AN: I was in a supermarket, thinking about how much I was looking forward to watching Doctor Who that night, as you do, when I came up with an idea that my mind then promptly ran away with...

I've never tried a multi-Doctor story before, and since I've not seen a whole lot of classic!Who I've stuck with the Doctors I'm most familiar with - Seven, Nine, Ten and Eleven, and my favourite companion of each one. This has been a lot of fun to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it...

. . . . . . . . . . . .



He had never known his father, who'd died just before he was born. Growing up, he'd loved his mother, of course, but always felt that there was something missing. A gap that had stayed with him all through his childhood and into adulthood, and he vowed that should he ever have a child, he or she would never feel so...empty.

He was excited when she told him she was expecting. He was ecstatic when they discovered they were going to have a son.

He was devastated when they told him his son would never be able to walk.

He whispered to the newborn baby that his daddy would do anything - anything - to change that.


Amy had accepted the fact that the TARDIS was bigger on the inside, but just how big she didn't think she'd ever know. She'd been 'exploring' for a while now and still got the feeling she hadn't seen the half of it. In fact, she was beginning to think she'd never find the console room again when suddenly, there was the door in front of her, as if she'd gone round in a massive circle.

Shrugging, she entered, only to find the Doctor with a stethoscope pressed to the console, stroking it and cooing softly.

''What's the matter with you, eh? What's wrong?''

''Doctor, what are you doing?'' she asked, hoping the explanation would be...rational.

''There's something wrong with the TARDIS,'' he replied, not looking at her, ''Listen to that.''

She raised her eyebrows. ''To what?''

He stood up now, sharply, stepped towards her. ''That. The groaning noise, can't you hear it?''

Amy stiffened, trying to concentrate, ''Yeah, sort of. Faintly, like it's a long way off.''

''Mm, your psychic link with the TARDIS isn't as strong as mine,'' the Doctor mused, ''I can hear it loud and clear. Here, hold still.''

He pressed two fingers to her forehead, closed his eyes. After a moment Amy staggered back, the sudden rush of something very strong overcoming her, a loud noise droning in her ears. ''Whoa.'' she breathed, ''That is loud. So, what, is the TARDIS in pain?''

''Seems likely,'' said the Doctor, spinning on the spot and going back to press his ear to the console. ''But why?''

Amy waved her hands vaguely in a way which suggested she had no idea why a complicated sentient timespace machine might be groaning in pain. Which of course, she didn't.

''It's like...Like she's being pulled towards somewhere she doesn't want to go to,'' the Doctor murmured, ''Like it's dragging her in.''

''Why?'' Amy asked.

''I don't know,'' he admitted. ''Hmm, only one way to find out.''

''Which is?''

''Land her. Hold on tight!''

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Donna had been surprised to discover that Earth was not the only planet to have invented toasters. As it was, the planet Revija had just proved this beyond any shadow of a doubt when its parliament had attempted to shove her and the Doctor into its giant, deadly one. They'd escaped -just- and were now stopping for breath outside the city, backs leaning against a wall.

''That,'' said the Doctor triumphantly, ''was brilliant!''

Donna wiped the sweat from her forehead - she'd been running away from four-armed guards for quite a while, besides which they'd been running through a tunnel which was growing slowly hotter and hotter as the machine prepared to 'toast' them. ''Was it?'' she asked, wearily. ''Which part was that, then, the part when we were nearly burnt to death, or the part when we were nearly speared by a load of angry guards?''

''The part when we escaped, of course!'' he said, grinning. ''You've got to admit, that was pretty brilliant. One of my best plans ever, actually. Don't you think? Donna?''

He looked around, but his companion was nowhere to be seen. And before he could say...well, anything at all really, he realised, with some annoyance, that he was being teleported.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Rose's head hurt. That was the first thing she was aware of, the feeling that she'd just been hit over the head with a rather large rock. The second thing she noticed was the Doctor, on his knees in front of her, sonic screwdriver pointed rather worryingly at her face.

''Ah,'' he said, ''You're awake. Hello.''

''Hello,'' she said, wondering why her voice sounded so groggy, ''What happened?'' She sat up, slowly, hands to her head in case it should suddenly fall off.

His face was level with hers now, eyes narrowed in confusion, ''We were teleported.''


''Yes.'' he sprang to his feet, the blur of motion making Rose's eyes swim momentarily out of focus. ''I'm an old hand, didn't affect me much, but you're human, messed with your brain a bit. Are you all right?''

Vaguely wondering if any of that sentence could have been an insult, Rose nodded. ''I think so. Just a bit...woozy.''

He took her hands, pulled her gently to her feet. ''It'll wear off. Meanwhile...'' he held up the sonic screwdriver again, scanning for...something, she didn't know what, ''Where are we?''

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

''Looks like some sort of cave, Professor,'' said Ace, struggling to take in the sudden change of scenery. ''A tunnel, maybe.''

The Doctor was running his hand down the smooth walls of their new surroundings, frowning. ''You could be right, Ace,'' he said, ''One thing's certain, we're not on Teba any more.''

''Shame, that,'' she went to join him on the other side of the...whatever they were in. ''I was quite enjoying that sunbath thing, and suddenly we end up here. What happened?''

The Doctor shook his head, ''I don't know. Here, feel the wall.''

Ace pressed the palm of her hand against the patch of wall in front of her, and immediately wished she hadn't. ''It's hot!'' she exclaimed, pulling it back quickly.

''Yes,'' the Doctor mused. ''And that can mean only one thing.''

She turned to look at him. ''What's that?''

''I haven't the faintest idea,'' he replied, suddenly noticing an opening in the wall over to their right. He walked towards it, and disappeared into the blackness beyond. She could faintly hear him calling, ''Come on, Ace!'' before she ran to catch him up.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The TARDIS landed even more violently than usual, and Amy found herself on the floor, collapsed in a rather undignified heap. Once the shaking and juddering had ceased, she stood up, just in time to see the Doctor dashing past towards the door, yelling at her to hurry up and follow.

She stepped through the door after him, and into a dimly-lit, low-ceilinged tunnel. The light, what little there was, seemed to be coming not from a bulb or flame, but from a strange dull glow off the walls.

''So? Where are we?'' she asked, used to the Doctor's fine-tuned sense of the universe by now.

But all he did was shake his head. ''I don't know. This's like it's cut off from time, the TARDIS didn't know where we were either. But that's impossible.''

Amy stepped forward, spotting something over to their left. ''Look, Doctor, the tunnel goes on through here. There's an entrance.''

''Someone knows we're here, Amy,'' he continued, as if he hadn't heard her. ''More than that, someone brought us here, something powerful - believe me, not just anything can pull the TARDIS out of the vortex like that, you'd need an enormous amount of power...''

''Doctor, come on, through here!'' Amy had stepped through the gap now, could just hear his voice.

''So what do they want us for, eh? Why bring us to a tunnel instead of straight to their doorstep?''

Amy sighed, turned back and joined him again.

''Unless...they're testing us. This tunnel must lead somewhere. Amy, look, behind you, a gap in the wall. It must carry on through there.''

Amy rolled her eyes, ''That's what I've been trying to tell you.''

''Well, talk louder then. Come on!'' he strode through the entrance, Amy close behind and wondering how long it would be before she hit him.

They continued along the tunnel until they came to a fork - three possible paths, all exactly identical, and were just arguing over which one to follow when there was a sound behind them.

''That,'' said the Doctor, hand still pointing firmly to the left-hand tunnel, ''Didn't sound good.''

''Nope,'' Amy agreed, ''It didn't.''

''That,'' the Doctor continued, as the sound came again, ''Sounded distinctly like the roar of a rather large monster. And yes - I'd say those are its footsteps.''

''Coming towards us.''



And they did. Just not in the same direction.

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