One Piece: My Version

This is basically a retelling of series (with no filler arcs, Thank God!). But with a few interesting twists. First What if there was an island where it was heavily guarded by Marines. What if that island was the source of all the Devil Fruits in a single, giant tree? What if that island was claimed by the World Government? What if, the forces of Fate and Nature decided to interfere? And what if there was an equivalently powerful Paramecia-type fruit as the Yami-Yami no Mi.

I don't own One Piece, Eichiro Oda does.

(Grand Line- 10 years ago)

Hikari Island a.k.a. Devil Fruit Island was the birthplace of all the Devil Fruits that sprouted from the Devil Tree's branches. The tree itself was larger than the one in Ohara.

The World Government claimed this land for their own private agenda to serve their ambitions of a 'Dark Justice'.

The Marines had created a strong fort to guard the Devil Tree. They named it 'Fort Jericho'. It was known to be as heavily guarded as Impel Down.

But because no pirate would dare to come and steal from Jericho, guard duty was extremely dull.

Most of the guards were just playing card games, sleeping or pretending to act 'cool' in the face of danger.

Suddenly without warning, a random torrent of wind blew into the holding area of the tree.

The soldiers were startled, thinking it was an unknown enemy, began to fire their rifles all over the place.

One of bullets ricocheted of a stone wall and sped towards the branches holding the nearest devil fruit. It managed to snap two Devil Fruits off of the tree and they both fell down to the ground.

However, before they could reach mid-fall, another gust hit the corridor, this time it came back as strong as ever.

While the idiotic marines were still firing, that same torrent of wind picked up the two fruits and carried them through as small window through which the tree's branches extended through.

With two 'pops' the fruits were still being carried by the unseen force of nature and into the swirling currents of the ocean.

(In the New World- 8 years later)

Thatch was the 4th division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Currently, Whitebeard decided to set up camp in one of his crew's claimed territories to relax for a few days.

Thatch took this opportunity to get in some fishing.

After a few minutes of lazing around, waiting for the catch of the day, he felt a tug on his fishing rod.

He immediately started pulling and pulling. The catch didn't feel too big, but Thatch didn't care as long as he caught something.

With one grand pull, he yanked it out of the water.

The man looked at what he caught and he stared at it in both shock and awe.

It was no fish; it was a weirdly-shaped piece of produce. But Thatch took a closer examination and his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

It was a Devil Fruit. And catching a Devil Fruit meant big money.

Thatch's eyes were replaced with Beri signs as his grin widened.


(Later at one of the flagships)

Marshall D. Teach was a man of ambition. The only reason he joined up with Whitebeard's crew, was to have a better chance at finding the Devil Fruit he desired.

And then… his plan to become the Pirate King would come to fruition. But until then, he would just bide his time and lay back.

That was when he and the entire 4th division came upon hearing the cheerful cries of their Commander.

"Oooiiii! Everyone on deck, check what I found!"

Teach was disturbed from his nap and begrudgingly got up from his relaxation time.

"What does that idiot want?" he grumbled under his breath.

He pushed his way through the crowd until he saw Thatch holding up something. He got a closer look and his eyes also grew to dinner-plate size.

The fruit itself was oval, colored bleach-white, and had mini-spikes popping out from all the sides. The tips were colored a deep mauve.

Teach narrowed his eyes at the fruit. 'I could have sworn I've seen that fruit before.'

He slinked away and headed to his own private study. There he found the Akuma no Mi Encyclopedia by Doctor Vegapunk. He quickly skimmed through the basic fruit pages until he landed on the rare category Devil Fruit. He even skipped the page of the desired fruit he needed. His eyes finally caught the picture of the same fruit Thatch found and read the description below the picture to himself.

"The Hiru-Hiru no Mi (Leech-Leech Fruit) is labeled as the most powerful Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that rivals the Yami-Yami no Mi (Dark-Dark fruit)…."

He paused as his nearly dropped the book at the first sentence.

Teach regained composure and began to read again; this time he skipped to the effects.

"Whoever eats this rare fruit is granted with the following in exchange for the ability to swim:"

Healing factor- Extremely high regeneration of wounds.

The ability to absorb and copy strength, knowledge and abilities upon physical contact (both Human and Devil Fruit users) and make them permanent.

Similar to the Yami-Yami no Mi, when active, the user can nullify any Devil Fruit users power's and attacks upon physical contact.

At the end of this description, Teach's grin was as wide as ever.

"Maybe I don't have to wait after all."

He placed the book in his yellow sash and packed the essentials in a duffel bag. Because by tonight, he will be brand-marked a blood traitor in the eyes of Whitebeard.

But all that mattered was his plan.

(Later that night)

Teach found Thatch sitting casually on top of the railing. The rest of the division was fast asleep, meaning good fortune for Teach.

Thatch heard his footsteps come closer, so he turned to greet him in his usual cheerful manner.

"Oh, hey there Teach." Thatch greeted.

Teach grinned his semi-toothless grin in return. "Hey there sousui (commander)."

He turned his eyes to the Devil Fruit Thatch was holding. "So, that Devil Fruit… How'd you get that by the way?"

Thatch told him that it was pure luck that he discovered the Devil Fruit, all because he went fishing.

"Zehahahahaha! This must be your lucky day, huh?" Teach joked.

Thatch laughed along with him. "I suppose your right."

They laughed for a few minutes until it gradually died down. Thatch then saw the duffel bag. He kept his eyes on it as Teach got closer.

"Oi, what's with the-*hrmpgphh*"

He was cut-off when he found his mouth and back of the head grasped tightly in Teach's fist. Teach took advantage of his surprise and quickly snatched the fruit from him.

Teach's grin widened.

"Gomen Thatch, but I can't let you get in the way of my ambition."

This was it. Countless years of patience had finally paid off.

Marshall D. Teach stared down at the Hiru-Hiru no Mi, clenching his jaw and licking his lips in anticipation of the power he was about to gain and bracing himself for the horrible taste he would have to experience

He immediately chomped and chewed the fruit, all while ignoring the foul taste in his mouth. He finally swallowed the mushy bits and pieces in one audible gulp.

"Blerghh….Man that was nasty." he complained while sticking his tongue out to emphasize the distastefulness of the fruit. He then looked down at Thatch, who was still struggling out of his grasp.

He lifted his free hand up and noticed Thatch's horrified expression.

And the reason why was because of the Venus flytrap maws opening up in the palms of Teach's hands.

Teach brought his hand down and a resounding *chomp* was heard around them. He could feel the strength, power and knowledge power into his being. He could feel himself getting stronger and more powerful with Thatch's strength and skills added to his own.

There was no doubt about it. He definitely had no regrets eating this fruit.

When he was finished, he felt like a new man. He couldn't contain his jubilation any longer and let out an uproarious laugh.


He panted heavily and glanced down at his 'leech-hands' as he now called them, were closing up.

"Incredible! I thought this kind of power resided in Logia-types!" he exclaimed

He looked back down to see Thatch as pale as a sheet, and nothing but skin and bones. But he was still breathing and in time, would fully recuperate. However a purple-colored, leech bite mark was made visible on Thatch's neck. The crew would see who did it if Thatch squealed on him and that was something Teach did not want.

The burly man picked up the commander with relative ease, and grasped the now frail, scrawny neck.

"Well ya know what they say Thatch…. always go for the next best thing."

And with a flick of the wrist, he snapped the commander's neck, killing the 4th commander instantly. He looked around; no one was up yet, and dawn wouldn't come until 4 hours later.

Teach quickly got his bag and stole a life-boat. He rowed his way further from Whitebeard and the New World.

The first step of his plan was complete. Now all he needed was an alias to hide under and start a pirate crew.

The name came to him. The polar opposite of Whitebeard.

Blackbeard. That would be his name. And soon the whole world would recognize his power once he found One Piece and become the new Pirate King.

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