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Oneshot 1: Height Difference

Ah yes.

No man can deny the fact that Randel Oland, Corporal of Pumpkin Scissors was freaking huge.

Many found his height impressing. But in spite of this moment Alice thought it's irritating. At the same time she wondered how she got into this situation.

Well, it was her fault, really.

It was right after they came back from another mission. Success aside - they were pretty torn up, Corporal the most. She has been scolding him all the way here, so when they entered the office, he had hung his head low. She herself, was irritated yet satisfied with the assignment. After giving the report to Captain Hunks, the squad decided to call it a day, and go home. Oreld and Machs went to change, and go to bar later, Stekkin (bringing Mercury) tagging along for company. Hunks left off, muttering something about "filling papers" and "giving report to superiors". So that left only two of them in the room.

Alice plopped herself down on the chair, sighing. "Corporal" She said.

The man stiffened, and looked up at her, expecting more lessons about 'reckless behaviour'.

She just sighed again. "Really, corporal, if you keep on charging into the battle like that you will be killed"

He hung his head again and muttered an apology.

"Why you even decided to go so quickly?" Alice asked.

"..." He was silent for a while. "The tank...was..." He looked out of the window "Aiming...at you"

Her eyes grew

"And...I told you...To rely on me" He muttered "You...Always say that a noble is alone. You remember what I said at the ball. That I want to protect you...because I'm your corporal...Right?" He asked looking up at her again.

She went silent for a moment. Randel was actually afraid if he said something that upset her.

Alice stood up, and walked up to him. She didn't look him in the eye, so he couldn't see her face. His surprise grew when she put a hands on his collar.

But the corporals mind went full stop when she started pulling him down.

Given his weight and her strength, there was no chance that she would move him more than a few centimeters.

"Umm...Lieutenant?" He questioned, Nealy silent.

After a few seconds of tugging at his coat, she let out a irritated noise.

"Stay here"

Oh, Randel wouldn't even try to imagine what would happen if he broke that order.

Which brings us to the current situation.

But he still couldn't figure out, why she picked up a chair and placed it in front of him.

He wanted to question her doings again. But then she stood on the chair, and cupped his face with both of her palms.

And before he had a chance to to say something, her lips met his.

For the next few seconds, his mind and heart seemed to stop.

Only when she pulled away, his lungs had the chance to draw air again.

"Corp-...Randel" Alice said softly, making his eyes widen "...Thank you" She smiled at him.

The man just seemed to be mesmerized by her face, her smile and those blue eyes staring at him.

"And..." She muttered, looking down so he wouldn't see her blushing (Because suddenly her consciousness came back, and she realized what she have done) "Next time...we need a better way to get past our height differences..."

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