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Chapter 1: Old Stories, New Family.

"Ow! Mama, Rusty's biting my tail!" A small, light brown tabby she cat with a white chest wailed as another young, fiery orange tom had his teeth firmly clamed on his sister's tail. The brown she cat flashed a white tipped paw at the orange one and he jumped off quickly. She then pounced on him and they both fell into a massive heap on the carpeted floor.

The she cat pinned Rusty down with her white front paws and stood over him proudly. Even through her tail was lashing, she purred.

"Stop it Princess, you know I just ate lunch, I'm not as good as before, you just got lucky!" The fiery kitten resisted his sister. He went limp and she pulled off him. Then when she had her guard down, he pounced at her and bit hard on her ear. Princess squealed in real pain Rusty knew he was in trouble.

"Rusty, how many times have I told you!" A furious voice came down from the top of the dining room table. A tabby and white she cat jumped down gracefully, anger fuming from her blue eyes. Rusty quickly let go and backed away from Princess, whose soft kit fur was ruffled and spiked in odd places. Their mother pulled her daughter under her and glared at Rusty furiously. "Rusty, you know how I don't like the way you fight so roughly" The orange kitten curled into himself shamefully. He wanted to explain that he couldn't control it, something inside him just wanted him to know how to fight like a…like a warrior.

"I'm-I'm sorry mother, I- just…can't help it." Came Rusty's feeble voice. The brown tabby she cat's mood changed for her son. And she pulled him close to her next to Princess.

"I know, so much like your father … But you still need to apologize" She looked him squarely in his emerald eyes.

Rusty began, "I'm sorry, Princess, for biting your ear so hard." He mumbled. She forgave him and they went back to being best friends again and played less roughly.

The entire family's ears perked up with the arrival of the father. He padded through the cat door into the house. He was a big red-brown tom with green eyes like his son. The mother looked up from washing her face, and smiled at her mate. The tom hopped up on the soft brown couch with her and his kits came hopping after like exited frogs.

Rusty was the first to speak. "Daddy, did you see any of those forest cats today?" He prodded. "Have you talked to any of them? Would you tell us a story about when you were with them?" Rusty babbled on. His father had been gone all morning and now it was late afternoon and the sun was blazing through the window. His father smiled, but his mother was looking ruffled.

"No, I don't want to hear about those dreadful wild cats." said his mother.

"Oh, come on Emily, you let me in the house." The tom teased.

"Pinestar, you were different, you said you'd never go back." She replied, but Pinestar was looking at her sadly with big dewy eyes. "Alright, fine, one story, and don't you think you can keep using those sad eyes on me, you flea bag." She nudged him with a hind paw. Even though she was trying to look angry she was smiling by the end of it.

"How 'bout I tell you about the time Sunfall, you know him right from my other stories? was trying to get Bluepaw and Thistlepaw to stop bickering. It may not sound like a battle, but with them it was. Now Bluepaw had a sister-" He was cut short by Princess batting at his reddish tail. "Stop it, Princess, I want to tell this story." He warned his daughter.

"Sorry," she said, "I just…don't' care about some woodsy cats that run around and fight and bicker all day." the kitten protested.

"No, tell me about any other cats, did you have any kits, in the Clan?" Rusty dragged on, even if his sister wasn't interested in the Clans, he was. To be wild and free and have adventures, that's what Rusty wanted. But at this question everything stopped.

"Yes, yes I did." Pinestar said slowly, and looked a bit awkward with is mate, but she appeared as if it was all in the past and she had no reason to be mad.

"You mean we have a litter mate in the Clans?" Princess whispered thoughtfully.

"Yes, but only and half litter mate, and they are older than you." Said Pinestar softly. His deep green eyes glittered with memories; both sad and happy.

"Who are they?" Rusty asked softly but desperately.

Pinestar looked at Emily and her blue eyes connected with his as if communicating.

"No, not today, maybe when you are older, you already know enough about the Clans." On the contrary Rusty hardly knew anything about them.

"Please…?" Rusty begged.

"No." His father said a bit more sternly.

"C'mon kits, why don't you come and take your nap." Their mother suggested, and now that she had mentioned it Rusty's eye lids were drooping and his sister's furry white and brown face was looking sleepy. He gave up on the simple story and meowed his father good bye. The big tom gave them each a kind lick on the forehead, and whispered in Rusty's ear, "I know you'd make a great Warrior." just after looking sadly into his eyes. Rusty was still puzzling over this and the reason why Pinestar never wanted to tell him about the Clans, as he lay in his cushion. After a while he asked his mother.

"He left so that he could live, he said there was just so much fighting." She meowed carefully after a bit of prodding. "He just doesn't want you to go back there, that's the entire reason he gave up his life in the forest. And I agree with him…we just don't want you hurt." She licked him good night, and Rusty stared out the window into the velvet night. He could almost see past the safe clipped garden, over the fence and into the terribly wonderful forest beyond. He longed to be there and it drove him mad as to why. He could almost hear the rustling of ferns and the cracking of bracken as strong wild cats pelted from bush to bush after prey, their minds racing with exhilaration, and skill, their sleek bodies so hot and strong with the vigor of freedom. I have a brother in the Clans? He wondered, he wanted to meet him, surly he wouldn't squeal in pain when the play fought? Rusty's green eyes were graying with tiredness and he let sleep overtake his small furry body. But his last thought was if he ever got a real chance to be a wild cat, he would take it.

(I hope you all remeber that Pinestar's mate in ThundeClan was Lepadfoot and one of her kits was Tigerkit A.K.A Tigerstar. And I decided not to use Scourges mother as Firestars mother so I know I got the name Emily wrong)