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Q is for Question

He found himself checking his pocket for the fifth time that evening. Just to make sure it was there. Not so much because he was afraid it would go missing, but more for the comfort he took from knowing that nothing had gone horribly wrong yet.

It was a legitimate concern. Having enlisted Sokka and Toph for their help in such a momentous occasion, he knew he was leaving a lot up to chance. Even now, with Sokka grinning like an idiot and flashing him a thumbs-up before ducking behind a pillar, he found that he was no less anxious. What if she hadn't gotten his letter? What if Appa had gotten lost?

But those concerns, it would appear, were moot. A slight breeze passed through and into the evening twilight, as though heralding her arrival. And there she stood, a slight look of confusion across her face, at the entrance to the Southern Air Temple's antechamber.

"Katara," Aang said simply. He tried to keep his voice from jumping an octave.

"Aang? Why did you send Appa to bring me here?" she inquired, sounding slightly amused at the entire situation.

The Avatar cleared his throat, unsure of what to say for himself. He still had not moved from where he stood. "Well… that's a good question," he said lamely. Immediately he regretted it.

The ground rose up from under him, and his first thought was, Spirits, that was the cue! Reacting on instinct, he flung himself forward just in time as the earth beneath him exploded in a shower of colorful sparks, the product of Toph's handiwork and Sokka's proficiency with pyrotechnics. Unfortunately, this sent him barreling into Katara.

They collapsed backward as the fireworks subsided, and Aang sat up, rubbing his head. "Sorry about that," he groaned.

But Katara wasn't listening. Her eyes were fixated on the necklace that she held in her hands, which up until a moment ago had been securely held in Aang's pocket. "Aang?" she breathed, her voice laced with too many emotions to count.

Somewhere behind him, Toph and Sokka were running and yelling, apologizing for setting off the display at the wrong instance of the word "question". But he didn't notice. Instead, at that moment, the Avatar decided to throw all of his plans to the wind and go for broke.

"So… I don't suppose the ship has sailed on you marrying me?"

R is for Reality

The clouds seemed to darken as he walked. He knew it would rain soon. And yet, all he could think about was how badly he wished this were a dream.

Where had it gone wrong? How did it turn out like this? He thought back to all the things that had happened, everything they had shared. It had all seemed so perfect.

He continued to walk. It was a path that he knew well. My son will also know it well, he mused darkly. It only made it worse.

Forcing himself to think of nothing, he numbly continued. All too soon, he arrived.

And then, gasping, he awoke.

S is for Shells

"She's here."

Toph turned and met the Avatar's gaze. "Who's here?"

For the longest time, Aang said nothing as the two friends walked side by side along the twilit shore, the sound of the surf echoing hazily around them in the sunset.

"She is," he finally said, as though it were perfectly obvious.

And to Toph, it finally was. "Oh," she offered simply. And then she nodded.

Aang had stopped walking the meantime, and had turned to simply stare out into the horizon, smiling warmly as though greeting an old friend. "The water, the sky, the sand…"

Toph almost laughed, shaking her head bemusedly. "You know we're gonna see her again soon, Twinkletoes."

Aang once again did not reply, instead bending down to pick up some object of interest. "…Even the shells."

Toph finally allowed herself a chuckle. "Just everywhere, right?"

And for the first time, it seemed that Aang did hear her. "Yeah," he said with a soft smile. "Everywhere."