The Simpson's: In Space: Episode 10: Trials of Virtue: Epilogue

(Date: Orion Standard: 12/07/5009. Orion Standard Time: 1400 hours Military Time. Location: Edessa Star Cluster. System: Edessa-Gamma: United Federation of Orion: Frontier Sector Alpha.)

Onboard the ship, The Eagles Talon, Grand Admiral Ganymede Edgar was sitting in the recently refurbished Dreadnaught, which until the beginning stages of The Pirate Wars, was the flagship of his predecessor, Gol-Gor Oth, but after it was revealed by Homer Simpson, that the mutated Telkine was inadvertently responsible for Charles Montgomery Burn's rise to power, and the creation of The Wrath of Kaos Pirates, was sentenced to life in The Pariah prison colony.

"Admiral! We cannot keep making these delays! We have to get to Metropoli Major!" Stated an armor clad giant.

"Master Chief Verdun-936." The Admiral said hotly. "I am aware of your experiences with The Somites during The Civil War."

"Aware? AWARE!" Shouted the veteran Spartan Super-Soldier. "I was there when The Somite occupied every sector in The Federation two-hundred years ago! I was watched as they purged entire continents of life! This is The Civil War all over again!"

"Patients Verdun, patients," Ganymede said trying to calm down the veteran hero, "we need to make sure we don't accidentally leave the rest of The Federation open to attack, you know that every sector shares a border with Somite space."

"I!… never mind, it sounds like you thought this through." Said Verdun.

"I didn't replace Oth simply because I'm smaller then he was." Edgar said bluntly. "The Somites may be universally arrogant, but there tactics are more predictable then they would admit."


"Parl'vas, please tell that what I was told that happened beneath Orpheus didn't happen." Andúril asked his Brood Mate, Aon. As her ship, The Wardens Vigil, and her fleet, The Fleet of The Martyrs' Dirge. We're making course for planet Narsil.

"The part were Seraph was inexplicably resurrected? Or why those 'ruins' were there in the first place?" Aon asked.

"No, I mean the part when you killed Zit for being a deterrent? You do know that he was turned into one of those,… those things that were trying to kill us!" Andúril said.

"What does it matter now? Were alive, and we have fulfilled our charge haven't we?" She asked impatiently.

'If that is what you think, then you are wrong.' Ty'phon interjected.

"What? What do you mean Great One?" Aon asked.

'My nephew, and your own student Andúril. Have made a gambit to reclaim The Grey Heart, that was lost when The Somites attacked Ashla.' He said. 'They planted fake Tears of The Seraphim on Metropoli Major; both to draw Ersa out, and reclaim The Grey Heart.'

"Wha-What?" Zaar asked in shock. "The Emperor used one of the most populated planets in the entire galaxy as BAIT! The Seraphim are going to have a field day bringing so many souls to The Grey Havens."

"Who asked for your opinion heretic?" Aon snapped. "But I must agree, these tactics are unlike Aiur. Even with the war going the way it was he didn't resort to sacrificing innocents for the sake of victory."

'I do not understand it either, but I have seen these symptoms before. He no longer cares about who, or what is destroyed in his path if it guarantees him victory.' He said, remembering an old friend that fell to the same depravities, some five or six-thousand years ago.

"I suppose that our charge from here on would be to assist Aiur and the rest of The Divine Navy as we attack Metropoli Major?" Aon asked.

"I don't see how that can be avoided." Andúril said in in concern. "Pi'on-Saulumos, I and Zaar wish to speak to you in private."

"We do?" Zaar asked in confusion.


I see no reason not to.' Said Ty'phon, as he, and the two Lukus Templar's exited the bridge. 'Now, what is it you both want of me?'

"We wish to both leave The Lukus Order, and rejoin the Fellowship of Andu, and The Order of The Blooded Torch." Andúril said bluntly.

"What?" Zaar asked his Master in sincere confusion.

"I asked him if-"

"I know what you said!" Zaar said.

"Zaar, you shared with me on Orpheus your discontent with The Templar's, and I share them with you. So were leaving The Order while were still relatively sane." Explained Andúril. "And yes, I know that if you did leave, you'd leave behind the few friends you have."

"I know, but that's not the main thing." Zaar said shyly. "It's… it's just that uh… out of general curiosity, is my Garud'ashan still?… You know?"

'Stubborn, thickheaded, and a blatant mistrust for The Repentant? Yes, but that is no excuse to fear.' Said Ty'phon.

"Yes," said Zaar sheepishly, "also my sister, I don't care what my people as a whole think of Selendis. I still say she's nothing more a cowardly and vain hag!" He stated angrily.

'Aye, my only reason why I haven't condemned her to a Tournament of Truth is because that will likely cause yet another War of Triumph.' He said, as he remembered the civil war that nearly destroyed The Fellowship of Andu while they were licking their wounds from The War of Retribution.

"In any case, will you accept us back into The Fellowship?" Andúril asked sincerely.

'Of course, may you never fall astray from The All-Fathers grace… again.' He said, tapping his staff against the floor.

"We have arrived at Narsil." Aon's voice sounded over the ships PA system. "Soon we shall learn when to strike."


"So, what did you learn young lady?" Marge sternly asked Seraph, as they were both in the turbo lift.

The adolescent automaton sighed in mild annoyance. Mainly because, in her joy from being liberated from the Matrix-Esq. prison beneath her conception world, she absentmindedly forgot how over baring and controlling her foster mother was. "Don't run away?" She finally said.

"That's right!" Marge said, "I haven't seen you in nearly four months! I was so worried about you, and now I hear that you somehow got killed and became a robot!"

"Trust me, I don't get it either," Seraph said as she and Marge exited the turbo lift and went off to the bridge of The Sinbad, "but that's irrelevant now."

"All right, just promise me you won't try to be a hero again." Marge asked caringly.

"I somehow doubt that will be an option." Said Seraph.

"Homer, what in your right mind makes you think I would believe something so ridiculous?" Admiral Bethany said to Homer as the two fleet officers were discussing Homer's claims as a 'Time Lord.'

"My Mom told me! I swear I'm Time-" Admiral Tanto cut of the transmission before he could finish. "-Lord."

"Homer are you still going on about that 'Time Lord' thing?" Marge asked her husband in annoyance. "You're really letting the future get to you." "Marge if I wanted people to call me crazy, I'd just look in the mirror and do it myself." Homer stated in irritation.

"Yet you've never tried such a thing." Seraph said snidely. 'If it is any constellation prize, I believe your claim.' Seraph said, projecting her voice into Homer's mind.

"Um… Seraph, what was that last thing you said sweaty?" Homer asked, not realizing that Seraph was telepathically speaking to him.

'This is telepathy you fool, or at the very least a technological parody of it, but that's of no importance right now. Now listen very carefully. When my vices and virtues were reunited, I somehow managed to read your memories, along with the memories of everyone else that was inside of the virtual prison. So I know that Mona told you about your heritage as a Time Lord.' Seraph said.

"Attention Sons of Orion!" Shouted the bellowing voice of Verdun-936, over the ships com channel. "Today, we make for Metropoli Major to do battle with the villainous and dishonorable Somites, and their false god Ersa! The Butcher of Ashla!"

"Homer? Who's that?" Marge said in concern at the hologram of the armored titan.

"That… that is Verdun-936." Said Seraph, almost as if in reverence. "One of the most decorated war hero's in recent human history."

"The battle ahead will be long and perilous! But so long as Orion's honor is avenged in the deaths of Ersa, and of his ill begotten kin, and his soulless thralls, then your sacrifices will be honored till the stars themselves go out!" He went on. "But first, to make sure that our casualties are at a minimum. Grand Admiral Ganymede Edgar has made a FTL capable EMP devise that will be launched into The Capital system, that will detonate in the upper atmosphere of M&M."

"Hmm… this strategy seems thought out and logical. I really must stop underestimating human ingenuity and craftiness." Seraph said out loud.

"And after the EMP device goes off and disables the entire Somite Fleet, it will also deliver… an old friend that will clear out a hopefully large LZ for us." As the aged Spartan solider said this, a large, and arrow shaped spacecraft flew through the gathered fleets, and then abruptly disappeared into Q-space.


"What do you mean it was a trap?" Said Anehta to her brother Ersa via interstellar communication.

"You heard me! The Fellowship planted fake Tears on Metropoli Major, and now half of their so called 'Divine Navy' is in orbit, and their releasing some kind of green gas into the atmosphere." Ersa said, he was right of course.

Every Fellowship ship that was in orbit of Metropoli Major was dispensing The FENRIS Virus into the planet's atmosphere.

Ersa began to cough heavily as the Snaipmyloian killing toxin was beginning to reach his position. "How, (Cough) how did the fleet get annihilated so fast?" He asked in shock.

"I do not know uncle." Said Mary-Sue, without an ounce of emotion in her voice. "But unless my bio-scans of you are incorrect, your Resurrection Gene has been destroyed by this toxin."

Angry was replaced by fear in the god's face when he heard that the only thing that made him and his brother and sisters invincible was destroyed. "So… the sodding Telkines decided that they want to kill me permanently after all this time?" He drew a massive sword from his back as the revelation that this could (and will) be his last battle.

"Anehta?" He said calmly to his sister.

"Yes? Brother?" She answered back.

"Destroy every FOA Ship in orbit when you get here. Then we shall continue our purge of this wretched world." He said defiantly.

"We are already here." No sooner had she said this. Her entire fleet exited Q-space in unison. As if on cue, another craft emerged from Q-space, a craft that dispersed a massive EMP shockwave causing the entire Somite Fleet to deactivate and slowly fall into Metropoli Major's gravity well.


(Thirty minutes after the EMP wave)

"But uncle-"

"No. Buts Augustus!" Shouted Rakata Armageddon to his nephew Augutus Belmont. "You will turn Gol-Gor Oth into a Blood Leviathan immediately!" The Serp'feratu clutched his blow gun and dart nervously as he heard his uncle bark orders over his private com channel. He made his way to a massive skyscraper, as he did this he caught sight of the fearsome Gol-Gor Oth. All thirteen of his eyes aflame with rage, his arms toppling Somite Titans, golden giants that fell beneath his fiery breath, his neck frill flaring brightly as he roared in soul-shearing anger, and his scorpion like tail firing massive balls of magma towards Smoite cruisers that were unlucky enough to get within his line of sight.

"Okay... just fire the dart into him and I can get this over with." He said under his breath as he climbed to the very top of the tall building, when he got there he was close enough to the mutated alien to notice all three rows of his teeth. He then took a deep breath, held it, put the dart in the blow gun, and then fired into the titan's neck.

"Uncle, the deed has been done." He said over the com channel to Amrageddon. "Now, teleport him to the temple in the undercity." "It shall be done Uncle." Augustus responded nervously, as he fired another dart into the beast causing it to disappear.

Forty-five minutes later, Augustus returned to The Blood Temple that was hidden in Metropoli Major's undercity. "Congradualations Augustus," Armageddon said coolly at the sight of the monster sleeping before his feet. "Uncle, might I ask what purpose does turning him into Blood Leviathan serve?"

"I understand your ignorance," Armageddon said, "basically, I want to provide a distraction so our followers to leave this wretched planet."

"But you are the President of The Alliance! Wouldn't people notice if you're gone?" Belmont asked.

"Augustus, as far as the people are concerned I'm in the bunker, awaiting The Lukus fools to rescue me." He said with a hint of madness in his voice. As he said this, Gol-Gor Oth slowly mutated two extra scorpion tails, two extra wings, and his talons growing larger, and more menacing. "Make no mistake; this is hardly the beginning of the end."

"Armagaddon!" Shouted Rakata Chronus, who was resurrected shortly after The Kobra Minor SNAFU. "Federation ships are making planet fall where Oth landed. Confederate ships are reinforcing The Senete District of the planet, and The Fellowship is starting to search for Ersa and Anehta. Your orders?"

"Let them land, let them spill their blood, it will not halt the darkness that will consume this entire galaxy in the coming days!" He stated maddeningly. "When the time comes, the faithful of The Blood Lords with know... retribution." He said coldly, as Gol-Gor Oth's eyes shot open, all of them wreathed in golden flame.