, deciding that she was probably downstairs watching cartoons. Her bare feet softly hit the hard wood floor and she padded slowly towards the door of Katie's bedroom, stretching the sleep out of her limbs as she went. Jessie had almost reached the door when it burst open, startling her into taking a few rapid steps backward.

"No! No, no, no! You have to get back in bed!" Katie yelled as she entered the room, balancing a tray in one hand and looking at Jessie in disappointed exasperation.

"Well, good morning to you Katie!" Jessie let out, a bemused smile on her face.

"Sorry. Good morning Billie!" Katie said as she regained control of the tray she was carrying and kicked the door shut behind her with her foot. She made her way over to Jessie and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before standing back and looking pointedly at the bed.

"Now get back in bed." Katie ordered. "I made breakfast."

Jessie approached the taller girl and peered into the bowl that had been sliding around the tray as Katie moved about.

"Ice cream?" Jessie questioned, with not just a hint of surprise in her voice.

"We're only going to be young once Billie, it's best to take advantage of the chance to have ice cream for breakfast while we can." She stated as if it were obvious.

"You're very right my dear, and only you would have made such an observation." Jessie played along as she pulled back the covers of the bed and propped the pillows up against the headboard before climbing back into the still warm bed.

"Exactly." Katie flashed a winning smile at her girlfriend, and thus ending any more conversation over the reason behind ice cream for breakfast. Katie then plonked herself down in the bed next to Jessie.

"Right then, let's try again shall we?" Katie spoke again, directing more of an instruction than a question at Jessie, who in response, just looked at her blankly.

Katie chuckled and placed the tray to one side before leaning over and stroking the side of Jessie's face.

"Good morning Billie." Katie smiled lovingly and moved in, drawing Jessie into a slow kiss and closing her eyes, savouring the moment before pulling back.

"Mmm. Morning Baby." Jessie replied as she allowed her eyes to open once more and smiled back at Katie.

"Breakfast?" Katie asked excitedly, her smile now reaching her eyes. Jessie couldn't help but laugh as she thought to herself there's no-one else in the world like Katie Singer.

"Breakfast sounds good." Jessie responded, knowing that to do anything but humour her girlfriend at this point would be a mistake that would only result in pouting.

"Well, we better hurry up then before it melts!" Katie said, swinging around to grab a bowl from the tray.

"A statement that has never been made in regards to breakfast before." Jessie mumbled in response to the words Katie had just spoken. Katie simply beamed proudly at Jessie, instead of coming up with a rebuttal for the younger girl's sarcastic comment.

"I only brought one bowl; it's probably not best to start the day feeling sick from too much ice cream." Katie explained before a thoughtful look passed across her features as she spoke again

"Besides, it'll be fun to share." She added with a suggestive eyebrow raised in Jessie's direction.

"I don't know what happened to you, Katie Singer!" Jessie let out, laughter evident in her voice.

"What?" Katie whined.

"Well, you used to be so innocent... Actually, maybe innocent is the wrong word. Anyway, now you're like a teenage boy, there's only one thing in that head of yours!" Jessie exclaimed.

"That's not true!" Katie retorted, as she offered a spoonful of ice cream to Jessie, watching as the younger girl put the spoon to her lips before speaking once more.

"I'm definitely not a teenage boy... everything would be a whole lot different if I was!" Katie said

She had meant the comment as a joke, but even as the words had left her mouth, Katie realised that what she was saying could cause a re-appearance of a certain topic that she had planned on avoiding on this particular day. She really didn't want to discuss with Jessie how their relationship could be as easy as it would be had they been together in a "Normal, heterosexual relationship."

It wasn't that Katie didn't want to be out in the open about her relationship with Jessie; she did. But the ordeal with her parents had scarred Katie in more than just a physical sense. She had been told for years that what she was wasn't normal, that she was wrong, disgusting even. She had been made to feel that way for so long that she couldn't help but believe it on some levels. Katie knew that her Grandparents loved her for what she was, that they didn't think she was sick, but the fact remained that her own parents hated her for it. Katie tried hard but couldn't convince herself to let go of the feelings that her parents had instilled in her. Nothing terrified the girl more than the idea of more people knowing, of Jessie's parents knowing, she couldn't face the possibility of more people she cared about seeing her in a light she wasn't prepared for. And bringing Jessie into the equation as well? Katie would not allow Jessie to go through what she had. Sure, she knew that Jessie's family were not the same as hers; that they would more than likely accept the girl's relationship for what it was eventually, but Katie's mind was a mess. She knew she was being selfish, but numerous beatings and years of verbal assaults had tormented Katie into submission, and she feared losing Jessie if she voiced the irrationalities that circled her mind.

"Hey, Baby? Where did you go?" Jessie asked quietly. She had been watching Katie for the last minute or so, and had seen the smile run away from her face and be replaced with a furrowed brow and pained expression.

"Hmm? Sorry Billie. Did you say something?" Katie asked, her eyes snapping back into focus and turning to meet Jessie's.

"I said you were right. Things would be different if you were a boy." Jessie re-capped for Katie before continuing.

"But I wouldn't change anything about you." Jessie finished. She looked at Katie and smiled in both love and a little confusion as she witnessed a hugely relieved look grace Katie's features.

"So, Katie, are you going to let me feed you some of this ice cream now?"