Freddie was sitting at Carly's table, staring at the now cold spaghetti tacos. No one had touched any of the food, since Freddie said not to eat until Sam got there. She was late. Again. Gibby was directly across from Freddie, and his mom was next to him. Spencer was on the other side, and Carly was next to Mrs. Benson, and Freddie. The other seat next to Freddie was empty, with a party hat in the seat. Just looking at Freddie, you could tell he was miserable. Sam was an hour late.

Suddenly, a loud gurgle made everyone look at Gibby. "Sorry, I'm hungry," he said, turning bright red. Sighing, Freddie stood up, throwing his napkin on the table.

"Go ahead and eat, Sam obviously isn't coming. I'm going home. Thanks for the party Carls and Spencer," Freddie spat moving toward the door.

"Freddie," Carly sighed. Just as Freddie reached for the door, it flew open. Sam stood there, holding a sandwich, and half was already eaten. Freddie opened his mouth, then closed it again. Sam pushed past him, and walked into the room.

"Sam, your late!" Carly said from the table, annoyance obvious in her voice. Sam stared blankly at her.

"When am I not late?"

"DO you even know what day it is?" Carly demanded. Sam shrugged, and took a bite of the sandwich. She glanced at the food on the table, and saw Gibby there. She saw the spaghetti tacos, and the large white birthday cake. She noticed everyone was wearing the same party hat. And the same word rang out on everything around them.


She sucked in a breath, and turned to FRreddie.

"Guess she doesn't know its my birthday," Freddie snarled. He started back into the hallway, and Sam sighed, following him. Carly groaned, and laid her head on the table. Gibby shrugged, and grabbed a taco, taking a big bite.

In the hallway, Sam stopped Freddie from going into his apartment.

"Hey, I'm sorry I'm late," she said.

"Why? Your always late," he said coldly, not looking at her. She sighed again.

"Exactly. So I don't get why you are getting all worked up," Sam stated. Freddie turned to look at her, his eyes wide.

"God, I HATE you Sam," he hissed, turning back to the door.

Sam took a deep breath. "You don't even know me, Freddie," she whispered. He scoffed, as he unlocked the door.

"You like ham…. That's all there is to you, Sam," he told her, and he pushed the door open. She grabbed his arm, making him look at her.

"Oh yeah? You couldn't live being me, dork who is in love with someone who won't EVER love them back!" She shouted.

"Funny how you always bring that up in any conversation we have," Freddie retorted, crossing his arms.

"Shut up! Its not like your life is hard! You love Carly, you get rejected by Carly, you get tick baths. Whoop Dee Doo," Sam said, her face getting redder from anger.

"You wouldn't last a day being me Sam. Trust me!" Freddie seethed.

"Ha! That's a laugh. I'd love to see you be me, you jerk!" Sam screamed.

Freddie walked into his apartment, and slammed the door in her face. At the same time, they both murmured:

"I wish you could see how hard it is to be me."

Freddie went into the kitchen, and grabbed an apple. He sat on his bed, and took a bite. An over-whelming feeling of exhaustion came over him. He put the apple down, and laid back. Ripples of tiredness ran over his body, making him really weak. He heard his mom come in, but by the time she came into his room, Freddie was asleep.

Sam walked into Carly's apartment. When Mrs. Benson saw her, she started screaming.

"Sam, you dirty girl! You, you AHH!" she screamed, and ran to find Freddie. Sam ran her finger in the icing on the cake.

"Sam!" Carly scolded.

Sam licked her finger, and she was suddenly very tired. Her eyes felt really heavy, and she actually swayed on the spot.

"Sam?" Gibby asked, the third spaghetti taco posed right in front of his mouth, right before a bite.

Sam blinked, and found it hard to open her eyes. She swayed again, harder. Carly dove out of her chair, and caught Sam, just as she fell. Sam was asleep by the time they put her on the couch. Spencer threw away the cake, fearing he put some sleep meds in it. Carly went upstairs. When everyone was gone, Gibby grabbed the cake out of the trash, and left the apartment, eating it on the way.

He didn't fall asleep.

Carly went back down the stairs, and stared at the sleeping Sam. Sighing, she went into Spencer's room.

"Spencer, what happened? Do you think she is going to die?" Carly fretted, toying with her hair. Spencer placed his book on Prisons down. Carly noticed it, but decided not to ask.

Spencer sighed, and patted the bed. Carly came, and sat down. He hugged her, and rubbed her arm, soothing her.

"I'm sure its just the after effect of the fight. It probably tired her. Besides, I am 46% sure that I may have possibly drugged the cake, so that's probably it. I'm sure she is fine. Wait for her to wake up," Spencer said.

Carly sighed, and got up, moving back into the living room.

"Where are you going?" Spencer called.

"TO BED!"Carly yelled, and went upstairs. Neither heard the small gasp escape Sams mouth, as she started to shake. Her body literally seemed to vibrate. Carly was already upstairs, and Spencer was back to reading. No one noticed.

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