Rise Above

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Chapter 1: Aftermath

The apartment sat in darkness except for the flash of light coming from the television. Leon sat on the couch, tired and with no shirt on, as he watched the news. He watched the horrific scenes from Kijuju play over and over as the news broadcaster talked about the catastrophe. Leon rubbed the five o'clock shadow on his face, remembering that he should shave before going to bed.

The Agency was informed by the BSAA that Kijuju was a success, with the annihilation of one of the most feared men, Albert Wesker. One of the few that had started this whole ordeal of bioterrorism. Urorboros was supposedly destroyed, and Leon was relieved to hear that Chris Redfield and his partners made it out alive.

I'll be glad if I won't have to watch things like this on the news ever again…

It had been a month since the Kijuju incident. It was all over the news, all over the media, and even all over work. Leon knew all about it, and was, quite frankly, tired of hearing about it. What they needed to focus on was to find ways to prevent anymore events like this from happening. Tricell had fallen…just like Umbrella.

One less evil in the world, I guess…

Leon heaved a sigh. He had had a long day, and would have an early start tomorrow. He grabbed the remote, watching a few more clips from the news before turning the television off. The living room went black. Leon walked to the hallway, heading for the bathroom. Having lived in the shack of an apartment for over a year, he knew it well enough without having to see. He flicked the light on in the bathroom. The whole apartment definitely looked like that of a bachelor, and Leon sighed as he got cream ready to shave his face.

Thoughts filled into his mind as he shaved quietly. His headache only pulsed more, even as memories he always fought to remain hidden tried to unfold. Leon was often told that he thought too much. Whether that was good or bad didn't matter to him. Leon just felt that his brain was in constant overload. He calculated too much, he over thought too much, he even was too indecisive sometimes…just like a damn woman.

He chuckled to himself, just finishing off the last of his face. He cleaned the remains off afterwards, and felt the smooth skin of his face with a smile. Afterwards, he brushed his teeth and slinked into his bedroom. Leon looked to his bed with a warm smile. Finally, a good night's sleep. Something that he had been wanting all week.

He started pulling back the thick, soft blankets to climb in, but stopped as soon as he heard his cell phone start to go off. He hesitated, thinking that once he could go for the excuse of his phone being on silent or that he slept through it. Sighing, Leon walked over to the ringing phone and flipped it open.


"I didn't wake you up, did I?" came Ingrid Hunnigan's voice on the other side. She soundly slightly amused, as if she was hoping she did wake him up.

"What if I said yes?" he mocked.

"Then I would say that it is time to get up."

Leon glanced over at his digital clock. It read almost eleven at night. Outside, the cold winter of Washington D.C chilled the windows. He could see the city's lights flooding the town, and five stories down he could hear cars whizzing past.

"Get up? It's eleven o'clock. I don't mean to be rude, Hunnigan, but I will see you in the morning."

"No, you will be seeing me within the hour. President Thacker wishes to see you personally."

"I don't answer to President Thacker," Leon growled.

"Look, I know it is hard now that President Graham is no longer the President, but his term is over. It isn't like he isn't still control of the Agency, however. So, I really don't see your problem."

Leon heaved a sigh. "My problem, Hunnigan, is that I am trying to go to sleep."

"President Graham has told me to call YOU so you would go to President Thacker. Would you like me to put him through to you? He won't be in until later tomorrow, so you might as well see what President Thacker wants with you, and then you can sleep in all day tomorrow until President Graham gets in."

"Why do you have to be so evil about it?"

"I'm not being evil about…alright, Kennedy. I really don't appreciate you trying to annoy me this time at night."

"Ditto, Hunny."

"If you call me Hunny one more time, I will personally make sure that the Agency castrates you."

"Are you PMSing? I said I was going."

"You did not say you were going!" Hunnigan yelled on the other side.

"Well, I just did," Leon chuckled.

He heard Hunnigan take a deep breath to calm herself. "Just get over there to the White House please. Now I am going to have to take some headache medicine, thanks to you."

"Have a good night-"

"Don't you dare say it, Leon."

"You are no fun. Good night, Hunnigan."

"Good night, Leon."

Leon slapped the cell phone shut, smirking to himself. He loved aggravating that woman. Leon had worked with Ingrid since the day he joined the Agency. They formed a strange, professional friendship. Leon was thankful for her. Ingrid had pulled many things for Leon, from protecting him to getting him illegal information when Leon needed it for a case.

Leon was escorted into the White House, the agents dipping their heads in respect at Leon. Leon returned the courtesy, and strolled down the hallways to the President's room. Leon let his eyes wander to the paintings and portraits that hung on the walls, the busts of former Presidents, and the decorative touch that made the whole White House feel like an epic legacy to begin with. Once in the room, two agents remained at the door, and Leon approached the large desk where President Thacker sat waiting.

President Helen Thacker, a 45 year old woman, was small and petite, but definitely powerful in the world of politics. Leon dipped his head in respect to the older woman, just as she stood from her seat, wearing a navy blue suit that went well with her short, light hair, and intelligent blue eyes. She was the first woman President of the United States, and for almost a year in office, she had served well in the country.

"Leon Kennedy. It has been awhile," she greeted, smiling and nodding. "If I recall, our last meeting didn't go so well."

"Forgive me, President Thacker. I get caught up in my loyalty to President Graham," Leon stated calmly. He could only speak the truth. He had served President Graham too many years, and was just having trouble seeing eye to eye with President Thacker. Truth be told, Leon and Helen Thacker had a lot in common, too much maybe. Leon found this amusing, but he knew that it was his duty to serve her just as well as he did President Graham.

President Thacker seemed to acknowledge his words, walking around the large desk to stand face to face with the agent. "You know very well that I strive to help President Graham and his Agency, the one he formed, and the one that you still serve. There should be no reason for us to quarrel. I have known Jonathan for years."

"Yes, Madame. I understand. I apologize," Leon answered.

President Thacker chuckled, patting Leon on the shoulder. "You are so tense. You need to relax! Jonathan tells me you have a mouth, and you disobey orders."

Leon stared at her. "What? But I-"

"But you wouldn't be the best agent if you weren't…correct?" President Thacker laughed, stepping back from him.

Leon relaxed a little. "I wouldn't say the best."

"Your operation in Spain saved this country. Hell, it saved the world."

"Is the President allowed to cuss?" Leon chuckled.

"That's my boy. You are finally relaxing. See, we can get along!"

"I suppose so."

"Now, I hate to drag you here so late, but something has come up and Jonathan told me to call you. You have an assignment ahead of you. You will be briefed by Jonathan and me tomorrow evening. So, get your rest, and I will have Ingrid call you later tomorrow to bring you in."

"That's it?" Leon inquired. "You called me in just to tell me this? Couldn't Hunnigan just tell me this on the phone?"

"Well, you know how Jonathan can be. Besides, it is extremely confidential. No one else needs to know about it."

"You're two guards over there just heard about it."

President Thacker heaved a sigh, smiling. "You really are a smart-ass." Leon grinned. "Get your ass home and get some sleep, Mr. Kennedy."

"Yes, Madame President," Leon answered, dipping his head. "See you tomorrow."

"Yes, tomorrow."

As Leon headed down the hallways of the White House, flanked by two guards, he began to wonder what he was about to get himself into. He was sure it was going to be a mission full of danger and misfortune, where he was somehow and hopefully lucky enough to survive. President Thacker wouldn't say much, waiting for the briefing tomorrow with Graham and Hunnigan. Leon twitched his lips, wondering just what it was that he was chosen for. Would he be rescuing someone? Would he be going into a town full of macabre villagers? Too many missions had led him to believe that he had no idea where they were going to put him next.

The door opened up ahead, and he saw Ingrid come through with her own pair security agents. Leon grinned, and the two stopped in front of each other as met in the hallway. Their guards paused as well, standing still with sunglasses covering their eyes.

"Well, I was wondering where you were," Leon greeted.

"Unlike you, I have a life," Ingrid stated coolly, though Leon knew her too well to know that she was joking.

"That hurts. I'm the one that either almost gets eaten, cut in half, or some other misfortune on my missions. You just order me around."

"Well, keep on doing a good job at dodging death and we will be good then. We make such a wonderful team."

Leon shook his head. "I would like to see you in my shoes."

"You're shoes are too big for my feet."

"I meant that as a-"

"I know what you meant it as, Kennedy," Ingrid interrupted, smiling herself. "Don't you have a bed to go home to? Well, that has to be it since you don't have a woman or a pet…you don't even have a pet do you?"

"When I was a boy, I had this hamster that was better than any guard dog. I could throw it on people, and it would attack without warning," Leon informed, grinning again.

"Good night, Leon."

"Actually, it is early morning because-"

"I said good night, Leon," Ingrid said, slipping past him with her pair of guards to go speak to the woman President.

"Good night, Hunny!"


Leon took off before she could throw something at him. His security guards followed him all the way to his black Nissan Titan parked in the lot outside. Leon got in the truck, started it up and headed home.

Leon knew it was going to be hard to sleep tonight. His brain would be working to think on the next mission ahead, even though he had no info on it yet. He just hoped it would be quick and simple. The last thing he needed was a crazy operation like Chris Redfield's mission to Africa.

When have I ever been THAT lucky?

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