The Adventures of Superboy: Forces of Nature

Chapter 5

Matt's hands would not stop shaking as he drove his car toward the Kent farm. Every so often he glanced in the rear-view mirror at Lana. The poor girl was nearly traumatized and just lay back quietly while staring straight ahead. He attempted to make light conversation, but she kept silent. With the tornado gone, the winds had died down. The rain had also tapered off, but the storm clouds remained. He smiled, noticing a sliver of the sun peeking its rays through.

"Hey Lana, take a look at the clouds, it's all over. Superboy's done it again. That's gonna be one heck of a rainbow. I can already see the colors forming now."


As Matt continued his drive, he suddenly realized he passed a young, dark-haired man on the road. It was Clark Kent, looking windblown and wet, but unscathed from the storm. Matt stopped the car suddenly and turned around to be sure. Clark waved and ran toward them.

"Matt! Wait up!"

Matt tapped Lana's shoulder and pointed. "Lana, look, it's Clark!"

Lana's head turned swiftly and her eyes filled with tears. "Clark! Clark! He's alive! He's okay!"

"Of course he is, he was at the med center, the tornado never hit…Lana, where are you going?"

She immediately rushed out of the car and ran straight into his arms. What she did next had Matt staring dumbfounded and scratching his head. Lana Lang kissed Clark Kent. It wasn't just her usual, cutesy peck on the cheek. It was a full on lip lock and Clark did not pull away or appeared shocked from as per his normal reaction. They kissed as if they were truly in love.

"Oh Clark, I thought the tornado took you up! I couldn't see you through it."

Clark broke the kiss gently and stroked her face. "Lana, shh…everything's fine. I'm here. Nothing happened to me. It will take more than a little wind to get me. Just give me a minute, alright?"

Lana wiped her eyes and nodded. Clark rushed over to the car. Matt just gaped at him and Clark grinned slyly.

"What's wrong?"

"Did I just see what I thought I saw? I mean, hey, more power to you both. I always knew there was something there."

Clark laughed. "You mean you didn't know about us? I thought it would be all over the water cooler at the Bureau by now. Some investigator you are, Matt."

Matt rubbed his face in wonder. "Clark…but you…wait a minute! What about her and Superboy?"

Clark shrugged. "What about him? Superboy has his own agenda. He's really too busy for hearts and flowers. Lana and I had a whole history together before he even came into the picture, you know?"

"Uhh…yeah, yeah, now I do, but it just seems so sudden. You don't think he'll be jealous?"

Clark reached in and patted his shoulder. "If he is…ehh, he'll get over it. Superboy knows my feelings for Lana, and he's such a gentlemen he would never stand in the way of that. Sometimes love just strikes like a bolt of lightning, Matt. Hey listen, we're not too far from the house. I want to stay with her."

"Are you sure? Look, I'm worried for her, she's a little bit shell shocked."

"I see that. Don't fret it; I'll watch her. Tell my ma and pa everything is fine and that Superboy took care of the tornado and the thieves."

Matt gunned his car again and shuddered. "Good! Wait until we tell you what they did in the cellar."

Clark's face darkened. "What? Are my parents hurt? Mr. Jackson?"

"No, Clark…but those maniacs almost...ahh, everything is fine now. Trust me." He picked up Jonathan's shotgun. "Your pa sent me out with this baby. We were both ready to use it on one of those freaks."

"It's best you didn't. I'm sure the authorities will handle those two."

Matt tossed up his hands. "And I thought the ghetto was dangerous! This beats all."

"Matt, sometimes, the grass is never greener. Oh, I almost forgot. Superboy wanted me thank you for going out and trying to save Lana. He realized you could have been killed yourself."

"Ahh, it's all good. I couldn't let those hick scum hurt our girl, right?"

"Right! I'm sure he'll thank you in person next time."

Matt smiled. "For everything he's done for me and for all of us? The entire world? He never has to say thank you. Okay, go back to her, she's looking nervous again."

Matt drove off and Clark came beside Lana. She grasped his arm. "Matt left? Why?"

"I told him too. I wanted to be alone with you for a little while. Are you going to be okay, Lana?"

Lana stared at him, suddenly realizing he was dressed in a brown and cream plaid shirt and jeans. She was beginning to lose the distinction between Clark and Superboy. She fumbled with his shirt buttons.

"I will be, but Clark, I…I don't want to fly anywhere. Please not now."

Clark stared sympathetically at her and he clutched her hand. It was cold as ice and he soothingly rubbed it until it was warm against his palm.

"Lana, I would never do anything to upset you. No, we're not flying, not while I'm Clark. Right now that's who I want to be, Clark Kent."

Lana pulled him closer to her. She carefully pushed his glasses on top of his head and stared deeply into his eyes. She smiled.

"That's exactly who I need. You, Clark. It's always been you. I've just been too stupid to notice."

Clark wanted to tell her she wasn't stupid, but she put a finger to his lips. "No, don't say anything. It's true. All our lives, I've taken you for granted. I knew at thirteen when we walked home that I never wanted to be separated from you. That feeling hasn't changed at all. It's only grown stronger and deeper. And I know you feel the same way about me, especially because of how Superboy feels."

Clark blinked back a few tears. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. "I love you, Lana Lang."

Lana's heart was near to bursting and tears rolled down her cheeks. Clark embraced her and kissed them away. They stood off the side of the highway, wrapped in each other and she laid her head upon his shoulder. She drew the symbol of the 'S' with her finger and then kissed his chest.

"This is going to take some getting used to."

"I know. Lana, Matt saw us kissing. I told him we were…well, a couple, and that Superboy doesn't mind." Clark glanced down shyly.

Lana shook her head and raised his face toward hers. "Clark Kent, don't ever feel ashamed about us being together. I'm proud to be your girlfriend. Superboy lost his chance." She smiled coyly.

Clark couldn't believe he heard those words from her. "Well, considering where we work, I'd say Lana and Clark together is something very extra-normal, wouldn't you?"

"Clark!" She swiped him. "That's one thing about you that has to change. No more of this self-depreciation. I want you to be proud of us, stroll into work by my side, and kiss me good morning if you like…when you bring me breakfast." She giggled and stroked his hair. "Kiss me goodnight, and better yet, leave with me! That'll get the water cooler bubbling."

Clark chuckled, then raised his head toward the sky. When he glanced at her he appeared a little worried. "Oh boy, I really set up a problem for us didn't I?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if you're with me, you'll have to control your feelings around Superboy for now on. Can you do that?"

Lana put a hand on her hip and looked at him bemused. "I should be asking you that question. You're the one who always grabs me, kisses me, and then tosses me back to the wolves while you go flying off into the sunset!"

Clark chuckled. "Okay, you got me there! Superboy does have a habit of kissing and running. I'll work on it."

Lana tickled his ribs. "We have lots to work on." She bit her lip shyly and then playfully nibbled at his ear and neck. "And I can't wait!" Clark scrunched up from all the tickling and they laughed.

"Aha! So kryptonite isn't the only thing you're vulnerable to." Lana tickled him again and they both laughed aloud. They soon stared at the road ahead and he put his arm around her back.

"We've come full circle since we were kids, haven't we?"

Lana looked intently at the surrounding fields and the dark blue-gray sky. Matt was right, the most brilliantly hued rainbow was beginning to make an appearance. She took in a deep breath of dewy air.

"Yeah, we sure have." She toyed with his fingers. "Will you hold my hand, Clark?"

Clark grinned and laced his fingers through hers as they started to walk.

"All the way home."

The End.