Hem…as you could see when you read these lines, English isn't my mother tongue. It isn't my first fic in English but my beta reader didn't know the series, so I couldn't ask her to correct this translation (the fic was originally written in French, my mother tongue). So please be indulgent, I'll try soon to find someone to correct it…

« Virgil, give me the paint! »

An indescribable activity was reigning in the new room of the Tracy house that Gordon, Scott and Virgil were preparing. The first was assembling some furniture, the second was painting the walls and Virgil, the family's artist, was ending the fresco he began some weeks ago.

That gave them much occupation out of the rescue missions, but the three of them were happy to do this because they wanted their future niece or nephew to have all the possible convenience. The birth of the future Tracy baby was lived as a very important event for the uncles-to-be who were seeing there the upcoming generation of International Rescue. And, most of all, a baby in the house was really a thing they were waiting because they almost gave up all hope to marry or have a relationship themselves but they all loved kids. Alan and Tin-Tin's wedding had been celebrated last year in the intimacy and the announcement of the arrival of their baby had transformed the house's routine, to the great joy of Jeff Tracy but with, too, a bit of trouble for him who liked his tranquility.

John entered the room.

"So, how is it going?" he asked.

Scott turned to look at him. He had some paint on his face.

"We are almost finished…" he answered.

The four brothers were sure the baby was a boy, a boy they could later train to their work and take with them in mission. Only Tin-Tin was thinking otherwise, and Alan was saying that the important thing for him would be that his child was healthy, he had no preference for the gender he didn't want to know. Besides, John was preparing to go relieve him earlier for him to assist to his baby's birth. Regarding Tin-Tin, she was monitored in the nearest hospital on the mainland and they relayed next to her when they could to avoid her to be alone, and grandma Tracy was helping them in this task.

The color they had chosen for the room's walls was a very clear blue evoking the sky, and Gordon was finishing assembling a little cupboard. In a corner was waiting the cradle with a light veil where the embroidered blanked made by the Tracy mother and where they had slept all five had been placed. It was a thing asked by Jeff, and Alan had accepted. Virgil was finishing a very beautiful fresco portraying all the family which was covering a half of a wall, and he moved back after his last brushstroke.

Gordon posed his screwdriver on the ground.

"Here it is, the little mister's cupboard is finished!" he exclaimed.

And he pushed it near the nappy changing table he had previously assembled. After a little time of drying the little new Tracy could occupy his new quarters when he would decide to come into this world.

Behind them, Kyrano was already placing in the cupboard the baby clothes they all had bought two months ago when the alarm resounded.

"Boys !" said Jeff Tracy's voice in the men's watches.