COUNT: 100 on the nose

Disclaimer: I own nothing all credit goes to Kripke and kindness in his heart to let me play with the two most gorgeous men on the planet.

A/N: When I went to Los Angeles there were tons of characters dressed up in the hot sun on the Hollywood Walk of fame. One of them was batman and when I saw him I thought of Dean. Enjoy!

A trip down Hollywood lane

Sam understood when given the opportunity Dean was a little kid at heart. Even with the apocalypse underway Dean always managed to make Sam smile.

The boys traveled to Los Angeles California. Walking along the Hollywood walk of fame Dean's eyes lit up.

"Sam! Quick take a picture." Sam turned to see Dean posing with a man dressed as batman.

Sam gave a quizzical look, "Dean…"


Sam laughed and took out his phone and took a picture.

Batman asked for money and Dean responded, "Me and my brother are saving the world. That's payment enough."

Dean made Sam's day